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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hottest Couple of the Week #1

/Cocktails and Books

The Hottest Couple of the Week is a weekly feature hosted by Shannon at Cocktails and Books.  We love to read our romance books and some of those books have a couple that burn up every page you read.  It's in their honor that we have this feature.  Each week, we'll feature a couple who's set a book we read on fire.   You can play along too.  Join our linky, grab the button and share who your hot couple is for the week.  Then post a comment below so the rest of us can add this scorching couple to our TBR pile.

Natalya and Brandon, a scorching couple from my current read, Stripped.
Both with an amazing and passionate chemistry and each living a lie. They can't fight their attraction and giving in can lead them to death, it was easy to get wrapped up in their story. Not to mention that together they set these pages afire! ;)

As a member of the CIA's elite Black Opals, Natalya Trubachev must live a lie, working undercover as the lover of Dmitri, a Russian mob boss. His business is trafficking vulnerable Las Vegas strippers overseas for twisted sex games. Natalya's business is to blow the ring wide open and bring down Dmitri and his American contacts. But the stakes are raised when she learns that the next target is her own sister Kate, a dancer in the famed club Fantasia. Only now does Natalya realize how personal her mission has become, and how far she's willing to go to complete it.
The manager of Fantasia is Brandon Moretti, an undercover detective who keeps a close eye on his girls, and an even closer one on his sinfully sensual newest hire. For Natalya, working the club could be the break she's been waiting for. But for Moretti, Natalya is a possible link to a killer. Only he never counted on her being so lethally seductive or so dangerous to get close to. As every forbidden pleasure between them is stripped away, his own secrets threaten their security, but it's Natalya's secrets that could destroy them both.


Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) said...

This is the first time I am hearing about this book but it sounds like a fun read. I will have to check it out.
Book Sniffers Anonymous

Sophia Rose said...

I can see why this couple would make for a good choice. Very intense sounding story.

Thanks for the share!