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Review: True Highland Spirit by Amanda Forester

True Highland Spirit
(Highlander #3)
by Amanda Forester
Paperback, 416 pages
Published March 16th by Sourcebooks
ISBN 9781402253072
Courtesy of Publisher


Morrigan McNab is a Highland lady, robbed of her birthright and with no choice but to fight alongside her brothers to protect their impoverished clan. When she encounters Sir Jacques Dragonet, she discovers her fiercest opponent...


Sir Jacques Dragonet will give his life to defend Scotland from the English. He can't stop himself from admiring the beautiful Highland lass who wields her weapons as skillfully as he does, and endangers his heart even more than his life...

Lexi's Thoughts:

True Highland Spirit is a tale of mystery, love, and faith. Forester brings the Highland’s to life through Morrigan and Dragonet, a Highland lass who is a warrior and a french knight who has sworn his life to God.

The first half of this book has a very different feel than the second half. In the first half you are introduced to Morrigan, the sword wielding woman wearing men’s clothing and acting like the laird instead of the lady. You can’t help but smile at her attitude toward the men that are in charge and their obvious tactical mistakes. She is a breath of fresh air with her strong personality, it is nice to see the heroine in this role instead of the hero.

The hero is Jacques Dragonet, when you first meet him he is posing as a minstrel. As luck would have it, Morrigan and her clan end up stuck with him. And so begins spark that threatens to become a flame. You have a warrior and a musician, just not in the gender roles you are used to. Dragonet is quickly reviled to be a knight, an honorable knight. He does his best to protect Morrigan when she insists on disguising herself as a man and going to war with her clan. He takes care of her when she is injured. And he stops himself from ravishing her when that is the one thing he wants to do.

The second half of the book has Morrigan in the role of a lady and Dragonet acting the role of an attentive suitor. Unfortunately he has his secrets that force him to keep her at arms length despite her best efforts. Those feelings get pushed to the back burner when they both must cooperate to solve a mystery. Ancient relics, a treasure hunt, and deceit. Of course since this is a romance, they do end up sharing some skin.

True Highland Spirit is a well written adventure that keeps you moving from one thing to the next. Even though the first part has a very different feel than the second it fits together nicely and matches what is going on with the characters. Forester has also managed to define her faith using Dragonet, he puts the cards out there and waits to see how Morrigan receives it. It all fits in with the plot line perfectly and does not come off as being forced in the least. If you enjoy Highland romance with a good message then you should check out this series.

Rating 3.5 Wines

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