Monday, January 10, 2011

This Sony Reader is about to go flying....through the window!

So as I mentioned in my Mmm...Monday post earlier, I have a ton of reads from NetGalley to dig into. And guess what! As I get started on one of them my ereader starts freezing up! Can you imagine how frustrated I am right now? Because seriously, this thing is on the line to being smashed.

Last year in February I bought a Sony PRS-300, so not even a year ago. This thing was my pride and joy, I was so excited and absolutely loved it. Then in September I had to have it exchanged (send to Sony and pay $40 to get a refurbished one back) and now this one is messing up. It starts off by taking forever to load when powering up or loading books to it. Then the pages are slow to turn. Then it freezes completely. The power slide doesn't work, the reset button does nothing, not even plugging it into the computer effects it. It is frozen. Ahhhhh! It hasn't gotten to the point where it just totally dies yet but this was the same process as my last one. 

So this is my venting, a rarity but I am just so dang frustrated. Does anybody else have a Sony and have these problems or is it just my rotten luck? Does anybody have any suggestions that may fix this problem, beside buying a new ereader? Oh, and when I exchanged my first one (sent with every original item I received from Best Buy) I received this one with no box (and my skin destroyed) so I don't even have the right info now to call Sony about it!

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