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Table for One by Ros Clarke (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Good morning lovelies, I hope everyone's weekend is starting off well. Today I would like to welcome back author Ros Clarke, who is joining us today with her latest release, Table for One. 

Hi Crystal, and thanks so much for welcoming me back to Reading Between the Wines.

My new story, Table For One, is all about a Michelin-starred chef and a restaurant critic. Mostly, though, it’s about food. Glorious, sensuous, delectable, mouthwatering food. Everything from the simple pleasure of a perfectly-made bacon sandwich, to the most complex of restaurant dishes.  But I realise now there is something missing from the book: the accompanying wines.

I’m not much of a wine connoisseur. I do drink, but not a lot, and not very knowledgeably. Red with red meat and white with fish and chicken is about the limit of my knowledge. I have to assume that Claudia, the restaurant critic in my story, would know an awful lot more than I do. Because for most people, the experience of going out for a meal involves more than just the food. However delicious the meal is, it can be spoiled by poor service, an uncomfortable atmosphere, or a vinegary wine that ruins your palate. She’d need to know enough to look at a wine menu and get an idea of whether it offers a good selection or not.

Being a wine sommelier is a serious business. Only 186 people in the world are fully qualified Master Sommeliers. I have a friend who’s going through the process of becoming a Master of Wine – which is a lower level than the Master Sommelier – at the moment.  There are a lot of exams, both written and practical. You’re not even allowed to start the course unless you can prove you have sufficient natural aptitude for tasting wines.

I wonder what he would recommend to accompany Table For One?  Something light and fresh to suit Claudia’s banter? Something deep and multi-layered to reflect Ward’s personality?  Something to sip and savour slowly, leaving a satisfying aftertaste? This Californian Pinot Noir was voted Best Wine of 2011, and I think a bottle of it would go very nicely indeed!

About the book

Table For One is a short, contemporary romance from Entangled Publishing's exciting new Flirts line.
When food critic Claudia Thomas gets dumped on Valentine’s Day, she finds herself occupying a table for one at London’s hottest new restaurant. If her job wasn’t on the line, she’d skip the whole affair, but her editor’s waiting for a review—and with luck, an interview with sexy chef Ward Nicholls.
Ward, intrigued by the single woman in a restaurant full of couples, sets out to tease her palate. Claudia has never tasted anything so luscious as the special meal Ward prepares for her, but when the seduction moves from the restaurant to his bedroom, Claudia discovers the only thing more tempting than his food is the chef himself.Their connection is instantaneous, sizzling, and spicy—until Claudia comes clean about her job, reopening a wound Ward had thought long-healed. Could one accidental lie of omission end a delicious relationship before it even has a chance to start?
More details and an excerpt are available here.

Buy it at Amazon (US), B&N, Amazon (UK)

About Ros
Ros is a writer, a student, a church worker, a crafter, a blogger, a twitterer, a lazy gardener, and an appalling housekeeper. She lives in a sixteenth century shed in England and is very glad that it has twenty-first century plumbing. She is interested in almost everything except cricket and football (US and UK) and mostly she likes happy endings in fiction and in real life. 

Ros has been writing stories for as long as she can remember, never dreaming that other people would be interested in reading them. A few years ago, she discovered a writing forum on the internet, and has never looked back. Her head—and her hard drive—are full of ideas for fresh, fun, contemporary romances that she hopes you’ll love as much as she does.

You can also find Ros on twitter, at Goodreads,  on Pinterest, and at her own blog. Come and say hi!

Entangled Publishing is giving away a digital copy of Ros Clarke's Table for One to one reader. To enter, just leave a comment on this post and then fill out the RaffleCopter below with your name and email address. Additional entries are available but not required. Good luck! 

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  1. Hi Ros, the book sounds delicious - the perfect Sunday afternoon read with a nice glass of rioja!

  2. Hi! The books seems intriguing. I think cooking and food can be really sexy if you use it wisely. I'd love to read the book :)
    - Flavia

  3. I have no clue about wine either, so would probably never even notice the absence, lol. The book sound scrumptiously entertaining!

  4. Hi, Ros! What a wonderful premise for a book! I live in an area that is quickly becoming the new "Napa Valley." Walla Walla, Washington is surrounded with wonderful wineries and I just don't have the proper appreciation for it, unfortunately. Wine gives me horrible headaches :(
    I can't wait to read your book - I absolutely LOVE food AND sex, so I can definitely get into that, LOL!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway chance :D

    Gena Robertson

  5. Table For One sounds wonderful! I'm not the best judge of wine other than I know what I like and what I like tastes pretty close to grape juice. I find that attending wine tastings helps in finding things you'll like. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I like stories about those of us who are ulucky in love until a good man discovers us. I sounds so familiar to me!

    Please enter me. Thanks.


  7. Thanks for an awesome post and giveaway! This book sounds awesome!

  8. Hello Ros! I just got done reading that delicious excerpt. Only someone like Ward could make leeks and quail eggs sexier than oysters, lol. As for fine wines, he sounds like a Shiraz tastes. Win or lose I'll definitely be reading this book! Thank you both for this giveaway.


  9. Interesting, I have never heard of a wine Sommelier before. Obviousley I don't know much about wine, I just know there are a few I like to drink =)
    Sounds like a fun opportunity to do some research!

  10. Great post and excerpt. Ros is a new author for me. This book sounds wounderful. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.


  11. I do like wine, especially sparkling wine and Champagne. I'm not very knowledgeable either. I will have to try that Pinot Noir!

    Thanks for the giveaway.


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