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Jess' Review: Silverbirch by Rob Kaay

Silverbirch; A Tear in the Fabric of the Night SkySilverbirch; A Tear in the Fabric of the Night Sky
by Rob Kaay
Hardcover, 240 pages
Published January 26th 2010 by Robkaay Publishing (first published October 28th 2009)
ISBN 0980687721
Courtesy of author
My name is Nudge. I am the only Human on Earth to be given a green light from a higher power to unconditionally rid the world of dickheads. How I came to be in this position, and why I was chosen, is about to be explained to you.

Jess’ Thoughts:
Roy Kaay’s sci-fi adventure Silverbirch opens right in the middle of what seems to be a dramatic possession and doesn’t stop until the final dramatic twist at the end. It’s difficult to explain much about SIlverbirch without giving too much away, but I can tell you that the world is not quite as we know it; something from another place is crossing over to try and change things for a group of childhood friends.

Nudge, our aggressive but good-hearted protagonist, narrates the story directly to us. This gives us great access into how Nudge is viewing the unusual situations happening around him but also shows where he’s trying to hide things from his past from us and those around him. Chase acts as Nudge’s counterpoint, a goody-two-shoes voice of reason lawyer trying to be the voice of reason while stuck in wackiness he can’t control.

Hayley, Nudge’s sexy and determined ex, is just trying to make it out of the crazy situation she’s found herself in as best she can and would be a wonderful character if it wasn’t for the author’s obsession with talking about her “red lacy underwear”. Those three words along with the repeated discussion of Hayley’s hypnotising people with her “sexual energy” are said far too often. I have no problem with sexy protagonists (and who would?!), but the repetition was dull and could be alienating for female readers.

Silverbirch is a gripping story, even without a cliff-hanger at the end of a chapter I was compelled to keep on reading until I found out what was really going on! The twist at the end was fantastic, there were hints that it was coming but not enough that I could completely guess what was up and it made me what to know where Kaay is going to take Nudge to next.

If you want a fast paced sci-fi that’s light on the romance but big on action then this is the book for you!

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Jess' Rating: 3 Wine Glasses - Good

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  1. I really like the sound of this (minus the obsessing over red, lacy underwear). The summary immediately piqued my interest. Seems like something I'd enjoy. Thanks for the review! :)


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