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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tour: A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing by Terry Spear (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Today I would like to welcome author Terry Spear's who is joining us with her latest wolfish romance, A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing! Make sure to enter the giveaway at the end to score your own copy and look for my review coming soon! P.S. Don'tcha just love the cover for this one? *drool*

Ten Tips for Dating a Werewolf by Terry Spear

  1. Meat is a must on the menu. Tea rooms with scones and dainty floral cups of tea is not a werewolf’s thing. So if you want to take out a werewolf on a date, offer him something…meaty! Desert is only a kiss away. And then he’s voracious when it comes to sweets. To Tempt the Wolf
  2. Wolves don’t like confinement. So a small room filled with customers can be a little stifling. Offer a trip to the beach, grilled steaks and shrimp, and some cuddling under the bright stars and an ice white moon. Have him make you some s’mores and no telling how sweet the night will end. A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing
  3. Take him for a run! Wolves love to run and they’re playful by nature. Just imagine how much fun you can have if you’re hunting him and suddenly he turns around to hunt you. A Howl for a Highlander
  4. Offer to go swimming with the wolf. Wolves love to swim. Warm weather, cold weather, werewolves are equipped for either. And much fun can be had in water play too! Seduced by the Wolf
  5. Take him out dancing. Werewolf-owned clubs preferred because if the wolves get a little friskier than usual, they’re still with their own kind—and everyone understands. Heart of the Wolf
  6. No problem bringing the wolf home to meet the parents…as long as everyone’s a wolf, they know that it’s the real deal and selecting a mate means forever. If everyone’s not a wolf, that’s another story. Destiny of the Wolf
  7. Be sure to let the wolf know you have a sense of humor. This goes along with wolves love to play. Legend of the White Wolf
  8. Wolves are curious by nature, so take him someplace he’s never been before. Show him your world and pique his curiosity. Who knows what will come of it! He might show you something you’ve never seen before also! Dreaming of the Wolf
  9. A nightcap is fine after a date with a werewolf. But be forewarned, if he believes you’re the one for him, you might get much more than you bargained for. Heart of the Highland Wolf
  10. Even if your wolf feels a little under the weather, you can always make him feel better, so don’t skip the date, just make it extra special! Wolf Fever
And that’s the secret to dating a werewolf! Now, what about dating a jaguar shifter? Savage Hunger

But you see, the jaguar shifters don’t exist! Or so the werewolves would say!
If you found a hunky werewolf to date, what would be your technique in catching his wolfish attention?


Her instincts tell her he's dangerous...While her overprotective brother's away, Meara Greymere's planning to play—and it wouldn't hurt to find herself a mate in the process. The last thing she needs is one of his SEAL buddies spoiling her fun, even if the guy is the hottest one she's ever seen... His powers of persuasion are impossible to resist...Finn Emerson is a battle-hardened Navy SEAL and alpha wolf. He's a little overqualified for baby-sitting, but feisty Meara is attracting trouble like a magnet... As the only responsible alpha male in the vicinity, Finn is going to have to protect this intriguing woman from a horde of questionable men, and definitely from himself...

Experience the sensual, action-packed, critically acclaimed world of Terry Spear, author of a Publisher's Weekly Best Book of the Year…

Terry Spear has written a dozen paranormal romance novels and two medieval Highland historical romances. An award-winning author, Terry’s Heart of the Wolf  was named a Publishers Weekly’s Best Book of the Year in 2008. A retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry Spear is a librarian by day and spends every spare moment writing paranormal romance as well as historical and true life stories for both teen and adult audiences. Spear lives in Crawford, Texas, where she is working on new paranormal romances! For more information, please visit

Sourcebooks is giving away A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing to two lucky readers who reside in the US or Canada. To enter, just leave a comment on this post answering Terry's question and then fill out the RaffleCopter below with your name and emal address. Additional entries are available but not required. Good luck!

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jfort357 said...

To get a hunky werewolf's attention, I'd definitely make sure I'd be dressed to kill in a cute lil black dress & red pumps. I'd hang out at a werewolf owned club & ask him to dance!!! ;-) This series sounds very intriguing!!! Added it to my TBR list!!!

Unknown said...

Cook him good food,

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

You'd definitely catch a wolf's eye, Jfort!

Wolves do love food, mbreakfield!

I have to mention that A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing made the USA Today bestseller's list!!!

I'm off to work in a little bit, but will try to catch up during the day on breaks, and tonight. :)

diva donna said...

Scratch him behind the ears. And then throw away the list in the fire pit. They make there own rules and agenda.

Tamara Hoffa said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't have much to entice a sexy werewolf besides my cooking. (unless the wolf was fond of cougars)

Victoria said...

I'd be indifferent towards him thus giving him a challenge ;). I also cook well and like my meat rare.

Joanne said...

I'd invite him over for a home cooked meal. We'd have a little wine, listen to some good music, dance, and see where the night takes us. Great excerpt. This book sounds amazing.


Laurie said...

Love the list! We'll I think I'd have to just be myself and hope he noticed me. OK, guess I could dress up and put on makeup. Once he does, I'll remember your advise! Thanks for the giveway!

Sophia Rose said...

Now that is a handy list to have. I would have thought of number one- serve meat- to answer your question. So I guess I would go with that answer.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

Unknown said...

I'm not really sure. I've been known to chicken out and hide when I see a really hot guy.

I would probably just be my regular old self, and tell a not to stare. LOL

Thank you for the fun tips and giveaway! :)


ceeenndee at gmail dot com

Terry Spear said...

Donna, I so agree! They're a breed of their own!

Tamara, they'd love your cooking, I'm sure! You may have a whole pack at your doorstep!

Victoria, good idea about playing coy and perfect for rare meat!!! Don't want to cook all the goodness out of the meat! :)

Thanks, Joanne, sounds like something a wolf would love!!!

