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Series Catch-Up: Alien Huntress by Gena Showalter (#Review)

The Alien Huntress series by Gena Showalter
Books #1-5

Otherworlders have always been on Earth, we just didn’t know about it. Seventy years ago though we found out and there was a deadly war between humans and aliens that almost destroyed the planet. Realizing this, humans and otherworlders came to an uneasy agreement. They would share the planet but humans would police the otherworlders, killing all predator aliens that harmed humans.

The Alien Huntress series follows the life of AIR (Alien Investigation and Removal Agency) agents, the humans that police the aliens in New Chicago. The series opens up with Awaken me Darkly, and tough-as-nails AIR agent Mia Snow. Don’t let her deceptively fragile ballerina-like appearance fool you; Mia can play with the big boys. Her and partner Dallas are investigating a string of murders when sexy Arcadian Kyrin en Arr shows up turning her life, and the life of her partner, upside down. Can Kyrin really be trusted or his he behind all the murders?

The series continues with Eden Black in Enslave me Sweetly, a Raka whose golden skin is hunted across the worlds. Eden is an assassin for a secret shadow branch of the government, run by her adoptive father Michael. When she fails to take down a human slaver she is saddled with an unwanted partner, Lucius Adaire, a sexy cold-blooded human agent with a mysterious past. As desire between these two stirs more women are taken, will they be able to close down the slave traders ring before it’s too late and the women are sold?

These first two books work wonderfully as stand alone’s as only the world itself ties into each other, not any of the characters. The third book in the series, Savor me Slowly, brings all the characters from the first two books together and is where the series starts to take flight. Mishka Le’Ace (also in the Y.A. spin-off Red Handed) is a killer on a leash, controlled by a corrupt government agent she is a highly trained and deadly assassin. Raised in a lab and part machine, Le’Ace is an emotionless killer until she is sent to rescue AIR agent Jaxon Tremain. While investigating a deadly new disease brought to Earth by an irresistibly hot race of aliens that use sex to transmit it which then turns the infected into flesh eating zombies basically, Jaxon is kidnapped for information. An undeniable attraction sparks immediately between the pair but Le’Ace can’t control her own actions and after his rescue is ordered to get information from Jaxon at all costs. Can Jaxon stop the villain who controls Mishka and find a way to stop this dangerous disease before it spreads further?

Seduce the Darkness is the 4th book in the series and stars the Targon King Devyn, who we met in the two previous books preceding this one. Devyn is a devastatingly handsome arrogant playboy, sex addict and collector of women; vowing to never sample the same race twice until he meets vampire Bride McKell, with whom he wants to go back for more than just second’s with but shockingly she wants nothing to do with him. Bride has been searching for answers on her origins for decades so when the Targon shows up knowing exactly what she is and also smelling of her long lost friend, Bride is determined to get those answers from him no matter what it takes.  When Devyn agrees to take her to the vampire community though will he loose her to them forever? And will that be the last chance for humans and aliens alike since Bride’s blood seems to be the only antidote to the deadly disease that is spreading fast? Seduce the Darkness is my favorite of the series thus far; sexy, humorous, full of tension, suspense and non-stop action.

In the anthology, Deep Kiss of Winter, Gena gives us the story of Bride’s long lost friend Aleaha Love and her boyfriend and Raka, Breean. Aleaha is a shifter in hiding, taking the appearance and life of a dead former model and AIR agent Macy. Sent to capture Schon warriors set to arrive on Earth, the same warriors spreading the disease killing humans, Aleaha instead becomes captured herself by the golden skin warrior Breean. Coming to Earth to make a new life for him and his people after their own planet was decimated by the Schon, Breean only wants peace but he knows he will not have that until AIR comes to trust him. Kidnapping Aleaha and her fellow agents that were with her as hostages against AIR until they can come to an agreement Breean had no idea the attraction he would feel for Aleaha would even outweigh his sense of duty, but can Aleaha ever trust Breean enough to be her true self in front of him?

The latest and fifth book in the series is Ecstasy in Darkness and centers on AIR agent-in-training Ava Sans and vampire warrior McKell. On her first real assignment with BFF and PIC (Partner in Crime) Noelle, she and Ava are tasked with the job of bringing the perfectly seductive looking McKell into AIR headquarters to be questioned. Loosing Bride and being exiled by his race has put McKell in a dangerous mood and he will not be taken in easily. However, when Ava gets the jump on him McKell is instantly intrigued, but by manipulating time turns the tables on the pair quickly. When his body recognizes Ava as his mate though and refuses substance from anyone else is when the true story begins. Will McKell be able to put his selfish ways aside and win Ava? Will Ava be able to overcome her past and trust McKell with forever? Or will the evil Schon queen destroy them both before they even have a chance?

Being a HUGE fan of all Gena Showalter’s other adult titles, I just had to start this series and I have no idea how or why I could have waited so long to read these fantastic futuristic books! Each novel is seamlessly written, blending the paranormal and sci-fi together for edge-of-your-seat-thrills. High on the sexual tension charts each novel follows a couple to their own sizzling HEA while the action packed, fast-paced series arc plays out around them. The ever expanding world Showalter has built is solid, unusual, and extremely vivid, instantly submerging you fully into it.  With familiar characters popping up throughout the series it is impossible not become invested in each and every one. The suspense found between the pages will have you riveted and paired with good, steamy romance you can’t go wrong with the Alien Huntress series. My only complaint is that sometimes characters and new roles were thrown into the story without any information or reason given on them, which was confusing and I actually went searching to see if I missed something (which I didn’t). Besides that, a magnificent series that is a must read for Gena Showalter fans and paranormal romance lovers alike!

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Rating: 4 Wine Glasses - LOVED!

Sexual content: Sure to make any smut lover happy, Gena Showalter gives readers sexy and intense scenes but doesn't over do it, balancing them perfectly with the story. 


  1. I've had mixed reactions to this series. The first book that I read was Savor me Slowly and I was confused at first because I hadn't read the first 2 books. It kinda ruined it for me. The next book that I read was Deep Kiss of Winter and I loved that story. Eventually I plan on rereading the series in order.

  2. Yeah, the 3rd book would be the worst book in the series to start on I think, LoL. That is the book that ties together the first two.
    I don't like this series as much as I do LOTU or Atlantis but it is still great and only seems to be getting better with each book. The newest, Dark Taste of Rapture is the best so far imo. I'll have a review for that up later tonight!


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