Friday, February 3, 2012

Guest Review: Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf by Selena Blake

Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf (Stormy Weather, #5)Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf 
(Stormy Weather #5)
by Selena Blake
ebook, 81 pages
Published August 25th 2011 by Selena Blake
Courtesy of Author/Publicist 
Kendall Carver knows one thing for sure – security doesn’t last. Injured and on the run, a sinfully handsome stranger saves her life. 
Cajun werewolf Burke Devereux learned his lesson 200 years ago. No humans, ever. No looking, no touching, no kissing and certainly no making love. Eager to escape his Pack’s matchmaking attempts he heads for his cabin. But nothing could have prepared him for the raging blizzard or the beautiful woman begging for his help. 
Burke’s always prided himself on his self control but as things get cozy, desire sparks and old secrets are brought to light. He must decide how far he will go to protect her.
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Khelsey’s Thoughts: 

This is the last book in the in the Cajun Werewolf series. It starts with a snow storm and Burke Devereux is driving to get away from his pack. They are trying to get him to find his mate and he doesn't want to. As he is driving up the mountain to his cabin a car speeds pass him. And he thinks that, that person is crazy. When he passes, that same car is crash into a tree. He stops to help and he smells blood, he doesn't want to leave her so he brings her to his cabin. Burke starts to have feelings for Kendall Carver. But the problem with that is, he thinks she is human. He has a rule no humans.

I love how this story keeps you guessing! As the end of a series you will get questions answered. I like how the main characters connect and react to each other. There is never a dull moment in this book; it will make you laugh out loud! There are also points you want to hit Burke because you just want him to kiss Kendall and tell her that everything is going to be okay. But he doesn’t. I really enjoyed this book.

Khelsey's Rating: 4 Wine Glasses! 

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  1. Nice review, I havnt heard of this author before. An interesting sounding series, but it makes me wonder what a Cajun were iS?


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