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Forever's PS I Love You Tour: Sherrill Bodine & Rochelle Alers (Interview & Giveaway)

Today I have two wonderful authors joining us on Forever's first romance tour of the year, please give them a warm welcome!

SHE'S STEALING HIS HEART . . . Vintage boutique owner Venus Smith is stunned to realize her newest acquisition comes with a larcenous legend. Stolen years ago, the antique mermaid brooch belongs to the Clayworth family. The right thing to do would be to return it, but that means facing Connor Clayworth O'Flynn, the sexy department store heir Venus has had an unrequited crush on since childhood-and the man who helped ruin her father. ONE KISS AT A TIME Connor knows that Venus has never forgiven him for what happened between their families

Crystal: In one sentence, why should readers pick up All I Want is You?

Sherrill Bodine: Readers should pick up ALL I WANT IS YOU because it is fun, entertaining and extraordinarily satisfying.

Crystal: From 1-5, 1 being 'It's getting warm in here' and 5 being '5 Alarm fire, grab some cold water and your significant other stat!', how would you rate the romance in All I Want is You and why?

Sherrill: I broke my cardinal rule and let my husband read the ARC of ALL I WANT IS YOU instead of waiting until the book was launched.  According to him, ALL I WANT IS YOU is a "5 Alarm fire grab some cold water and your significant other stat!" 

Crystal: What do you think readers will love most about Venus and Connor?

Sherrill: I know it sounds like a cliche but the repartee and sexual tension between Venus and Connor really does jump off the page and grab you.  And you'll love the lengths they will go to in order to protect their families.

Crystal: What are two items that are a must-have for you when writing?

Sherrill: I always do the first draft of my novels in a notebook - pen to paper.  When I go out to buy a new five subject wide line notebook and several new black gel pens my family knows I'm starting a new book.

Crystal: The heroine of your novel is a vintage boutique owner, what is your favorite vintage item that you own today?

Sherrill: My friend, Laurie Davis, owns Lulu's at the Belle Kay (Pandora's Box in my books).  It is quite simply the finest Vintage Store I've ever seen anywhere in the world.  She has introduced me to the beauty of vintage couture costume jewelry.  Now I'm an avid student and a passionate collector.

Crystal: Thanks, Sherrill! To find out more about Sherrill Bodine and her books visit her website: http://sherrillbodine.com

Sometimes love is the simplest choice of all. Still reeling from her husband's untimely death, Deborah Robinson needs a fresh start. So she decides to pack up her family, box up her bookstore, and return to her grandmother's ancestral home on Cavanaugh Island. The charming town of Sanctuary Cove holds happy memories for Deborah. And, after she spies a gorgeous stranger in the local bakery, it promises the possibility for a bright, new future.

Crystal: Please describe Sanctuary Cove in one Tweet, 140 characters or less. 

Rochelle Alers: It is a second chance at love, an opportunity for a widow and widower who are not looking for love.

Crystal: What are three strengths of Deborah's that you think will endear readers to her?

Rochelle: As a widow Deborah has prioritize her life to first provide emotional stability for her children and that makes this her greatest strength.  Readers will also cheer her dedication to opening and operating the first bookstore in the history of Cavanaugh Island.  I believe readers will come to appreciate her maturity when she doesn’t resort to histrionics when the man whom she has fallen in love discloses he’s leaving Cavanaugh Island to work with Doctors Without Borders.

Crystal: What is one thing that Deborah would never be caught dead doing?

Rochelle: Deborah detests repeating gossip.  It was unfounded gossip that impacted the lives of her family and eventually destroyed her late-husband’s career.  She even chides her children when they repeat gossip about a classmate when they have a guest for Sunday dinner.

Crystal: What are two items that are a must-have for you when writing?

Rochelle: I must have a lot bright light, preferably sunlight, and background music.  It can either be prerecorded music from my iPod, the radio or my favorite movie soundtracks. 

Crystal: The heroine of your novel first meets her love-interest in a bakery, what is your favorite bakery item?
Rochelle: Tiramisu.  Need I say more?

Crystal: Thank you for joining us, Rochelle! To learn more about Rochelle Alers, visit her websitehttp://rochellealers.org/

Thanks to the gracious ladies at Grand Central Publishing, I have these two wonderful books to giveaway to three lucky readers who reside in the US! (No P.O. Boxes please, copies will be sent directly from publisher.) To enter, just leave a comment on this post and then fill out the rafflecopter below with your name and email address. Additional entries are available but not required. =)

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  8. Thanks so much for being a part of PS I Love You tour - loved being interviewed by you!! Your support means everything! I hope everyone enjoys ALL I WANT IS YOU!
    xox Sherrill

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