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Deja Vu of Love by Carol Cadoo (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Today I would like to give a warm welcome to chic lit/romance author, Carol Cadoo!


The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of  

Wait a minute, hold on there; yeah you with the smudge dazed eyes and the crippled fingers.  Yes you the one who has dreamed of becoming a writer.  You who spent years crying out against the tyrannical society that allowed people with a calling for medicine to make a living at it, or folks who dream of taking a spaceship to the moon to go.  Reach for the stars, there is nothing you can’t do; your dreams will make you a success.   They get to do what they want when they grow up, they are not considered flakey and lackadaisical they are considered true professionals.  In some instances for let’s say Doctors, Lawyers and Computer Wizards their careers define them in the community as well. 

While we in the arts are forced to wait tables, dress as a chicken and wave a sign around offering cheap lunch or teach the future of the country. In order to be considered remotely responsible.  Well the Kindle has changed all that.  I am living this one right now in real time my friends.  At the end of the day I feel fantastic my eyes are strained my back is killing me and I drank too much coffee but you know what I am living my dream I am a writer and it is awesome. I get a big lump in my throat because I feel joyous with the process of rewriting. Of course that is on productive days there is always tomorrow to cut open a vein and bleed a little.

So the  the world of publishing is changing and I invite you to dig out all those manuscripts’ you thought were only a dream, dust them off, update them to current and start selling your book.  It really is that easy don’t hesitate out of fear.

I have one thing to say to the Kindle Haters and here it is so listen up Kindle has as much of chance of replacing paper books as elevators had for replacing stairs, ok it is just not going to happen in this or any other century.  There will always be libraries and people will still be able to experience the joy of sorting through a dusty old store looking for the perfect weekend read. Nothing will ever replace the smell of ink and paper, someone should really bottle that scent.   But there is limited potential for writers in traditional publishing before it can get printed someone needs to like it and believe in it.  Let me qualify this someone other than you. Then as a writer you have to be prepared to compromise, edit and if necessary change your story to fit their guidelines.  Where with Kindle you as an artist are empowered with all the decision making of your book the good, the bad and the ugly,

What Kindle has done is let all those waitresses, janitors, chickens, and day laborers live their dream and really isn’t that what is all about anyway.  It’s not about becoming famous or making the best seller list although that would be absolutely wonderful it does not need to happen for me to at last be able to call myself a writer.   More important than me my mother introduced me to a friend the other day as her daughter Carol the writer, gotta love the Kindle. To quote the great detective Sam Spade in my number one favorite movie the Maltese Falcon when asked what is the Maltese Falcon he looks off in the distance  (insert shot of Carol holding Kindle) holding the statue and  states  “The, uh, stuff that dreams are made of.”

I wish you at least one good read in a hammock on a beautiful autumn day.

Carol Cadoo
Author Déjà vu of Love


It just couldn’t be, no way, things like this don’t happen in real life… yet there he stood. Stunning, arrogant, ok ay Jazz Kelly had to admit it sexy as all get out.. Have you ever had that feeling you’ve experienced something before a smile, a sigh, a touch a look... Oh my god the look, when Jazz Kelly saw "the look" she almost collapsed. That's when Jazz knew, this was Déjà Vu of Love.

Jazz tried to pull herself together in the middle of the hotel lobby, last time she had contact with Mr. Gianni Payne he tried to destroy her life he almost succeeded.  He didn’t but only because Jazz was stronger than he or anyone else thought.

She had survived… no beyond that she had thrived.  A successful production company, endorsements with major linen and home wares companies.  She had lunch with Mick Jagger dog gone it.  Jazz was not going to get sucked into that pretend relationship again.  Oh  no she would not go.  Gianni Payne could go to the devil and take his girl Friday Alicia with him.

Jazz was an important successful business woman and she would not be tricked by the passion that was already rising in her.  How could she be so attracted to a person who with the exception of one gift had added nothing but pain.  Oh well at the end of the day Jazz had to admit the price of the ticket was worth the ride.  Now only one question remained was she going to get on the ride or walk.


Across the Lobby Gianni Payne was reeling from the shock of seeing Jazz Kelly again.  He thought he was over her years ago.  His almost middle aged ego did not need another go round with that vixen.  Even as he thought the word he could not help but smile.  Jazz Kelly was his kind of woman that was for sure. The biggest problem was she had made it very clear to Gianni he was not her kind of man.  Besides Alicia would kill him if he got that nightmare going again.  It had taken him months if not years to bounce back from that hurt.  Nope, he boarded the elevator I can’t go there again.


Alicia, Gianni Payne’s assistant had watched everything from the café just of the lobby o the four star hotel.  Enjoying her tea she had practically spit the delicious concoction when she spotted the stunning auburn haired beauty strolling through the lobby.  At first Alicia was in complete denial, no way, no way.  I thought I took care of  her  8 years ago.  Oh this is not good if Gianni sees her it is all over.  Alicia would never be able to keep them apart again; this was not good Alicia needed to think.


Jazz Kelly watched Gianni Payne board the elevator, oh clearly he had seen Jazz he chose to ignore her.  Fine two could play the ignore game; she was not here to see Gianni Payne anyway.  Jazz was in Zurich to work, she had Chalet to design and a party to go to.  She was Jazz Kelly of Trading Casa’s a hit television show now.  Not a little Client Service Manager.  She was no longer a girl she was a woman.  

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