Friday, January 13, 2012

Sourcebooks Tour: Sins of the Highlander (Interview w/Mia Marlowe & Giveaway)

Who says Friday the 13th can't be a lucky day? Today I'd like to welcome Mia Marlowe, co-author of Sins of the Highlander, who is joining us for an interview and a giveaway at the end!

Hi Mia, thank you so much for joining us today at Reading Between the Wines!  Can you start off by sharing with readers a little about yourself, please?

MM: I’m a travel junkie. I’d rather have an adventure than a new sofa. My DH and I have two daughters and two dogs. The dogs are ever so much more trouble, but at least we don’t have to worry about college funds for them. ;-) If your readers would like to get to know me more, I can be found at my cyber-home, ! The website is updated frequently and my blog is a pretty lively hang out for readers. 

You and author Connie Mason have joined together to write a new novel that was just released last week, Sins of the Highlander; can you tell us a bit about it?

MM: I LOVE this story. It’s about “Mad Rob” MacLaren, who decides to take revenge for his dead wife by abducting his enemy’s bride at the altar. He never expects Elspeth Stewart to bring his heart back to life. I’m a sucker for 2nd chance stories and this is Rob’s chance to find love again.

What inspired you and Connie to come together and create this story?

MM: Our agent and editor, Natasha Kern and Leah Hultenschmidt, deserve credit for putting us together. Connie and I had met once before in 2006. She was kind enough to give me a cover quote for my first novel and I’d grown up reading her fabulous stories. Imagine how excited I was to have RT compare my debut title to some of Connie’s work. We seemed destined to join forces from the start.

Can you tell us a little about the writing process you ladies shared?

MM: Authors are very protective of their words. Fortunately, our writing styles are very similar so there were few disagreements. Connie and I both enjoy crafting sensual, adventurous stories, so our ideas about how the story should progress were very much in sync.    

I am a huge Scottish romance fan as are many of our readers, what’s not to love about sexy men in kilts with lilting brogues and big swords? But I believe this is the first time you’ve released a Scottish romance, how is this novel different from your other historical romances?  Writing, research, characters, etc.
Sins of the Highlander
MM: You’re right. My work is mostly set in Regency/Victorian England (with a brief foray into Medieval Scandinavia!). Connie’s readers are accustomed to following her stories all around the globe. When Connie decided she’d like us to do a Scottish story, I had to do some serious research to catch up. I discovered that Mary, Queen of Scots was abducted and forced to marry and so the idea for our hero snatching the heroine from the altar was born.

Without giving too much away, what is your favorite scene from Sins of the Highlander?

MM: That’s a toughie. There are so many I love. Part of what I brought to the mix was a sparkle of magic. We gave our heroine the gift of Sight. Unfortunately, Elspeth’s glimpses into the future often come too late to do any good. Our hero also has some very vivid dreams—a drug-laced visit from a succubus ranks high on my list of interesting scenes and reveals a lot of what’s going on inside Rob’s head and heart. (Just to be clear, he wasn’t doing recreational drugs. He was being held captive by someone who knew her way around an herb garden.) One of my favorite scenes is the first time Rob tells Elspeth about his wife. There’s such a vulnerability to this rugged Highlander, you can’t help but love him.

What are three words each that would describe Elspeth and Rob the best?

MM: Oh, boy. I take 80K-90K words to bring a story to life. It’s hard to sketch a character in just 3, but here goes:
Rob—loving, faithful, determined
Elspeth—courageous, smart, intuitive

Is Sins of the Highlander going to be part of a series or will it be a single title?

MM: This is a single title, but I’m looking forward to doing another Scottish story. In fact, I just finalized a contract for a Scottish set tale with Kensington for 2013. Men in kilts are hard to get out of your heart once you start writing them. 

If you could travel back in time, what period would you visit and why?

MM: This may sound like heresy coming from a historical author, but I really wouldn’t want to travel back in time. Perhaps it’s because I know too much about how brutish and violent, how unhealthy and oppressive other time periods really were. I couldn’t bear living in an age when women were viewed as little better than imbeciles with no legal standing apart from the men in their lives. Being a wellborn lady might have been tenable, but what if I went back as a scullery maid? The life of a working class girl was filled with back-breaking drudgery.  Or just imagine losing children to diseases for which we have safe vaccines today? No, thank you. I’ll keep my internet, abundant caffeine and modern medicine. ;-)

However, I love armchair traveling to those worlds gone by and spending a few hours in them. Romance is wonderful that way.

