Friday, May 18, 2018

#CoverReveal of Unconscious Hearts by Harper Sloan

Unconscious Hearts 
(Hearts of Vegas #1)
by Harper Sloan
Expected publication: June 12th 2018

Ari Daniels was a dreamer. A woman who knew how to count her blessings, and at one time, those blessings were so plentiful she knew her future would be nothing but bright with love. What she didn’t count on was her whole world tumbling down around her in a mess of shredded promises, broken love, and unbelievable heartbreak that left her feeling like she would never find her way back to the beautifully full life she believed she would have.

Alone and stricken with grief, she blamed herself and eventually closed herself off, refusing to open her heart for another. After all, every time she tried in the years following her broken dreams, someone was always waiting in the wings to remind her how painful it is to give yourself to someone.

That was, however, until she came face to face with a man who made her feel like no other. A man who refused to stand down, wanting what she was terrified to give—herself. A man whose very breath promised to light the path back to her abandoned dreams. A man who may very well destroy her in the end, especially when it’s clear he has his own demons.

What happens when two broken souls come together, finally allowing themselves to believe in the beauty of love … only to have to fight harder than ever to keep it.

About the Author:
Harper Sloan
Harper Sloan is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best selling author. She resides in north Georgia with her husband and three daughters. While being independently published is a dream, she also has three traditionally published titles with Pocket Books. When she isn't working hard on her next novel, you can most definitely find her with a book in hand.

**To contact Harper, please email

Twitter @harpersloan
Instagram @harper_sloan

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