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4 Wine Glass #Review of A Witch's Life by Leigh Ann Edwards


36615982Title: A Witch’s Life
Series: The Irish Witch Series: Book 5
Author: Leigh Ann Edwards
Format: Kindle,
Published: January 25th 2018 by Tule Publishing
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Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Alainn and Killian fight to keep their loving, passionate relationship alive. But as Alainn delves deeper into her magical abilities, she uncovers a demon, a coven of wrathful witches, and a past lover...all intent on keeping her and Killian apart.

A Witch's Life is set in sixteenth century Ireland, an undoubtedly enticing and mystical time and place, yet wrought with misfortune and upheaval. In this fascinating tale of undying love and enchanting fantasy, Alainn and Killian encounter numerous benevolent spirits and vengeful, dark supernatural entities.

Linda's Thoughts:
“I am presently most displeased with the entire male gender and sure it would take little inducement on your part to cause me to use this weapon to lop off your head this night. So be gone with you, for I don’t care to be in your company! You cause me great suspicion!”
“I cause you suspicion? You’re the one doin’ the whole Lizzie Borden routine!”

A Witch’s Life is the fifth installment in Leigh Ann Edwards’ bewitching Irish Witch series and continues Alainn’s and Killian’s story. The Irish Witch series is a magical romantic paranormal fantasy set in sixteenth century Ireland/England featuring witches, a swoony hero and evil forces! The primary characters’ epic love story is for the ages. This book picks up right where the prior book, A Chieftain’s Wife, ended.

I cannot imagine jumping into this series at any point other than the beginning. The characters, romance and the danger element have been chronologically evolving since the first book. So, please do yourself a favor, and read this series in order. The good news is that the storyline and characters are utterly addictive and greatly entertaining. My advice is to grab them all and binge on them through a cold or rainy weekend. If you dislike cliffhanger endings, wait until mid-2018 when the last book is near release to start your book orgy!

As this segment opens, it’s 1537 and Alainn and Killian are still each reeling from the tragic loss of their son. They are dealing with their marital issues and have re-united after being torn asunder at the end of the last book. Alain senses evil from Killain’s former lover and steadfastly believes that she was a player in their newborn’s demise while Killain does not want to evict her from their abode without proof of her treachery. Alainn does not want to become pregnant again which hurts Killain, who needs a heir and wants to have a child with her. All the while, the demon is still stalking Alainn. As if these matters are not enough to deal with, Killian – because he is an influential Irish chieftain - is needed in London. Killain does not want to be apart from Alainn. Against his better judgment, Killain makes the decision to take Alainn with him, making her promise not to use witchcraft while there. At this point, Irish/English sixteenth century political instability figures prominently. Alainn’s and Killain’s love is strong and their chemistry is sizzling. They are also both extremely stubborn. Will their love prevail over the hardships and adversities that wreak havoc with their lives?

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from A Witch’s Life:

“We cannot permit ourselves to live our lives in fear of what may happen or we’d not care to leave our beds each day. Though at the moment that would suit me entirely fine!” he chuckled and held her close. 

“I love you, Killian O’Brien. Every inch of you from your thick brown hair to your large warrior’s feet, and a good many inches in between.”

“Are you awake then, Lainna?” he whispered gently against her ear.
“Aye, well, if I wasn’t already awake I soon would be with you pokin’ me with your diddler!”

One of my favorite scenes involved a challenge. I can’t wait to see it played! 
“I have shared physical relations with other women, but, I have only made love to one woman, Lainna. For ‘tis truth you are the only woman I have made love to. Now that I know what it is to be with a woman I love more than life, I would not trade that for beddin’ a hundred women a day. I am your man, Alainn. Only yours!”
“You have not loved me twelve times in one day?” she pouted prettily.
“Is that a challenge?” He smiled as he walked toward her and dared to bend over to kiss her.
“Aye, perhaps it is at that!”

As with the prior books, A Witch’s Life ends with a cliffhanger – though, thankfully, it doesn’t feel as cruel as the closing of the prior book as I’ve not lost sleep over this latest one. Have I mentioned how much I detest cliffhangers? That said, I must be a glutton for punishment for I’m thoroughly enjoying this series. I can’t seem to get enough of well-written witchy tales teeming with Celtic mythology and magical elements. I just wish the next books would come quickly and am hoping, hoping, hoping that Alainn and Killian will find their HEA when all is said and done.

Suggested Reading Order: 
The Farrier’s Daughter (Book #1)
The Witch’s Daughter (Book #2)
The Chieftain’s Daughter (Book #3)
A Chieftain’s Wife (Book #4)
A Witch’s Life (Book #5) 
A Witch’s Quest (Book #6) – Coming March 6, 2018!
A Witch’s Destiny (Book #7) – The Conclusion! Estimated mid-2018!

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