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Moira Rogers (Interview & Giveaway)

Today I have the pleasure of having the fabulous writing duo of Moira Rogers over for an interview on their Southern Arcana series! Enjoy and make sure to enter the giveaway at the end! Also, you can check out my review of the first novel in the Southern Arcana series, Crux.

Welcome to Reading Between the Wines, I’m so happy you could join us today. J For readers who are unfamiliar with your work, can you please tell us; who is Moira Rogers?

Bree: Moira Rogers is the penname I use when writing books with my best friend, Donna. I like to pretend she’s an international woman of mystery.

Writing as a team must get pretty interesting at times, do you have any kind of rituals that you do before writing or is there anything that you must have when writing?

Donna:  I need to be sitting at my desk with my shoes on.  My husband recently informed me this is quite ridiculous, as my feet have nothing to do with my brain or my fingers, but there you have it.  LOL  It’s a mental thing.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?

Donna:  Figuring out the characters.  Once you really know them, everything else falls into place. 

The 4th and most recent book in the Southern Arcana series, Cipher, was released this September. For readers who are new to the series can you give us a brief look into this dynamic paranormal world you have created here?

Bree:  The Southern Arcana world is a contemporary set paranormal series where magic exists alongside our world, but well hidden.  The world is a tough place--especially for shapeshifters--and the series follows a group of people in New Orleans who choose to live outside the corrupt system, and occasionally fight against it.

In previous books Kat and Andrew have had a lot of tension and conflicting emotions between them; readers finally get their story in Cipher, can you tell us what we can expect from it?

Donna:  Since Andrew is an architect, I think we can use a construction simile.  Andrew & Kat are kind of like a building that’s been damaged.  Some damage can be fixed, but sometimes that process is harder than tearing everything down and rebuilding.  That’s sort of what they have to do.

Has the series gone the way you originally planned it?

Donna:  In most ways, yes.  There have been some curve balls along the way, but the general arc of the universe is progressing as we’d planned.  :D

What is one thing your heroine, Kat, would never be caught dead saying/doing?

Bree: Kat would never be caught dead using text-speak. U instead of you or 4 instead of for? She’d rather poke out her own eyes.  And she gives Miguel hell when he does it.

What can we look forward to next in the series and how many novels are planned for it?

Donna:  Impulse, the fifth book in the series, is Julio & Sera’s story.  They have to deal with issues from their personal lives as well as a little political fallout from the events of Deadlock.  As far as how many books we’ve planned...

Bree: At the moment, twelve. We’ll have to get a little closer to the end before we’ll know for sure if that’s it.  But as long as readers keep wanting them, we should have at least that many!

Is there an Arcana character that was harder to write then others or one that stood out more for you?

Donna:  The heroine of the sixth book is a bit of a pill.  LOL  As far as characters that stood out, I think everyone is a little in love with Nick & Derek’s epic love, including me.

If you could trade places with one of your characters for just one day who would it be and why?

Donna:  Wesley Dade.  I want to be able to see the future--and look that badass with a busted face!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by; it was a pleasure having you over! Readers can find out about Moira Rogers and all their works at http://moirarogers.com/

Bree and Donna are graciously giving away one digital copy of any Southern Arcana novel, readers choice! To enter, just leave a comment on this post and then fill out the raffle copter below with your name and email address, extra entries available as well! Good Luck!


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    And Donna, must have her shoes on? That's funny, my hubs is the same way, at least about leaving his shoes on all the time. He says 'gotta be ready to run out the door at any time'! *laughs*

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