Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guest Review: (ARC) The Devil's Thief by Samantha Kane - 4 Wine Glasses!

The Devil's Thief: A Loveswept Historical RomanceThe Devil's Thief 
(The Saint’s Devils #1)
by Samantha Kane
ebook, 297 pages
Expected publication: November 12th 2012 by Loveswept
ISBN 0345537912 
ARC Courtesy of NetGalley
In Samantha Kane’s sensual tale of wicked passion, a desperate woman must resort to burglary—but the beautiful thief ends up stealing the heart of a rogue.
The daughter of a reformed jewel thief, Julianna Harte knows a thing or two about stealth. When the foundling home she provides for finds itself in dire financial straits, Julianna is forced to do the unthinkable. In a bit of misguided Robin Hood derring-do, she slips through the window of a wealthy rake to search for a treasure she knows is there: an invaluable pearl. But when the towering and very naked occupant of the moonlit bedroom ambushes her with a bargain—a night in his bed in exchange for the pearl—Julianna doesn’t know if it’s masculine heat or sheer desperation that makes his terms so tempting.
Alasdair Sharpe had no intention of keeping his end of the bargain. Planning to offer his little cat burglar carte blanche instead, he promptly loses himself in the delights of unexpected pleasure. But when he awakes the next morning to find his family heirloom gone, fury quickly replaces sensual languor. Of course, Alasdair is more than willing to use seduction to reclaim his stolen pearl—and find the key to Julianna’s heart.
Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: About Last Night, Blaze of Winter, and Lana’s Lawman.
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Crystal L.'s Thoughts:
Julianna Harte is the daughter of a successful thief of a father who finally married a wealthy woman and gave up his ways. But living that life growing up with her Dad she's learned a thing or two, and she's not afraid to put those skills to use to get what she needs. Which is to steal the priceless pearl of Alasdair Sharpe. If she can get her hands on it to sell, then she'll have enough money to pay the back rent on the home for abandoned children that she's helped start. What she doesn't count on is getting caught in the process of stealing that pearl by Alasdair himself.

Alasdair Sharpe has just awoken in the dead of night to a thief in his bedroom. When he figures out that his little thief is a woman he's overcome with a burning lust. So what's a man to do? Why proposition his delightful little burglar. If she'll burn up the bed sheets with him, then he'll promise to give her the pearl. Of course it's not a promise he plans on keeping. But after a night of amazing, passionate sex he falls into a deep sleep and doesn't wake up until his thief is long gone. With his pearl. Now he's got to find the thief and get his family's pearl back.

He'll ask his two closest friends, Roger and Hil, they'll track the burglar down and get the pearl back. But what will Alasdair do when he finds out that the burglar is Julianna? And what happens when he starts to develop feelings for her? Does he concentrate his attentions on her, or the pearl?

This story doesn't just have great characters in Julianna and Alasdair, it's also got delightful secondary characters in Roger and Hil. (Oh, how I cannot WAIT to read about Roger's downfall over a woman!) Endearing love story for you historical romance swooning ladies that you'll burn the weekend away reading. I give it a four wine glass toast and avidly look forward to the next book in the series! Bravo Ms. Samantha Kane for a well written book!

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses!

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