Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tour: Devil Unknown by Steena Holmes (Guest Post)

Today I'd like to welcome erotic romance author Steena Holmes, who is stopping by on her blog tour for her new thriller, Devil Unknown!

What if everything you ever knew got turned upside down? What if you discovered everything you ‘thought’ you knew held more truth than you could possibly imagine?

Nathan Hanlin is in a whole lot of trouble and he doesn’t even know it.
He’s an ex-pastor with secrets and the town of Bandit Creek is about to get a rude awakening.

Years ago, Nathan’s story literally woke me up one night. I jotted down a few facts about him – he’s an ex-pastor, he was once married and there’s a secret he’s hiding and promptly went to sleep. I wrote his story and placed it in my desk drawer. There was something missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.
He was boring. Blah. Sure, he saw demons. Sure, he claimed to not believe God. But so what? What made him so special? There was no passion to his life – and if anyone knew me – they’d know that finding the passion is the key to my stories.

It wasn’t until I got involved in the Bandit Creek novella series that I realized what exactly makes Nathan stand out from the average demon seeing ex-pastors out there.

Nathan’s about to learn that he’s the son of a fallen angel with a destiny many will attempt to destroy. Devil Unknown is the beginning of Nathan’s story. His idyllic life in Bandit Creek is about to come to an end with the consequences of his hidden secret about to destroy the town.

I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful new series called Bandit Creek Books. When I was asked to write a story about the town, Nathan immediately came to mind. Every town has secrets, but you’d never expect your pastor to be the town’s demise – let alone the reason for so many deaths to occur. I knew right away that I wanted this to be a thriller – something totally different from the erotic romances I write under my pen name. The passion for this story outweighed my passion for chocolate – believe it or not. I couldn’t wait to write his story and the stories that come next. Taking this journey with Nathan as he discovers he’s a Nephilim has been exciting to say the least.

I hope you enjoy it! To find out more about Nathan’s story, please visit me at www.steenaholmes.com.
Two words can describe Steena. Chocolate and passion. Passion for life. For love. For adventure. For chocolate.
Weaving stories with passion for life flows through all of Steena’s stories – whether they be erotic romance under her pen name Anya Winter, in her women’s fiction or in her thrillers.
Join her in discovering the passion for life.
Twitter: @SteenaHolmes

Devil Unknown
By Steena Holmes
Genre: Supernatural Suspense
A Bandit Creek Thriller
“Each generation, evil takes form and steals the soul of the most devout.”
A long forgotten myth holds the key to the evil descending upon Bandit Creek. When the town turns to their beloved former pastor for answers, little do they realize he may be the evil they fear.
Nathan Hanlin is at a crossroads. His soul is in jeopardy, and he doesn’t know it. Yet. He thought leaving the church would be easy, but when demonic crows start talking and demons reveal a secret about his past -- he realizes turning his back on God might have been a mistake. A ripped page from a journal holds the key to discovering why the supernatural are appearing in Bandit Creek but it’s too late. The myth is real and the only person who knows the answer is missing.  Can Nathan save the woman he loves...or is he the reason her life is in danger? 
He stood motionless in the cold, sparse room. Perfect for his plans. 
The rat droppings were fresh. His intended guest would have more company than first thought. The stench of mold, urine and sulfur filled the air. The aroma aroused him. 
He rubbed his hands together as he viewed the room. The scorched cement blocks were a nice addition. The fingers of long ago flames licked the walls and left burn patterns snaking towards the ceiling. The little cracks in the floor crisscrossed each other until the kaleidoscope of weeds peeping through the cracks decorated the floor. Ants and other insects scurried away from his boots as he walked around the room. 
Chains anchored in the walls promised torturous delight. Exactly what his guest deserved. Saliva pooled and dripped from his lips as he imagined the hell he was about to create for her.
It was all for her.
Innocent. Humble. 
A gift. For him.


  1. Thank you so much for hosting me!

  2. This is a new to me book and author. It is great to see a new character type developing with the pastor being the one not to bring comfort, but violence. A new book for my TBR wish list.

    Thanks for the posting.

  3. Thanks Sophia. I hope you like it. I like the concept too - it's different!


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