Friday, January 6, 2012

Tour: C.J. Ellisson - The VV Inn Series (Guest Post)

Today I have a fun post from author C.J. Ellisson, mastermind behind the V V Inn series. Enjoy!

Dead and Bored?
(Posted originally in the secret Undead Weekly ezine)

Have you done it all, seen it all, and nothing moves you? Perhaps you’ve been living your excellent undead existence day in and day out for a few hundred years now and the pressure to blend in to society is getting to you.

We have exactly what you need! A luxury resort set in the remote wilds of Alaksa. It’s the deepest part of winter when we’re open, so there’s no worry about exposing yourself to any pesky sunshine.

Come, relax, bring your bonded mate or loving companions to join you. We’re a full service establishment and can cater to the needs of the living as well as meet your every decadent dark desire. Care to journey back to your time as a sultan? Or do you miss those English schoolroom days with the strict teacher and her trusty paddle?

Our theme rooms, including two wildly popular slate-tiled dungeons, will certainly call to your inner beast. Want to swim or impress your seethe-mates with your vacation tan? No worries! We’ve got an entire pool wing decorated like a tropical island and the spray tan is free.

If outside sports are more your thing we’ve got skiing, tubing, and lots of winding paths illuminated by twinkling lights. Shed your civilized mask and take a blood bath in the Roman suite, ‘stalk’ live prey from willing donors (rules apply), or visit our orgy room with some close friends you’d like to get even closer to.

We promise, your vampire vacation at the V V Inn will be like no other trip you’ve had in decades! Have a shifter lover? No problem, we don’t charge extra for shedding clean up. Prefer to dance the night away or relax in an Irish pub? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re idea of a good time is more along the lines of reading collector edition books, a game of whisk, or drinking shots of an ancient vampire’s blood from a warmed snifter, then our English gentleman’s lounge may be just the spot for you.

Rafe and I will be your hosts for the week. We’ll make sure your every fantasy comes to life right before your very eyes. Be sure to call and book soon—we’re filling up fast and our Halloween ball only has a few spots left.

Inn Proprietors: Vivian and Rafe McAndrews
The V V Inn, Deadfoot, Alaska
(please call for plane coordinates)

~~ C.J. Ellisson ~~
Guest Speaker at Vamps at Sea – a Vampire Themed Cruise to Alaska

New to the V V Inn series? Read the first half of Vampire Vacation (bk #1) on C.J.'s website! If you're already a fan then you can read the first chapter in her upcoming release, Big Game (bk #3) here!

In the spring of 2008, C.J. started undergoing some medical tests for some issues she’d been ignoring for a few years. We’ve all done it —ignored a problem we hoped would go away because our lives were too busy to give attention to some small minor inconvenience.
Tests led to more tests and answers started to slowly trickle in. To keep her mind off of all that she couldn’t do and to focus on what she could do, she started writing in February 2009. A lover of books for decades, she owes her husband, Pete, her first writing partner, and many close friends a big hug of thanks for thinking she should even attempt to write a book.
In five months C.J. managed to: Write her first 90,000-word Urban Fantasy novel, join several writing guilds and writing sites, start a fan page on Facebook, enter several writing contests and become a finalist in most of them, attend her first National writing conference and learn a lot about how to write. Who knew it could take so much work and still be so much fun?
C.J.'s is represented by Kristin Lindstrom of Lindstrom Literary Management. Her publisher is Red Hot Publishing, a small press dedicated to preserving the author's rights.


  1. Thanks so much for having me on the blog! Due to a hectic schedule and juggling WAY too many balls in the air right now, I completely forgot to mention the first book in the series is FREE right now on Amazon for only the next two days.

    I hope your readers get a chance to download a copy before it goes back to paid status!

    Thanks agin for having me!

  2. A paranormal mystery! That sounds fun. This resort sounds just fabulous.

    That's pretty impressive how CJ came to writing and being published.

    Thanks for the share!

  3. Thanks for the update CJ! I will go and dowload it right now =)

    And this resort in the middle of Alaska sounds heavenly...can't wait to check it out!


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