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4.5 Wine Glass #Audio #Review for Smittened by Jamie Farrell + #Giveaway

26183408Title: SMITTENED
Series: Misfit Brides #2.5
Author: Jamie Farrell
Narrator: Karen White
Format: Unabridged Audiobook, 2 hrs and 54 mins
Published: 12 Sept 2016 (Jamie Farrell)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Audible
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 Wine Glasses

A Bad Boy, a Good Girl, and Ice Cream Collide in the Best Little Wedding Town in America!

Dahlia Mallard has finally found her destiny—running an ice cream shop in Bliss, the happiest bridal town in the Midwest. Problem is, her heart is bigger than her bank account, and she needs a serious influx of cash to get through the winter. Her last-ditch effort? Convincing country music superstar Billy Brenton to commit to attending her risqué flavor-tasting event to boost ticket sales. But the closest she can get to Billy is his drummer, the womanizing Mikey Diamond.

Mikey loves the ladies, and he makes no secret of it. But he’s not such a fan of this town devoted to weddings, love, and marriage. And he’s even less of a fan of people using him to get to Billy. When circumstances land Mikey in Dahlia’s house, though, all his caution—and all his interest in any other single ladies—flies out the window. Dahlia’s quirky and funny and, unlike his usual women, she doesn’t tolerate any of his baloney. But when Mikey discovers that Dahlia, too, is using him to get close to Billy, will he take the chance to be her hero instead, or will he revert to his manwhore ways?

Linda's Thoughts:
Those gray eyes slid back to her. “Your shower big enough for two?”
“Yes, but the cats don’t like to get wet. Neither does the
guinea pig. But you might have some success with the lizard.”
Bad, bad move. Because both corners of his mouth were
getting in on the smile action. He moved them one at a time, first the right corner, then a slow follow from the left corner.
And then he showed his dimple.

SMITTENED by Jamie Farrell is a giggling delight. It’s cute, creative, fun and sexy! It’s a treat to be back in the most wedding-est small town of Bliss with its colorful characters! SMITTENED (#2.5) takes place at the same time as MATCHED (#2) and I would highly recommend that you enjoy them together, one after another, as they complement each other - filling in the same timeline. The MATCHED /SMITTENED combo would work well as a standalone, if that is your preference.

SMITTENED is the story of Mikey Diamond, rockstar Billy Brenton’s womnizing drummer, and Dahlia Mallard, the owner of The Milked Duck Ice Cream Shoppe located in downtown Bliss. Dahlia inherited the business from her Great Aunt Agnes two years ago. She has all the normal ice cream flavors on her menu, but also offers original sinfully delicious creations including, but not limited to, chocolate orgasm, peachy passion and sexual favors. Dahlia is in financial straits when she meets Mikey. To jumpstart wintertime ice cream sales, Dahlia has planned a risqué flavor-tasting event and she desperately needs Billy Brenton to attend to increase ticket sales. Can she depend on Mikey to deliver Billy to her event while safeguarding her heart from him?

When the rental house Billy and Mikey have been staying in burns down, Mikey is in need of a place to stay. Dahlia offers Mikey a room in her home in exchange for a favor; She needs Billy, Mikey’s best friend, to attend her risqué tasting event. Mikey has a reputation as a playboy, but the more Mikey is around Dahlia, he realizes that he wants more from Dahlia than getting her in his bed.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from SMITTENED:

He looked up from the paper he was scribbling on and offered
her a lopsided grin. “Hey, sweet pea. You bring me anything
The lopsided bit wasn’t odd, but there was something forced
about it. “Got a fresh bag of cat food outside.” Cat food that she’d
bought with the twenty he’d left to pay for his ice cream.
He pushed his makeshift drum set aside and rose with a
stretch. “Words every man dreams of hearing. Make my night if
you say you got catnip too.”
She tried not to giggle. She tried hard.
But she couldn’t help herself. “Extra strength,” she said.
This time, his grin came out bigger, less forced. “Woman of
my dreams.”
“In your dreams,” she said.

“I am so not kissing you tonight,” she informed him.
He chuckled softly. And if she thought his smile was
dangerous, his chuckle should’ve been classified as a biological
weapon. Sin in a sound wave.
“But now you’re thinking about what it would be like, ain’t
you?” he said.
“Only my stupid parts.”

 “What, was there something special in your ice cream?” he said like an ass.
“Estrogen,” she said. “You might notice some swelling in your boobs and shrinkage in your package for a few days.”

Karen White returns to fantastically narrate SMITTENED.  There is nothing that falls short in her performance. She captures the persona of each character and brings them to life. Her pacing is spot on. Both her male and female voices sound genuine and character differentiation is a breeze. I could go on fan-girling, but suffice to say, Karen is one of my very favorite narrators for good reason. Her productions are always perfect, polished, exceptional pleasures. Listening to SMITTENED with Karen’s narration adds an additional layer of enjoyment to this installment of Misfit Brides.

Jamie delivers a healthy dose of humor in this emotional, heartwarming novella. I loved Mikey’s and Dahlia’s sweet and hot chemistry, the delectable ice creams, the southern sweet-talking, and re-connecting with previous favorite characters. It’s my best-loved of the series so far! I highly recommend the combo of MATCHED/SMITTENED to anyone who relishes lively, touching contemporary romances! I can’t wait to listen to SUGARED in which the town’s quirky baker, Kimmie, will get her HEA!

Suggested Reading Order: 
Blissed (Book #1)
Matched (Book #2)
Smittened (Book #2.5)
Sugared (Book #3)
Merried (Misfit Brides Book 5)

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