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Vonda Sinclair of My Fierce Highlander (Guest Post & Giveaway)

Today I have the lovely Vonda Sinclair visiting with a fun little guest post and a very sexy snippet from her novel, My Fierce Highlander. You can catch my review on that *HERE* She's also giving away a copy of her novel at the end so make sure to stick around!

A Tryst in the Garden

Why would anyone want to make love in a garden? Well, maybe it's the only convenient place when the mood strikes. Maybe it's a lovely, warm night, and the lovers want an adventure away from the crowd inside the castle. Gardens contain lots of bushes and shrubs to hide behind, mazes to get lost in, benches to sit on, or soft grass to lie on. The flowers and herbs add to the sensory experience.

When thinking of romantic gardens, people don't usually think of Scotland, maybe because of the cool weather. But Scotland has several beautiful gardens where we (or the characters in books) might experience a sexy tryst.

Sex outside usually requires the author (or those indulging) to get inventive with the surroundings, props or positions. The Scottish hero might take off his belted plaid and the two could roll up in it on the soft grass. Hmm. My imagination is going wild right now.

It may be daytime, gloaming or night when the tryst takes place. (Gloaming is the Scottish word for dusk or twilight.) The possibility of being caught might even provide an extra thrill of danger.
These photos were taken in gardens at Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire, Dunrobin Castle in Sutherland and Dunvegan Castle on Isle of Skye.

Here is a sexy, sensual scene from my book, My Fierce Highlander, which takes place in a garden:

“Will you not gift me with another kiss in the garden?” He advanced, and she retreated.
She did crave the profane decadence of his mouth upon hers. Her lips burned in anticipation. Her breasts tingled, craving his attention, before the hot excitement slid down through her body.
When her back came up against the garden gate, he unlatched it. She stumbled backward through. With quick reflexes, he caught her against his body, so hard and solid. A buzz of spellbinding need swept through her.
A groaning sound came from the garden. “What is—”
“Shh,” Alasdair breathed against her ear, and she shivered. After their entrance, he eased the gate closed and urged her behind an evergreen shrub. The balefire lit up the sky and reflected off the gray stone castle wall to cast a soft glow down into the flower garden.
The sounds came again, a soft male groan. Was someone hurt? And then an answering giggle. Oh, dear lord, two people were…making love in the garden. Gwyneth’s face grew hot as the fire crackling outside.
“We must go,” she whispered.
“Nay. They will leave soon enough.”
His hand rested heavy on her waist, his fingers stroking through her corset. Her nipples peaked and ached for his touch, for his wet mouth, licking, sucking.
She tried to draw in fresh air to clear her mind, to fight the effects of the spell he cast over her, but instead inhaled the smoke that had seeped into his clothing along with his clean male scent.
His hot breath fanned her hair. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth. She gasped but he placed his thumb over her lips. The thrill of him coursed through her, possessed her. She flicked out her tongue against his thumb, then surprised herself by sucking it into her mouth. She didn’t know why she yearned to do that, but she wanted some part of him within her. Wanted to taste him.
Alasdair hissed against her ear, moaned her name. Shocking herself, she wondered what that other, very hard part of his body would feel like against her lips.
Though she could scarce think, she knew the other couple nearby in the garden continued with their mating, oblivious that anyone was near. Their sounds of pleasure escalated. The woman cried out. Was that how Gwyneth sounded when Alasdair made love to her? She could only remember experiencing him in a most earthly, carnal way that sent her flying toward the heavens.
As the man in the garden groaned with his release, Alasdair pressed his lips against Gwyneth’s throat and trailed his tongue downward to her collarbone. The way she had taken to sucking his thumb put lascivious images in his head. Moving his sporran aside, he pressed his erection firmly against her stomach.
He craved the woman in his arms more than he craved spring in the midst of winter. And though it made him a traitorous Scot, he yearned to cast his gaze upon her more than the bonny hills surrounding him. He wanted to savor her and drink her slowly like the finest whisky.
Her skin smelled of smoke and woman. Her hands, fisted on his doublet and tugging him closer, spoke of unfulfilled hunger. He knew of hunger, aye, indeed. The kind that made his soul yearn and set his body afire.
The other couple in the garden finished their tryst and left, but he was happy to see Gwyneth hadn’t noticed. He enjoyed being the sole focus of her attention. And he reveled in her earlier jealousy.
She melted and swayed against him with sighs, inciting his arousal to yet a higher level. Taking his thumb away from her mouth, he kissed her, full and deep, fed her erotic kisses, and she ate. She flicked her tongue against his. Her whimpering little gasps and moans made the aching pleasure in his erection intensify, and he wanted naught more than to slide into her tight, wet heat.
Loving the way she held him close, he yanked up her skirts and petticoats. With his fingers, he relished the softness of her thighs, the curve of her hip. Her silky skin stole the last of his rationality.
Discovering the stone bench nearby, he sat and tugged her to him, straddling his lap, facing him. He raked her skirts up to her lap.
“Oh, Alasdair, I cannot,” she whispered in a desperate tone.
“You must only do what you wish.” Please let me make love to you right here. “I’m dying to have you, a shùgh mo chrìdhe.”
He spread his hand on her thigh, above her stocking, and stroked it upward. He rubbed his thumb across her mound, her soft curls and lower, gently through her moisture and swollen female lips that made him ache. She gasped and jerked against him.
With his thumb he massaged her wet, swollen nub. She fell to his shoulder and moaned incoherent words. Aye, she was loving that. But no more than he did. He was ready to ignite like gunpowder.
She strained toward him, closer to his shaft. He yearned to bury himself forcefully deep inside her, but he wanted her to be the one to initiate the action, so she could not deny how much she wanted him.
She tugged at his kilt beneath her, then lifted herself off his lap, shoved his kilt up and captured his hard shaft in her cool hand.
“Oh, saints, Gwyneth!” He barely curbed the primal urge to thrust. “Take me inside you,” he whispered against her lips.
My Fierce Highlander copyright 2011 Vonda Sinclair

