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#Interview with Kerrelyn Sparks of How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days

Kerrelyn Sparks has a new series! That’s all I can say because Kerrelyn Sparks has a new series!! And she’s here at our blog today to talk about it!!

Lexi: Welcome, Kerrelyn! We are incredibly excited for book one of The Embraced series. A twist on Beauty and the Beast…written by you?! Bring it on! Please tell us you have a plethora of books already prowling around in your head for this series.

Thank you for inviting me, Lexi!  I’m so happy to see all this excitement over the new series.  It’s a new world, and that opens up a whole world of possibilities.  The series is called The Embraced, named after a group of people who are The Embraced.  On this new world, there are two moons, and twice a year they eclipse (or embrace). Any child born on the night the moons embrace will have a magical power. I’m having a great time coming up with all sorts of magical powers! There are other paranormal elements, too, such as ghosts, dragons, witches, elves, and shifters. And of course, there is plenty of romance.  For now, I am planning five books in the series, a book for each of the five sisters.

Lexi: We will try to concentrate on the book at hand, How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days. As with all of your books this sounds like a perfect paranormal romance filled with humor and secrets. Have you ever had any secrets of your own that inspired your writing?

If I tell you, it won’t be a secret!  Will this do? I originally planned this series to be more serious and grim, but that only lasted about half a page. Who wants characters who don’t have a sense of humor? Ugh. And who wants to read a 400-page book without a few laughs? That’s when I realized I’m incapable of remaining serious and my readers wouldn’t want that either, so I decided to have lots of fun.  I hope the readers will find it fun, too!

But you want a real secret. Hmm, okay. I will confess that I am addicted to Korean television.  Not only do the stories inspire me, but the soundtracks are wonderful.  I have a bunch of them saved on YouTube, and I listen to them often while I write.

Lexi: It is no secret that we are eager to find out more about The Beast, Leofric. He is ‘Embraced’ and has the ability to take the power of lightening. Does he still have a library? He can’t be physically touched by someone but surely his massive power wouldn’t singe any precious pages?

Poor Leo probably would set a book on fire if he touched it with his bare hands.  Luckily for the library, he usually wears gloves. But imagine how useful he could be in the kitchen!  Want fried chicken for dinner?  Just toss that chicken to Leo and voila!  Fried to a crisp.

Oh yeah, he’s hot!

Lexi: So you wrote a romance where the hero can’t be touched. At this moment we are really feeling sorry for Luciana. To be married to such a handsome man and not be able to touch? If we asked our readers how long it would take them to jump into solution finding I’m guessing it would be about 2.2. So how long did it take Luciana to begin screaming in your head to fix this problem?

Ha! She was upset, all right.  And Leo was sizzling mad (and I mean literally sizzling).  I nearly had a mutiny on my hands.  That’s why the title works well. They both know exactly how many days it took to tame the Beast—because they were impatiently counting the minutes!

Lexi: Thank you, thank you, Kerrelyn for stopping by the blog today. Cheers to the release of How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days. We will be drumming our fingers, waiting for the release day! Congrats on the new series!

Thank you! I sincerely hope everyone will enjoy it!

29875893How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days 
(The Embraced #1)
by Kerrelyn Sparks
Mass Market Paperback, 416 pages
Expected publication: March 7th 2017 by St. Martin's Press
ISBN 1250108217
Luciana grew up on the Isle of Moon, hidden away because of her magical powers. But when her father arrives, he offers her a choice: remain on the island or return with him and marry the Beast of Benwick in order to save their legacy—and her father's life.

Lord Leofric, the Beast of Benwick, has not been touched since he was a child. Born with the power to harness lightning, he is a danger to everyone he touches. When he meets his betrothed, he expects a loveless, lonely marriage...until he discovers she's vastly more powerful than he realized. But is she strong enough to withstand his touch?

If they can survive, their love will alter the future of the kingdom. But will their extraordinary powers cost them everything?

About the Author

KERRELYN SPARKS is the New York Times bestselling author of the Love at Stake series. Visit her online at www.kerrelynsparks.com.

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