Lord of Fire and IceWhat’s next for you?

MM: My next release is Touch of a Rogue (Feb. 28, 2012), the second book in my “Touch of Seduction” series. My hero has the paranormal “gift of touch.” Then next summer, Touch of a Scoundrel rounds out that series. Connie and I have another collaborative novel coming in August 2012 called Lord of Fire and Ice! Our hero is a fire mage as well as a viking warrior. Talk about an uber-alpha!  

Connie Mason and I are also working on a new trio of Regency-set stories for 2013 called “The Royal Rakes” series.  If you’d like to be notified about these books, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter. I only send one out if I have a new release, a special price reduction or a contest to share. Speaking of contests, I hope you’ll enter mine at . Not only will you be automatically signed up for my newsletter, you’ll also have a shot at winning a NEW KINDLE!

I’d like to invite you to leave me a comment or question. Here’s a question to start the ball rolling:

Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe have books planned that will take you to 16th century Scotland, Medieval Scandinavia, and Regency England. What’s your favorite time period and place for a romance setting?

Thanks so much for having me today. 

Thank you for stopping by, Mia; it was a pleasure having you! 


Abduction                                              Never had Elspeth Stewart imagined her wedding would be interrupted by a dark-haired stranger  charging in on a black stallion, scooping her into his arms, and carrying her off across the wild Scottish highlands. Pressed against his hard chest and nestled between his trong thighs, she ought to have feared for her life. But her captor silenced all protests with a soul-searing kiss, giving Elspeth a glimpse of the pain behind his passion—a pain only she could ease.
 Obsession                                             “Mad Rob” MacLaren thought stealing his rival’s bride-to-be was the prefect revenge. But Rob never reckoned that this beautiful, innocent lass would awaken the part of him he thought dead and buried with his wife. Against all reason, he longed to introduce the luscious Elspeth to the pleasures of the flesh, to make her his, and only his, forever.
 With two clans against them burning for battle, they must find a way to join together—body, breath and soul. Or both will be made to pay for the Sins of the Highlander.

Connie Mason is a New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 novels. She was named Storyteller of the Year in 1990 and received a Career Achievement Award from RT Book Reviews in 1994. She currently lives in Florida. Mia Marlowe is a highly acclaimed new voice in romance whose debut novel released in Spring 2011 from Kensington. She lives in Boston, MA. Together, they are working on a new Regency romance series for Sourcebooks Casablanca, the first of which will be in stores in Fall 2012. For more information, please visit, and follow Mia on Twitter @Mia_Marlowe

Sourcebooks is offering Sins of the Highlander to two readers who reside in the US or Canada! To enter, just leave a comment on this post answering Mia's question and then fill out the RaffleCopter below with your name and email address. Additional entries are available but not required. Good luck!

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  1. Well, if I had a significant other any place would be good. But in my fantasy world where my authors take me it would be Scotland on a warm day by a loch.

  2. No! No! No! You can't make me choose just one!! I wanna visit and explore ALL. Vikings! Scots! Lords! Oh My!! More excited than Dorothy in Oz! And for much better reasons!! lol

  3. I love all Historical Romances, however, Scotland is my favorite place for them to occur!!

  4. Sheila, BRBAlways, Betty--Thanks for your comments. Sounds like Scotland is leading the pack at the moment, but thanks for being open to other settings, BRB.

  5. I love 16th Century Scotland and Regency England (London) for my historical romance settings. I do love the Highlanders though, with their sexy, mustled and brawny bodies in their wee kilts......

    dpd333 (at) aol dot com

  6. I love this time in Scotland, the castles, the Scottish accents, the kilts, and the bagpipes...and those huge Scottish sword wielding

  7. I love all genre's of romance but give me the Highlands of Scotland.Thanks for this chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  8. Any time in Scotland. That's where my ancestors are from and I love reading books set there. Hot guys in kilts and beautiful castles don't hurt either. Can't wait to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway.


