Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Having Bones Withdrawals?

Is 41 days just too long to wait?
Well guess what?!?!?!
Jeaniene has posted the first two chapters of This Side of the Grave
Just go HERE


  1. Oh man, only the first two chapters? Seems more like extra torture to me ;). And haha I couldn't help but notice that I have officially been recognized as a stalker *grins*

  2. I know, I haven't gone over to read them yet because I know it won't be enough. I want more more more, like the whole book today!

  3. OMG I just read the first 2 chapters and I am drooling for more! Just reading about Cat & Bones I once again felt I was right there watching them!

    After hearing Bones in those 2 chapters it just emphasized how much I missed hearing his words!

    Can't wait till February 22nd!

  4. I have to say because of your great recommendation I read Halfway to The Grave and loved every frickin minute of it!!! lol I am dying for more Thanks so much hun!!


  5. I read them last night before I went to bed and got to the end and was like NOOOOoooo.....that's it? I didn't realize how short chapters were until then! LoL

    @Kristen, I am SO glad you enjoyed Halfway to the Grave, you're going to LOVE One Foot in the Grave! And the rest of the series, it seems impossible but the series keeps getting better and better with each book!


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