Thursday, November 24, 2011

Krystal's Review: A Winter Scandal by Candace Camp

A Winter ScandalA Winter Scandal by Candace Camp
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published October 25th 2011 by Pocket Star
ISBN 1451639503
Courtesy of Publisher
The first in New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp’s new Regency trilogy is a Christmas love story featuring a couple who find an abandoned baby in a manger—who may lead them to the truth in their own hearts.
Thea is a vicar’s daughter, dutiful to a fault—even if sometimes she tires of caring for everyone around her. One snowy day in December, Thea goes to church to check on the nativity scene—and finds a crying baby nestled in the manger! The babe has no identification other than a signet ring belonging to Gabriel, the local lord. Before Thea can think twice, she snatches up the child and marches off to give the earl a piece of her mind.
Gabriel at first thinks the windblown, furious woman who appears in his hall is accusing him of fathering her child—but it soon becomes clear that the baby is not his. Then how did the child come to have Gabriel’s ring wrapped in its swaddling? Gabriel, a bachelor, has no notion of how to care for an infant and begs Thea for her continued help. As the two work together to search for his rightful parents, they are powerfully drawn to one another. Gabriel can’t help but admire Thea’s fresh, striking beauty and her tender heart, while Thea daydreams about more than a friendship with the bold but honorable lord. But someone is determined to keep them from finding the truth about this wayward baby—even if it means silencing one or both of them for good.

Krystal’s Thoughts:
This book is perfect for romance fans ready to get into the Holiday spirit.  

Thea, the main character, was easy to connect to.  Her naturally upstanding, sweet nature will appeal to just about any reader.  I found her character to be a little stuffy at times, but her heart is clearly in the right place.  When she finds a real, squalling infant where Baby Jesus should normally lay, Thea naturally tries to identify the infant.  She finds a ring that can be traced back to a wealthy man, Gabriel. 
When she approaches Gabriel, he denies the infant.  Thea is not entirely sure what to believe, but she decides that either way, they must find the infant’s mother.  As they begin the mystery, it appears as if someone or something is trying to stop them from finding their solution.  The action takes off from there.

The characters from this novel were memorable.  Thea and Gabriel have an instant connection that is evident to the reader.  I rooted for their relationship throughout the novel.  The little moments when they would argue or start to disagree were amusing.  The secondary characters were interesting, but not focused upon too much.  There are plenty of scenes that made me hold my breath, waiting for the scene to end.  There are also humorous scenes, guaranteed to make the reader smile.  This book is recommended to adult readers (some love scenes).

Krystal's Rating: 4 Wine Glasses

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