Monday, October 22, 2012

Sexy Snippets: Lean on Me by Cherise Sinclair

Tuesdays have never been so sexy!
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This month has just not been kind to my reading schedule, I am going at a snail's pace here and I just want to scream "Leave me alone so that I can read!" LoL Ever have one of those days, weeks, heck...months? Oh well, here is my sizzling sexy snippet for this week. Almost through this series and wow, do I recommend it to erotica and BDSM fans! ;)

Lean on Me (Masters of the Shadowlands, #4)
God, this was wrong. Kinky. Insane.
Yet heat seared her skin as he ran his hands over the backs of her thighs, leaving tingles in their wake. "I want that little pussy all the way down here where I can get to everything," he said and pulled her hips until her bottom hung out over the end of the tire and her legs angled toward her shoulders. He secured a strap up and over her pelvis to keep her hips from moving. At all.
Her pussy was opened and exposed, and the slight movement of the swing wafted air over her wet folds. He studied her for a minute and smiled. "There you go, all ready for anything I want to do to you. You look beautiful, Gabrielle," he murmured.
She couldn't take it anymore, not from him. "Gabi."
"Excuse me?" His fingers slid between her folds, circling her clit.
Her breathing increased as her clit seemed to engorge. "My friends call me Gabi."
"Well, now, I do believe we might be considered friends," he said, amusement obvious, as he teased her, rubbing one side of her clit, circling her entrance, repeating it again. He was too damned good at using his fingers, dammit. Her need grew, her pussy craving to be filled as much as her aching nub of nerves needed more of his touch. She squirmed, trying to get more.
"Stay still, sugar." He slapped her bottom, and the sting burned right into her clit.
She moaned. 
His fingers paused. "I asked Holt to see if you enjoyed a little pain. Looks like you do."



  1. wow...I've got one of her books just sitting on my NOOK...damn I need to get to reading it ;)


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