Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tour: Love Again with Tamaria Soana (Guest Post)

Please give a warm welcome to romance author Tamaria Soana and Tyler from Vows!

Meet Tyler Klein from Tamaria Soana’s story Vows featured in the Love, Again Anthology.

Hi, I’m Tyler. In the story Vows my wife Addison seems to be drifting away from me. Honestly our problems started years ago, but I thought we moved past them. After we had the girls things seemed better, then she started to pull away. After Peyton died we got into a huge fight, I thought for sure I pushed her too far and that she was going to leave me. After she has a panic attack at work things slowly started to change and I saw the Addison I fell in love with resurface.

One Saturday I came home and she was dressed in a sexy dress, and she made my favorite dinner. That night Addison seduced me; to be honest, we seduced each other. 

Vows  by Tamaria Soana
Addison Klein’s life is a mess, her marriage is falling apart and she just lost her best friend.Just when she thinks she is all alone in making some major life altering decision, she gets a little guidance from her guardian angel.Wanting to be a better example to her two little girls, she makes a decision that will change their lives forever when she sets out to seduce her husband.

Here is a peek:


Life isn't easy. Whoever said that it was is a fool. Just when you think things can't get any worse, they do. I’m sure my life looks perfect to others, I have a beautiful home, two wonderful girls, and a sexy husband. I am living the American dream. I should be happy, right?
Then why do I feel so empty, so numb? Life goes on, day after day. I see it moving around me; I just can't feel it. Don't get me wrong. I love my girls with everything I am. Tyler, my husband, is a different story. I do believe that I love him on some level. I’m just not in love with him anymore. When did it all fall apart? Was there any way to stop the downward spiral of my life?
I smile as I think of the one constant in my life: my best friend Peyton. She is my rock, my confidant, and my sanity. She is always there to pick me up when I fall. She is the eternal optimist. Her favorite saying is, “You sometimes have to change things within yourself before you can expect the things around you to change.”

About the author:

Tamaria Soana is middle aged, but just feels like her life has begun. She resides in Western New York. Cuddling up with a good book under an electric throw has always been her way to escape the cold Buffalo nights. Growing up she always loved to write, mainly short stories and poetry. She's married with two beautiful young girls and one very spoiled lab mix.

You can connect with Tamaria on; TwitterFacebook,  Website

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