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A Fine Romance by Christi Barth (Interview/Giveaway)

Spring is here, or nearly depending on where you are sitting all comfortable in front of your computer. What goes along with spring besides birds chirping and flowers and weddings! Two things our guest author knows plenty about, help me welcome Christi Barth! 

Christi: I LOVE visiting this blog – thanks for having me!

Lexi: Nice to have you back Christi! Another great release from you, A Fine Romance, the second book in your Aisle Bound Trilogy is out! Congrats! I know this just released...but can I bug you about when Aisle Bound #3 will be out? 

Christi: Of course – I want everyone to know. Book 3, Friends to Lovers, releases on October 14. Book 4, A Matchless Romance will be out in early 2014.

Lexi: Can’t come soon enough! Your sweet contemporaries never disappoint. And what goes good with a sweet love story, chocolate. You have some yummy delicacies in A Fine Romance. Your hero, Sam, is a chocolatier...well, runs the family bakery, but has a knack for chocolate. Did you go out and try some new pastries or foods for this book? 

Christi: I wish I could blame my gourmet truffle budget on research! I trolled the Internet for flavor combination ideas without ever getting to taste them. But I do enjoy searching out small chocolatiers when I travel, because they always have amazing creations that are a great souvenir.

Lexi: Do you enjoy wine Christi? There are times I am reading...and snacking on some chocolate (I confess to being a chocoholic, though not as bad as Sam your hero) and I think, hey this would go great with a bottle of...! Readers can check out our joint review from last Sunday when we did Wine Club review and pairing, A Fine Romance was our first one. And boy did I find the perfect wine for it!  If you had to pick a wine to go along with A Fine Romance, what would you pick Christi? 

Christi: Do I enjoy wine,  OF COURSE!!!!! Well, it would have to be a red to really pair well with all the chocolate. My suggestion is Molly Dooker Shiraz The Boxer. But don’t limit yourself to drinking it with chocolate. It’s a great wine with anything.

Lexi: You have a couple picnic type basket scenes, each one makes my mouth water. If you had to pack the perfect picnic lunch for your husband what would you bring? 

Christi: We picnic on every summer holiday, and a few dates in between. We take it very seriously (kind of a perk of living near so much water – bay breeze, great views – irresistible!). There has to be some sort of summer pasta or grain salad, grapes or cherries, Doritos, cookies, and a bottle of wine. I encourage everyone to picnic more – great date night activity!

Lexi: You can pack a lunch for me any day, especially if you happen to sneak in a sexy man like Sam Lyons. Each of your male leads has his own quirks, but topped off with plenty of good qualities and drool worthy good looks. I am going to be sad to see the end of this series! So pick one, who are you going to miss the most? 

Christi: I’m still writing book 4, so as usual, I’m most in love with my current hero. Pierce is a video game creator who runs triathlons (had to sneak those muscles in somehow). But…(whispers and leans closer)…I think my absolute favorite hero is book 3’s Gib. Who among us can resist a sex god with a yummy British accent?

Lexi: Yeah, I am making you think today. Lots of choices! Speaking of choices readers if you are in the mood for a fun sweet contemporary check out A Fine Romance!
Thanks for stopping by again. Congrats on your release and I can’t wait to have you back for the next one! 

Christi: Thanks so much. I actually have a book coming out on July 8 to tide you over. It isn’t part of the series, but Love At High Tide  is a sexy, sassy, ultimate beach read. 

Lexi: Looking forward to it! Though not quite as much as Gib's book, sex god with a British accent...bring it on Christi!!! 

A Fine Romance
Aisle Bound Trilogy #2
by Christi Barth
Kindle Edition
Published March 11th 2013 by Carina Press
They say you form your first impression of someone within thirty seconds of meeting them. Or, in Mira Parrish's case, within thirty minutes of not meeting them, when said person is supposed to pick you up from the airport and never shows. This is not a perfect start to her new life. Herfriend Ivy is depending on her to run a new romance store, and Mira can't afford to let her down. 
Sam Lyons should probably apologize. But every time he sees Mira--which is often, since his family owns the bakery next to her shop--he can't resist antagonizing her. There's something about the sexy, straight-laced woman that drives him crazy. He can't get involved, though. He has too much baggage to be any good in a serious relationship. 
Despite his teasing attitude, Mira finds Sam too sweet to resist. (His hot body may be a factor.) But if there's going to be anything permanent between them, they'll need to let go of their pasts and look to the future...
Purchase at  Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Carina Press

Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage.  A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning.  Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes contemporary romance.  Christi is President of the Maryland Romance Writers and lives in Maryland with her husband. A Fine Romance is book 2 in her 4 book Aisle Bound series.

Christi is such an awesome guest, she is giving away one ecopy of Sam...oh wait, of A Fine Romance to one of our lucky readers. To enter leave a comment for Christi about your favorite chocolate or wine...or both! Then fill out the Rafflecopter, good luck!

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  1. Anything with caramel and nuts are my favorites...

  2. Hump Day Happiness and Girls Night Out are my two favorite wines. Girls Night Out is a chocolate and raspberry wine and is awesome!

  3. I like my peanut M&M's and Hershey with Almond.

  4. Riesling is my favorite wine. They now have Chocolate Wine. Very tasty.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  5. White Zinfandel and chocolate truffles! Thank you for sharing. :)

    jukyjoauka at aol dot com

  6. any type of chocolate truffle and I'm yours! Congrats to Christi on the new release :)

  7. Love Hershey's chocolate or any chocolate especially with caramel and nuts.

  8. dark chocolate covered cherries and a lovely moscato...mmmmm

  9. I love red wine, my current love is SomeZin, a red yummy one from US, and chocolate? In any form LOL
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Friday!

  10. I don't know much about wine, but I know what I love when I taste it. As for chocolate. I've never met a chocolate I wouldn't go home with.

  11. my favorite type of chocolate is any kind with nuts. mmmhh
    and I'm not really into wine
    thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Any chocolate is good chocolate but my favorite is Godiva.


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