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ARC Review: The Shadow Wolf by Bonnie Vanak

The Shadow WolfThe Shadow Wolf 
Draicon Werewolves #4
by Bonnie Vanak
Mass Market Paperback, 288 pages
Expected publication: August 23rd 2011 by Harlequin
ISBN 0373618670 
Courtesy of NetGalley
On the run from authorities, gutsy Megan Moraine knows shadow wolves like herself have no place in this world. But she's still prepared to do anything to protect her young charges. That resolve is tested when the trio is captured by Gabriel Robichaux. Everyone knows that Gabriel is a ruthless bounty hunter, a member of an elite group called the Enforcers. Why then is Megan so attracted to her enemy—a wolf who hunts his own people? A wolf whose languid, sexy drawl makes her dream the impossible?

My Thoughts: 
Megan Moraine is a shadow wolf, a breed of werewolf (or Draicon) despised and feared by their own kind for their unique abilities. Exiled to a secluded island with the rest of the Shadow’s they are often beaten, tortured and worse…when Megan finally fears for her life and the lives of her two young cousins she manages to escape with them and is on the run in Florida when she runs into the most feared of Draicon Enforcers, Gabriel Robichaux. Gabriel is not the ruthless, heartless man she thought though and Megan immediately feels an undeniable attraction to the darkly handsome and mysterious Enforcer. But Gabriel hides more than his true purpose with the Enforcers; he keeps a darker secret that if found out will make him even more hunted than the beautiful Shadow he can’t get out of his head.

This is my first read from author Bonnie Vanak and her Draicon Werewolves series. The world she has built in The Shadow Wolf is fascinating but jumping right into the fourth novel in the series was a bit confusing at first. There was little introduction into this complex world Vanak has created or the series in general, however, after a few chapters in I started to get the hang of it. The author gives a unique take on werewolves with fresh and creative abilities for the paranormal genre. Providing plenty of romantic tension, dangerous suspense and steamy passion to keep you absorbed and the story line moved at a good pace, flowing smoothly. 

I enjoyed the characters Gabriel and Megan, both were strong and well written with several layers to peel back as you moved along in the story. Their passion and attraction was undeniable and I liked how despite that Gabriel and Megan are destined mates the author didn’t use that as an excuse to throw them together and right into bed; they actually got to know and respect each other first. The secondary characters were interesting as well, especially Gabriel’s brothers, and I found myself curious as to their stories that preludes this one. I also found myself immensely intrigued with the Phoenix Tristyn, just what is his story?

I would definitely be interested in reading more of this series and other works from this author, The Shadow Wolf was a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed! The bonus story at the end, Darkness of the Wolf, was also fabulous and another four wine glass read in itself! 

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses

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