You're welcome, Laurie! They'd love you au naturale, no makeup needed! :) Or....anything else, really!

Sophia, absolutely! It's important to know what might get a wolf's attention!!! :)

Christine, that's the ticket! Smiles will get them anytime! :) They'll wonder what you're wanting..and what you're up to. Then it's time to have some fun! :)

Tabby said...

That list is kinda awesome :)

& as for what I would do - I think the behind the ear scratch is always a good way to go!

Tabby @Insightful Minds

elaing8 said...

The way to his heart is through his stomach..So I'd cook for him.

Unknown said...

First LOVE the cover and the book sounds great!!

The list is awesome too :)

Me I would wear a bright color (possibly red), because we all know how bright colors attract (wink wink) and maake a nice hearty yet romantic meal making sure there is lots of meat for the hottie hunk of a werewolf.

Thank you for a chance to win!


erin said...

Awesome list! Unfortunately, I'm not a very good cook, so that's out. I'd have to just smile and hope I'm cute enough to draw him in!

alainala said...

i think a bbq would be a great way... stomach and nose (as long as i cook it well!!)

ive recently fallen in love with these books and would adore the chance to add to the growing collection!!

alainala AT hotmail. ca

Krystal Larson said...

I guess I would say through his cooking? :)

Unknown said...

I would definitely have to follow your guidelines. I am a good cook, so I would have to start there. Of course I would be wearing something very sensual and lace myself with pheremones. Gotta get a leg up somehow!
bournmelissa AT hotmail DOT com

Di said...

Definitely a dinner with a nice roast, probably served outside on the patio.
sallans d at yahoo dot com

*yadkny* said...

Food is the way to any man's heart, right? So I guess my first strategy would have to do with #1 and meat being on the menu:) Since he's a werewolf I guess smelling nice and looking good to captivate his heightened senses would have to be next.

Leni said...

To get his attention I'd have to make my own copy of the famous meat dress :)

Terry Spear said...

Storms are getting worse here in Texas. We're under tornado watch and hailstorm warnings and the winds are terrible. So I'll probably lose my satellite soon. But I just wanted to drop in before that happens and comment on all the fun comments!

LOL, Tabby, I'm sure any wolf would LOVE that!

Elaing, I'd have to agree that that would help!

Oh, yeah, Ava, a great idea. Eye catching....might have to use that in a book! :)

Erin, that would definitely work!

Terry Spear said...

Storms are getting worse here in Texas. We're under tornado watch and hailstorm warnings and the winds are terrible. So I'll probably lose my satellite soon. But I just wanted to drop in before that happens and comment on all the fun comments!

LOL, Tabby, I'm sure any wolf would LOVE that!

Elaing, I'd have to agree that that would help!

Oh, yeah, Ava, a great idea. Eye catching....might have to use that in a book! :)

Erin, that would definitely work!

Vanessa N. said...

Love the tips on dating werewolves. I love werewolves and your cover. Thanks for the chance.

Unknown said...

I thought of cooking -- but I stink at it!! I would have to order take out and invite him over to see my huge entertainment center with every channel known to man on it in surround sound!! If that didn't work then I would have to resort to getting nekkid!! LOL LOL ;)

Thanks for the chance to win! I am a big fan.

Mariann with Belle's Book Bag

Julianne said...

First we'd go out dancing, then a nice dinner. Afterward we'd drive around in the country and then we'd play chase. I'd jump out of the car and run and let him chase me. :)
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

donnas said...

Fixing his favorite meal. Or finding a place to have it delivered.

wyndwhisper said...

thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway, i love the cover it's gorgeous.

if i wanted to catch a werewolfs attention the 1st thing i would do is make sure i was not wearing any perfume and that i was standing close enough he could get deep breathe of my pheremoans. they say that is how a werewolf knows if you are his mate, by the way you smell,right?
so i would start there and then (right after i told him to Bite Me), i would make sure i feed him a big rare steak before putting him to bed for the night. LOL!

tammy ramey

Cheryl S. said...

A glorious cabin in the mountains, wonderful cooking with lots of red meat, cold beer, hot jacuzzi, midnight runs, and....ME! What werewolf could resist? lol

Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

divavixenqueen said...

Make sure he's verywell fed and satisfied and he's only got eyes for me!

Maureen said...

I would start with food and then go onto someplace with fun activities.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Unknown said...

I think cooking him a good meal with lots a meat would be my way of catching a wolf too! Great idea.

I love your Ten Tips for Dating a Werewolf. I'll have to check out your series!

Unknown said...

I love to cook, so I would definitely serve him up a hearty meat-lover's meal. Love the tips! I have not been introduced to your series before this. I am adding it to my to be read list right now!

prissp4 AT hotmail DOT com

Helen said...

I am not a great cook so I would have to hope my charm would be enough :)

Barbara said...

I'd just be, engage him in some light conversation...try to make him laugh. Ask him to slow dance, so that I could take advantage of an opportunity to cuddle with him...scratch him behind his ears...scalp. If things are going well...invite him over for a backyard BBQ/pool party.

barbbattaglia @

chandragay said...

The wolf in me will get along just fine with other wolves. His meat is on my menu. He "will" like being cooped up with me. I promise to make it interesting. And, heck yea, I have a sense of humor.

Sherry said...

I'm not really sure probably cook him a nice meal steak of course and then see how things go from there.

ML said...

Hmm, catching a hunky werewolf's attention-I'd have to look good and smell good. And like any male, the way to his heart is probably through his stomach, so I'd whip him up a great meal or a sexy dessert.

JoAnna said...

I think I would purposely disagree with what he said so that he finds me a challenge to conquer. :)

Texas Book Lover said...

make him a good rare steak...rare of course!