  9. I do love men in kilts, but my favorite time period is Regency. I like how they are all proper on the outside and full of passion on the inside. I am a fan of both authors, but since I'm an old broad, long time fan if Ms. Mason.

  10. I majored in history in college and I would have to say that I love pretty much every time period but I do have a weakness for Regency England of the choices you gave us that is my choice (But in reality - any time period prior to WW2 in Europe works for me)

  11. I really like something about each time period and agree with Mia in saying that she enjoys her modern conveniences & I do too. But if I could visit temporarily I would visit 16th century Scotland. Have to love the honor bound highlander (or would that actually be a lowlander)with a sexy smile and wicked sense of humor.

  12. Ireland and Scotland would have to be my choice. Sexy hunks with a lilt in their voice, to die for. I have a very vivid imagination and can hear it being said in my mind.

  13. My favorite time periods are the 1600s-1800s -- Scotland, England, France, Italy, and the US Colonies.

  14. I honestly don't have a favorite. I like them all, as long as the story is good :).


  15. I want to go back to the time period of King Arthur and Camelot because I think that time period is romantic and interesting. Please enter me in contest.

  16. Thank you for the awesome chance to win!

  17. I love a Highlander, no matter what time period. I think I have read just about all time periods, definitely from 1400's on. Stories set in England, I tend to like the Regency time best.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  18. While I've read & loved a lot of Regency books, my eye is always drawn to a Medieval tale set in either England or Scotland

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  19. I think time period has to be the middle ages when the laws of chivalry prevail (ignore the plagues and whatnot). Place would be anywhere a cozy castle is handy-Scotland or England would do. Highlanders and/or knights...that's good romance :)

  20. Thanks for an awesome post and giveaway! This book sounds fantastic. Definitely adding to my wishlist.

    I'd have to say reading, I'm open to any time period as long as the story is well written, well paced and the romance natural. But like Mia, I don't think I'd want to go back to really any time period b/c of the treatment of women. The books take a lot of creative, literary license to make strong, respected heroines but that really wasn't the case. I'm too opinionated and outspoke to survive for very long in a male dominated time period!

  21. I love any historical romance. I love any of the time periods. Would love to win and read these books.

  22. I'm a sucker for the Scottish Highlanders and Irish stories. I also like regency England.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  23. I absolutely love Medieval Scandinavia... perhaps because I am scandinavian ;) my favorite Finnish author is Kaari utrio who writes epic medieval romance with Finnish blond and cold characters with inner fire and tons of determination.
    I would love to read your book as well!

  24. I love stories set in Scotland and stories about Vikings and...the old west and... I love stories set in wherever the author I am reading sets her/his story and I am certain the men are the most gorgeous!

  25. Scotland is my favorite setting for books. I love a brogue speaking highlander in a kilt with a broadsword on his back. Makes my toes curl and brings a smile to my face EVERY time :-). glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

  26. Hi Everybody!

    Wow, we're seeing lots of different settings and time periods mentioned. I'm so glad. I love Regencies as much as the next girl, but romance really does span the globe and the ages.

  27. My favorite setting is during the 1800's American West, Texas or Arizona. I love all romance, but I have a passion for cowboys.


  28. My favorite setting is the early english periods like the 1800s oh what a time for love and romance!


  29. If I can't have a handsome Highlander in a kilt, the next best thing for me is a Viking warrior. So I am looking forward to you two taking me along for the ride with your nice variety of time periods =) my TBR list just grew!

  30. i tend to be more of a contemporary time reader.. but i do also like medieval scotland!

  31. I like all types of settings and time periods like Regency, Victorian, Medieval, Colonial.

  32. So many choices...Scotland Highlanders in those sexy kilts and hunky Irish lads...both with wonderful accents that make a woman...melt. Then, there are those English Regency fellas...they hold a certain charm too. And I could go completely in a whole other direction and look at those devilish pirates and cocky cowboys. Tell ya what, gather them much for the whole lot of 'em? LOL! ;)

  33. I don't have a favorite time period. I like historical novels but I prefer the ones that are a little different because they stand out a little. I've recently read a couple based in the US pre-civil war which were great and one in Russia right at the start of WWII.


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