Do you enjoy reading sexy scenes set in gardens or outside? Why or why not? I'll give away a copy of My Fierce Highlander to a commenter.

You can find out more about Vonda and her sexy Highlander at:

As Vonda mentioned above she is giving away two, that's right two, digital copies of My Fierce Highlander to readers!
To enter; just leave a comment answering her question at the end of her post, don't forget to leave an email address!
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  1. I have to admit I do enjoy outside scenes, it's something about the possibility of getting caught I think.
    lvs2dv at gmail dot com

  2. I agree! Thanks for commenting, loves to dive!

  3. I love outdoor scenes as well.. I agree with the whole "getting caught" element, but they also tend to be more passionate because they aren't confined to the normal stereotype of the bedroom. Plus who doesn't love it when its hot, up against a tree? :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I like the outside scenes because of the whole nature angle, cool breezes or hot sun beating down on your skin...Sigh


  5. Jessica, thanks for commenting! Up against a tree... whew! That sounds hot and passionate! :)

    Jet, I agree. There are a lot more sensory things for lovers to experience outside. :)

  6. I enjoy them if they fit with the story and characters. If it's just thrown in, it doesn't work for me. And I think its the spontaneity that draws me in.

    admin.bookblog AT

  7. Thank you for such an enjoyable interview and for giving us all a chance to read an amazing excerpt of "My Fierce Highlander". I can't wait to read the whole book.

    I love any outdoor sex scenes, it definitely get's one's appetite whetted when reading these scenes. The outdoor sex scenes are heightened by the fact that the couple making love could be caught at any time, thereby making their encounter far more sexual and exciting.

    Thank you for this opportunity and congratulations on your new release.

    dpd333 AT aol dot com

  8. Vonda your book makes me drool, I am so glad that I picked it up.

    I constantly have to remind myself of site, sound, sense, touch when writing description.

    Thank you for the sexy scene!

  9. How nice to start the day in the gardens anywhere in Scotland. Thanks for leading us down the lane, Vonda. I can't wait to read my copy because I know how great your stories are.

  10. I agree, Jen! It really has to fit.

    Diane, thanks so much! I'm glad you liked the excerpt and post! Outside scenes can add a bit of variety to the sensual scenes.

    Thanks so much for buying it, Lizzie! Hope you enjoy!

    Paisley, I'm a huge fan of Scottish gardens. They have so much character and lots of colorful flowers. Thanks so much for buying my book also! Hope you like! :)

  11. I would say yes to the outside:)
    It makes it all the more sexy.
    Your books really good and i just Love Highland stories.There one of my all time favs...
    Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  12. Temperance, thanks so much for checking it out and commenting!

  13. i do enjoy reading about the hero/heroine outside...maybe even close to being caught but to caught up in each other to care!!! love those scenes...and i still loving this cover

  14. Thanks, Chele! I'm thrilled you like the cover! And I agree with you about them being too caught up in each other to care. I love that intensity.

  15. I enjoy reading a scene where the couple are so caught up in each other that they dont make it into a lodging. Partly because of (as was mentioned) the possibility of being caught, and also because its thrilling to be desired that much. Its kind of like a primal sort of thing, to be loved on under the open sky with no restrictions.

