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Series Review: The Children of the Sea – The Hunter Family Trilogy by Virginia Kantra

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Virginia Kantra

In the time before time, when the domains of earth, sea, and sky were formed and fire was called into being, the elementals took shape, each with their element: the children of earth, the children of the sea, the children of air, and the children of fire.
After earth had flowered and life crawled from the sea, humankind was born.
The children of fire rebelled against this new creation, declaring war on the children of the air and humankind. Forced to cohabit with the mortals, the other elementals withdrew--the fair folk to the hills and wild places of earth and the merfolk, selkie and finfolk, to the depths of the sea.
Yet the elementals cannot exist in complete isolation from their mortal neighbors. From such encounters, souls are redeemed and lost, wars are waged, great art is created, empires are raised.
Of such meetings, legends - and children - are born.
For centuries, the children of the sea have co-existed in uneasy peace with the children of fire and with mortal kind. 
Now all that is about to change...

One incredible family. Three loves that will change their lives...and whose destiny could change the world.
Follow their stories:
Caleb, the soldier, who returns from the desert to fall in love with a woman from the sea. SEA WITCH, Book 1 
Dylan, the loner, who must choose between the freedom of his mother's kind and the bonds of mortal love. SEA FEVER, Book 2
and Lucy, the dreamer, whose heart and fate are tangled with the sea king's son .SEA LORD, Book 3

My Thoughts:
This trilogy in the Children of the Sea world follows the three Hunter siblings; Caleb, Dylan and Lucy.
The Children of the Sea are highly sexual creatures that form no attachments, not even to each other. They lead a long life and get everything they need from the sea. That is, until they meet these special humans that will change their life and the world forever.

Kantra has created captivating characters in a fantastical new world above and below the sea. The mythological aspects are smoothly explained and events unfold at a natural pace with the romance and mystery plentiful, not to mention incredibly steamy & passionate love scenes. Each novel is a quick read with well-developed characters and distinctive side characters that will draw you in and keep you on the hook throughout each novel.

I think Caleb and Margred were my favorite but I loved each character and their stories. If you loved the Little Mermaid as a child you will love this adult version about the creatures under the sea. 

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses!

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