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Crash Into You by Roni Loren (Interview)

Today I am happy to welcome a talented new author over to Reading Between the Wines, Roni Loren of Crash Into You!

Welcome, Roni, thanks so much for joining us at Reading Between the Wines! Can you start off by sharing with readers a little something about yourself?

I always have so much trouble with this question--even when it used to be asked on job interviews, lol. I’m a wife and a mom, a perfectionist, and a dork. I’m the girl who no one would’ve guessed would end up writing smexy love stories for a living. : )

Crash Into You is your debut release, congratulations and let me say; wow, what a great start! How does it feel being a published author and how did you celebrate your release?

It feels fantastic, truly a dream come true. I actually didn’t do anything dramatic to celebrate the release. My husband was out of town and kidlet was at school. So I went to two Barnes and Nobles and stared at CRASH on the shelf, lol. I got a few side eye looks when I took pics of the book in the store.

Describe your writing style using only three words.

Sexy, fast-paced, and (hopefully) intelligent :)

Can you tell us a bit about Crash Into You?

Here’s the blurb. It really says it better than I can. : )

Brynn LeBreck has dedicated herself to helping women in crisis, but she never imagined how personal her work would get, or where it would take her. Her younger sister is missing, suspected to be hiding from cops and criminals alike at a highly secretive BDSM retreat—a place where the elite escape to play out their most extreme sexual fantasies. To find her Brynn must go undercover as a sexual submissive. Unfortunately, The Ranch is invitation only. And the one Master who can get her in is from the darkest corner of Brynn’s past.

Brynn knows what attorney Reid Jamison is like once stripped of his conservative suit and tie. Years ago she left herself vulnerable only to have him crush her heart. Now she needs him again. Back on top. And he’s all too willing to engage. But as their primal desires and old wounds are exposed, the sexual games escalate—and so does the danger.  Their hearts aren’t the only things at risk. Someone else is watching, playing by his own rules. And his game could be murder.

Crash Into You has a strong BDSM and D/S theme, please share with us about the research you had to do for this, and make sure not to leave out any of the juicy details.

LOL, I read a LOT. I also have a very self-sacrificing husband who is more than willing to help with research when necessary.

Tell us about the hero and heroine of your novel, Brynn and Reid; what makes them a perfect fit for each other and how can readers relate with them?

I think readers can relate to Reid and Brynn because they are two people who’ve had a rough hand dealt to them, but are trying to figure out how to be happy in their lives. They are both strong and determined despite the setbacks they’ve faced. And I think they’re perfect for each other because they soothe each others’ jagged parts.

Without giving away too much, what is one of your favorite scenes in the novel?

There’s a scene where Reid is trying to protect Brynn from his dominant urges by sending her away, and she challenges him to unleash that side of himself on her. What happens because of that challenge was one of the most fun scenes to write.

The second novel in your Loving on the Edge series, Melt Into You, is set to release in July, what can readers expect from this next installment and how many novels to you have planned for the series in total?

MELT INTO YOU is Jace’s story (Reid’s best friend in Crash.) He’s the fun-loving bad boy who runs a lot deeper than people give him credit for. Expect a true menage story in MELT. There’s no suspense/mystery subplot or dual timeline like Crash, so it’s solely focused on the romance. And so far, there are 4 books and one novella planned in the series. The novella, STILL INTO YOU, will be out in June right before Melt and will be ebook only.

What do you think sets your novels apart from others in the contemporary erotic romance genre, what will draw readers to them and make them fall in love with your characters?

I’m very character-driven, so I hope readers will feel a deep connection with the characters while reading the books. I also use a lot of humor in my writing despite the darker themes of the stories. So hopefully readers get a few laughs as well.

And last one, a toughie but have fun with it; if you were a character in one of your books visiting the The Ranch, what’s a fantasy that you would have played out?

Oh, lawdy, lol. The heroine in my second book has it pretty good with two sexy dominant men vying for her attention. I don’t think it’d be a hardship to slip into her shoes.

It was a pleasure having you, Roni, thank you again!

You can find out more about Roni and Crash Into You on her Website or connect with her on Twitter & FaceBook!


  1. Great post this is a great books cover I Love the purple! And I'm a very character driven reader so this sounds right up my alley!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. I just read this book and absolutely loved it. Roni is definitely a new author to watch! I cannot wait for jace's book... smiles!

  3. I am DYING to read this book! It is at the top of my list but my hubby won't let me buy any more books until payday on Feb 1st! He is usually so good about indulging me with my books, but I went a bit overboard and spent a small fortune around Christmas so I've been cut off for now!

    This sounds like it will be a very promising series! One of my few guilty pleasures!

    Heather E.

  4. Those are two great covers. Can't wait to read Crash Into You to see what happens between Brynn and Reid. I'm glad there will be four books and a novella in this series.


  5. I'm so glad to hear that this is part of a series! I love that!
    The book covers are gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to reading them all!

    Great interview, as always =)

    Gena Robertson

  6. Hellow Roni and Lauren. Great interview. I haven't read BDSM but this storyline definitely peaks my interest. Good luck with the series Roni!!

  7. Congrats on your first release! I can't imagine how much fun it would be to see your own book on the shelf at the book store, I get pretty excited seeing other peoples books there! ha! Love it that you took pictures. Hope it does very well for you, everything I hear about it is good =)

  8. GIselle, glad you like the cover! :) Hope you enjoy the book!

    Christi, Thanks so much! I'm so glad to hear you liked it!

    Hreg, Mean, ol' hubby. ;) Hope you get to buy some books soon! :)

    Joanne, thanks!

    Gena, Thanks so much! :)

    Hildie, Thanks, appreciate it!

    Lexi, Thanks so much and it's definitely a dream come true for me. :)

  9. Crystal, thanks so much for hosting me! :)


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