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  16. I do too, Lady Vampire. You summarized it nicely!

  17. Sexy scenes in a garden sound great. It's almost a back to nature thing :) thank you for the great giveaway! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  18. Sexy scenes outside anywhere are enticing to read - the thrill of being caught!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  19. I enjoy reading sexy scenes-- anywhere! Haha ;-)


  20. I like the outdoor scenes because they are more passionate and the element of surprise. They are not the normal scenes which makes them more interesting. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.

  21. My favorite outdoor scenes in a book are usually those in the gazebo in a maze or one set up in a garden. One of my favorite outdoor lovemaking scenes of all time was the one with Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange in the movie Rob Roy released in 1995. Rob and Mary were out together in the field and he was sitting on the ground and she picked up her skirts and picked up his kilt and straddled him, it was sexy and untamed.


  22. Krystal, Darlene, Chelsea, and Tore, thanks for commenting! I'm glad to hear you guys like the adventure of outdoor sexy scenes!

    Jackie, ooh I remember that scene in Rob Roy. Yes, it was very sexy!

  23. With a scene as hot as the one I just read it wouldn't matter if they were on the moon! LOL

    I like the element of surprise and the creativity that comes along with placing a sexy scene outside of the bedroom, being out in the open sometimes makes it more intense! Can't wait to read this one!


  24. Man in a kilt....wipe the drool off my face!

    Since I will never convince my handsome husband to join me in a romantic interlude in the gardens I will always say "Bring on the outdoor love scenes!". A girl's gotta live vicariousley when she can =)
    Thanks for a chance to win, your book sounds great!

    eyesofblueice (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. I have to agree-the outdoors works. There is something elemental about it. Everything is sensory-warmth of the sun, cool of the moon, rain, wind, softness of the ground, grass, moss, beach, etc. It sort of strips away the trappings of civility a bit and makes everything more raw. Great excerpt!! Many thanks.

    mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

  26. Wow thanks so much, Lori! I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

    Lexi, I agree. In my case, since my husband won't wear a kilt, I have to fantasize about all these Highland hotties in kilts. LOL!

    Thanks, ML! I'm glad you liked it! I'm going to have to dream up more outdoor sexy scenes to add to books. LOL

  27. I have to admit that I do love sexy outdoor scenes. There is always the danger of getting caught, the excitement that they can not contain. It works well in historicals and in contemp stories. There are some outdoor love scenes that will always stay with me, I guess that is the sign of a really good writer. And I must say this scene makes me really want to read this book!
    June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  28. I think my favorite place for an outside love scene is the beach. Something about the sound of the waves crashing I guess.

    rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

  29. I'm an outdoors person and I do enjoy reading outdoor love scenes. What is more natural that making love outdoors?(true the sand and leaves leave something to be desired and why don't the book characters ever seem to be concerned with sand in places you rather not have it?)


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  30. Vonda, you hooked me with that super sexy excerpt. Lurve it. Outdoor/garden love scenes are so much fun because of all those things the commentors mentioned. It's a sensory extravaganza, the exhilaration, the excitement of getting caught, the desperate desire that makes you forget everything around you except your lover. And the more creative and unique the outdoor setting the better.

    I can't wait to read it!
    angela AT angelajohnsonauthor DOT com

  31. June, thanks tons! I'm so glad you liked the excerpt!

    Megan, Yes! I love beach love scenes!

    Lisa, I know what you mean. I love nature too!

    Angela, thanks! I'm so glad you liked the scene!

  32. Outdoor love scenes can be wild and fun. It's great to see different things which makes it less predictable and more interesting. I care more that the scenes flows well and is believable. Vonda, I really enjoy highlander stories and will be keeping an eye on your book.


  33. Thanks so much, Na! It's wonderful to find another Highland romance fan! :)

  34. I do enjoy outside sexy scenes because I think they really heighten the urgency and emotions between the characters since there is a thrill or an excitement to the possibility of getting caught by someone.

    Thanks for sharing the except and for the awesome giveaway! Would love to read more!


  35. Winnie, you're absolutely right about the urgency. It's always exciting and fun to read about. Thanks so much for reading the excerpt!

  36. I do like reading the garden scenes...they are totally sexy! At least on paper it is! lol

    The outdoor scenes are always exciting! I did love the excerpt! Looks like the novel features a great romance!


    Lisa @ Once Upon A Chapter

  37. Wow, what a sexy snippet. I can only imagine what the rest of the book is like.
    I like how outside scenes show the urgency not to mention it add the thrill of being caught.
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  38. Lisa Jo and Kristin, thanks so much for stopping by and reading the snippet! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)


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