Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book News: This Side of the Grave Contest & Snippet

So I poked my head up for a bit to check on the kiddos and guess what I saw?!?!?!
Jeaniene Frost has posted a snippet from This Side of the Grave
*insert nerdy fan girl squeal here*

From Jeaniene: "This scene fragment is right before the chapter that *some* readers/reviewers have compared to One Foot in the Grave’s infamous Chapter 32."


“I’d have to be all the way dead not to want you.”
His eyes were now completely green, and fangs gleamed out from his upper teeth. I loved the way his gaze raked over me. Like it was the first time he’d seen me this way, and he couldn’t stop himself from staring. I knew my body, was well aware of its flaws, but Bones made me forget those when he looked at me. Under the hunger in his gaze and the swell of his lust cresting against my subconscious, I felt beautiful, strong, and sexy. Free to do anything without fear or shame....
Want to read more? Then head on over to Jeaniene's blog here!
She is also giving two arcs, but if you loved me you wouldn't enter so that I have a better chance to win. Right? LoL No, just kidding....maybe. ;) Head on over, read the snippet, wipe your mouth and enter! 

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  1. Thanks for the headsup Crystal. Sent that info along to the hubs 'cause he's the Frost fan. lol ;) And good luck! Hope you win!


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