Friday, January 28, 2011

Attention Night Huntress Fans!

Are you a Night Huntress fanatic?
Do you drool over Bones?
Want to smack Cat every now and then?
Burn for Vlad?
Dream of Ian?
Hate Annette?
Root for Tate?
WHY Rodney!?!?!
Want to be Mencheres’ bath toy?
Are you right now as you read this jumping around? Are you getting antsy for the release of This Side of the Grave?
Well guess what?!?! So are we!!!
So to help stave off some of those Cat & Bones withdrawal jitters you might be experiencing and in preparation for the release of This Side of the Grave on February 22nd we are throwing together a Night Huntress Event; Countdown to This Side of the Grave!
The event will run from February 8th to 22nd and will feature posts about the series, novels, author and characters, guest posts from our amazing fellow bloggers and Night Huntress addicts and even a few giveaways!

But that’s not all; I want you readers to participate too. If you’re a Night Huntress fan then I want to know!
If you have an ode you want to share, fan art, fan fiction, song or anything you have put together in homage to the series I would like to post it during this two week event. Email to and let me know what you would like to share and the details!
Also, I have room for a few more guest posts and reviews as well! I would love for more bloggers that love the Night Huntress series as much as I do to join the event. And don’t worry if you haven’t read the entire series yet, if you’ve just read Halfway to the Grave but are in thrall of the world and characters that Jeaniene Frost has created I would love to hear from you! Just send a request to me at And make sure to check out this special treat; Harper Collins has posted the first 5 chapters of This Side of the Grave with a special surprise at the end! EDIT: I TOOK DOWN THE CHAPTERS BECAUSE JEANIENE MENTIONED AN ERROR AND A SPOILER REVEALED. I WILL RE-POST WHEN THE PUBLISHER FIXES THIS ERROR. (Thanks Kristin!)

I hope to see you all on February 8th!
Only 25 days to go until the release!!!


  1. This sounds like so much fun. Thanks for inviting me. I am going to be obsessively thinking and working on a cool guest post now. lol

    I love this series. Its my FAVORITE!! I have my book on preorder!

  2. I LOVE IT! OMG THE FIRST 5 CHAPTERS and a special at the end!!! This is killing me!!! I know I will be re-reading those chapters over and over again until Release Day of TSOTG! *squels* So Excited! :D

  3. Very cool! Can't wait to see all the stuff you have planned :)

  4. I will not read the first 5 chapters, I will not read the first 5 chapters, I will not read the first 5 chapters!!! Yeah right, who am I kidding, lol. As much as I want TSOTG to be a suprise, I know i'll cave. lol!! (Temptation is Pure Evil!!)

    :) Kristin
    Nocturnal Bites

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE you for this! I was going to follow you anyways, but now I wish there was a "Super Follower!" button that I could click. I love the Night Huntress series... Or maybe I just love Bones. And Spade. and Ian. And Mencheres. And... well, yeah. I cannot WAIT for Feb 8th! Second only to the release date itself. ;)

  6. Ooh this is going to be so much fun! I can't wait until Feb 22. The tension is killing me! Thanks for asking me to do a guest post. I'm looking forward to it! :) I might just have to go and peak at the first 5 chapters. Even though I know in doing so the wait for the full book will only be worse!


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