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Guest Review: The Seven Year Witch by Jodi Redford

The Seven Year Witch (That Old Black Magic, #2)The Seven Year Witch 
(That Old Black Magic #2) 
by Jodi Redford
176 pages
Published June 21st 2011 by Samhain Publishing (first published March 23rd 2011)
ISBN 1609284771 
Courtesy of Author
After this much foreplay, something’s bound to combust. 
As head mistress of Beaumont coven house, Clarissa Miles has perfected two things: keeping her sister witches from accidently turning innocent bystanders into toads, and resisting the sexy overtures of her familiar, werewolf Logan Scott.But her resolve is vanishing—fast. Seven years ago she sold her soul to save her father, and that contract is coming due. The allure of spending her last days indulging in some dirty, naked loving is too tempting to resist.Logan has patiently ridden out the past seven years, content to do Clarissa’s bidding and ignoring his consuming need to mark her as his. Now that the ban on witch/familiar fraternizing has been lifted, he’s off the leash and ready to launch a full-on sensual assault on her defenses. They’re destined mates, and he’ll do whatever it takes to convince her.It’s delightfully easy to get her in bed. Get at her heart? Not so much. Especially when a deadly predator stakes its claim on her…and Logan faces a battle not only to win her heart, but save her soul.Warning: This book contains a villain with more personalities than Sybil, a witch in search of redemption and a dirty-talking werewolf hell-bent on claiming his mate in every wicked, sexy way possible. Spontaneous howling may occur.

Missie’s Description:

     This is an Erotic Paranormal Romance. This is definitely an Adult read only with M/F content. I give the steam factor in this book a 4.  This is the 2nd book in “That Old Black Magic” series.  Even though I have read the first novel, I believe this could be read as a standalone.  

The Plot:  

     The wonderful and mysterious world that Jodi Redford created in the 1st novel is just as intriguing in her 2nd.  This novel is centered on the head mistress of Beaumont Coven House, Clarissa Miles. She’s a no-nonsense, in your face witch, with a lot of responsibility and a bad attitude. Her familiar is none other than Logan Scott.  A sexy as sin werewolf with just as much bad attitude as Clarissa.
      As the story begins, Clarissa receives a letter which completely changes her world.  She only has 7 days to live.  Years ago her father made a deal with a demon named Seven for his soul.  Being the only family she loved, when Clarissa found out of this deal, she hunted down the demon and made it a deal that it couldn't refuse. Her witches’ soul for her human fathers.  The Demon accepted, gave her 7 years to live her life and now it’s time to collect.
     As the end of her life rapidly approaches, she tries to say her goodbyes to her dad, all her friends and colleagues without them finding out the truth.  She also has to figure out who her replacement will be at  Beaumont Coven House.  As her death looms over her head she tries to fight the sexual attraction she has always felt for Logan, but also trying to figure out a way to save others from making the same mistake with Seven as she has done.  Needless to say she is stressed to the max and what better way to spend the end of your days than in the bed of a sexy werewolf. Working off all that tension.  Its only sex right?  At least it will keep her mind off her problems for a little while.
     What Clarissa doesn’t know is that Logan is totally in love with her.  Now that the ban on witches and their familiars being together has been lifted, he has a deep desire he can’t fight any more.  Clarissa will be his and he is going to pull out all the stops to make this witch understand that she is his one true mate?   

Missie’s Thoughts:

     I loved this book.  Hands down Jodi Redford really knows how to write an EPR.  I loved all the characters. Logan is every girls “Bad Boy” dream on a motorcycle.  The story itself is written really well, and flows like water as you read. The plot catches you in the beginning and just like her 1st novel, it won't let you go.   I had to keep turning the page to find out what was going to happen next.  My emotions were all over the place with this one.  Sad, excited, fanning myself (Many times), crying and mad.  As the story came to a close I found myself quickly hunting for the next book in this series.  I honestly recommend this book and series to all TRUE lovers of Adult Paranormal Romance.  Its definitely one for your personal library.

Rating: 5 Wine Glasses

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