Monday, January 10, 2011

Immortals After Dark News!!!

Kresley posted this news on FaceBook just a bit ago:

"Hi all, as promised, here's some IAD news. First up, Lothaire's book is definitely next, and we're looking at a pub date of Jan 2012. There *might* be a story in between Dreams of a Dark Warrior and Lothaire--stay tuned for more on this.

Also, I'm thrilled to say that there will be at least three more IAD installments after Lothaire's book, as well as a brand new series set in the IAD world!

In case that wouldn't keep me busy enough . . . I will also be penning a new paranormal YA series! I've been thinking about it for years and am so excited to finally be able to write this new line! So if you don't hear from me until 2014, now you know why... ;) Kresley"

Lothaire's book, maybe another story and then at least three more novels in the series plus a new series in the IAD world? Woohoo! This is great news! I am so curious about Lothaire, especially after Demon from the Dark. Ooo...I wonder what the cover will look like too. 

Find out more about Kresley Cole's Immortal After Dark series on her website:

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