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#Interview with Author Eva Leigh of From Duke Till Dawn

Lexi: Anytime is a good time to read a historical romance. And since it’s summer we can imagine what it would be like to wear a corset in stifling heat…or maybe just imagine having a dashing duke take it off. Let’s go with the second and here to feed our imaginations with her release FROM DUKE TILL DAWN help me welcome Eva Leigh!

Eva: Thank you so much for having me!

Lexi: The purple dress on the cover of FROM DUKE TILL DAWN really draws the eye. I want to pick it up even without reading the back blurb! What one thing on your cover gives you the same feels that you wanted readers to get from reading your book?

Eva: First of all, purple is one of my absolute favorite colors. There was a time in 5th grade where I wore purple literally every day, so I was exceedingly happy when I saw the cover for FROM DUKE TILL DAWN. I really like the model’s expression, too. She captured Cassandra’s daring and cunning, which are both necessary for her line of work.

Lexi: Once I got over the gorgeous cover I did read the blurb, and I have to go buy this to read this weekend! Your MC, Cassandra, sounds amazing. She is a conman who blindsided a Duke! My mind has to know how she felt when she left him. Can you spill, or do we simply need to pick up the book and find out?

Eva: Cassandra thought that Alex was just another mark to be swindled, but she didn’t realize how much he truly meant to her until she left him. Two years later, and she hasn’t gotten over the duke. For a tough swindler who has separated many noblemen from their money, I think that says a lot.

Lexi: I’m still stuck on Cassandra. Our Duke finds her again in a gaming hell. I’m imagining this cool, confident woman who is able to hold her own with the men. Does Cassandra enjoy working the gaming hell? 

Eva: After she fleeced Alex, Cassandra lost her taste for the life of a swindler. Working at the gaming hell is a way for her to finally leave that life behind and settle down somewhere. The irony is that the gaming hell is a legitimate business that isn’t crooked. Still, she’d rather just take her share of the hell’s profits and find a little town in which she can start over as an honest woman.

Lexi: This is a romance so we know Cassandra ends up thoroughly enjoying Greyland. Does she ever challenge him to a game of cards? 

Eva: Cassandra isn’t a card sharp! And after her partner in the gaming hell runs off with the profits and leaves the club’s investors hungry for blood, she doesn’t have the time for games. She needs Alex’s help in tracking down her partner. Alex is furious when he learns that Cassandra isn’t the virtuous, penniless widow he believed her to be. He wants revenge, but he can’t help his attraction to her, even after he learns the truth. There’s danger all around, but the greatest threat is the one facing Alex and Cassandra’s hearts.

If you do want a card-sharping heroine, may I suggest FOREVER YOUR EARL? The heroine, Eleanor, has some serious skills—much to the hero’s surprise. In fact, everything about Eleanor is a surprise to the earl.

Lexi: Thank you for stopping by the blog today, Eva. A huge congratulations for the first release in The London Underground series. Hopefully we will see you back soon with book two? Congrats again and everyone go check out this book!

Eva: It was a ton of fun to be here! I will definitely come back for London Underground Book #2, COUNTING ON A COUNTESS.

31931749From Duke Till Dawn 
(The London Underground #1)
by Eva Leigh 
ebook, 384 pages
Published May 30th 2017 by Avon
ISBN 0062499424
Eva Leigh launches a seductive new series that sizzles with the dark secrets of London’s underworld...

Years ago, the Duke of Greyland gave his heart—and a princely sum of money—to a charming, destitute widow with unparalleled beauty. After one passionate night, she slipped from his bed and vanished without a trace. And just when he’s given up hope of ever seeing her again, Greyland finds her managing a gaming hell. He’s desperate to have her… until he discovers everything about his long-lost lover was a lie.

In truth, Cassandra Blake grew up on the streets, picking pockets to survive. Greyland was a mark—to be fleeced and forgotten—but her feelings for the duke became all too real. Once he learns of her deception, however, the heat in his eyes turns to ice. When her business partner absconds with the gaming hell proceeds—leaving unsavory investors out for blood—Cassandra must beg the man she betrayed for help.

Greyland wants compensation, too, and he’ll assist her under one condition: she doesn’t leave his sight until her debts are paid. But it’s not long before the real Cassandra—the smart, streetwise criminal—is stealing his heart all over again.

About the Author:
Eva Leigh is a romance author who has always loved the Regency era. She writes novels chock-full of smart women and sexy men. She enjoys baking, spending too much time on the Internet, and listening to music from the ’80s. Eva and her husband live in Central California.

Eva also writes in multiple romance genres as RITA-award nominated Zoë Archer.

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