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4 Wine Glass #Review for Knights of Stone: Bryce by Lisa Carlisle

Series: Highland Gargoyles #3
Author: Lisa Carlisle
Format: Kindle, 141 Pages
Published: Amazon Digital Services LLC (May 9, 2016)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

What happens when love interferes with plans, during the most unfortunate of times?

Gargoyle shifter, and the last of her clan, Mairi, is running for her life, desperate to keep hidden. When she spots two winged creatures flying high above her in the Highlands of Scotland, she momentarily panics, thinking they’re the same beasts who murdered her family along with her entire clan. Realizing they’re gargoyles like her, she takes flight and discreetly follows them to an island.

Bryce, beta of his clan and drummer for the Knights of Stone, senses something is amiss on the Isle of Stone. At first, he believes he’s merely discomfited by the rumors of atrocities occurring in the Highlands. However, he discovers an intruder on the magically-concealed island home. Once he ascertains that the flame-haired beauty is the sole survivor of a traumatizing attack, he returns to the Highlands to warn his former clan.

Somewhere between cautioning the clan and realizing the necessity of destroying the beasts that threaten them all, Mairi and Bryce discover an attraction that quickly evolves into a consuming passion. A problem even greater than the murderous fiends becomes apparent – the love they share may not survive the battle.

For a unique shifter romance series with hot men in kilts, read about the brothers in the Knights of Stone today! 

Linda's Thoughts:
Cupping her chin, he said, "Sexiest female I've ever seen."
One side of her mouth turned up with a smile while her eyes twinkled. "Even gray and leathery?"
"Ever so bonny."

KNIGHTS OF STONE: BRYCE by Lisa Carlisle is the third riveting, action-packed installment in the author's unique Highland Gargoyles series in which each book has spotlighted one of the Knights of Stone. I think a little background is needed here: The Isle of Stone is the home of three clans of beings: the gargoyles, the tree witches and the wolves. The Calder clan which was made up of most of the gargoyles who had resided on the island have relocated to the Highlands leaving five brothers who have formed a rock band, the Knights of Stone. Bryce is one of the brothers, the drummer for the Knights of Stone and the beta of the new gargoyle clan consisting of the five gargoyle brothers still residing on the Isle of Stone. This story takes place in two primary setting:  the Isle of Stone and in the Highlands. A new villainous species is introduced, the sluaghs, who are creepy, bird-headed, two-winged demon creatures.

After the two previous books matched two species: a gargoyle with a tree witch and a gargoyle with a wolf-shifter, Bryce's pairing is with Mairi, a gargoyle. As the book opens, we meet Mairi, who is in hiding after barely escaping with her life from an horrendously brutal attack by the sluaghs that resulted in the destruction of her entire clan. Sadly, Mairi is the only survivor, and therefore, the last of her clan. She's had little time to mourn her losses as she is being hunted by the sluaghs and surviving has been her primary goal. When Mairi sees the winged creatures in the sky, her first thought is that the sluaghs have found her. Then... she realizes that these creatures' forms and flight patterns are familiar - and definitely not demons. She can't believe they are gargoyles as Mairi had thought that her clan were the only gargoyles in the Highlands. But, that's what they appear to be! When the gargoyles are little more than retreating specks in the sky, Mairi takes flight to secretly pursue them thinking that following her kind - whoever they are -  is safer than remaining where she is as fodder for the sluaghs.

Bryce's book features epic battles and passionate interludes. It deals with love, loss, revenge and moving on. Mairi's and Bryce's romance is sweet and hot liberally spiced with a plethora of drama. Bryce is an affirmed bachelor with a full plate. He has no time for a relationship with a female that lasts more than one night, or so he tells himself. Fasten your seat belt as their HEA won't be a smooth ride.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this read:

"What in bloody hell is going on back there?" Angus boomed. "Some kind of cross-species orgy!"

"Nobody's having any babies, yet," Mason said, spreading both arms wide. Still pale after the onslaught of questions, he managed to smirk at his brothers and add, "Although I'm enjoying the practice of making them."

"The more time I spend with you lot, the more I wonder if you forget to shift your brains from stone," she added with a grin.
Gavin laughed. "Not our brains. Our cocks maybe."

Each of the books in this series can be read as stand-alones if that is your preference, but your enjoyment of the series will be increased if you read it in order.

Lisa's gargoyles are hot, sexy rock-hard rock stars. Each of the books in her Knights of Stone series have been exciting, enthralling and exceedingly entertaining and I can't wait to see which brother will be seduced next! I highly recommend KNIGHTS OF STONE: BRYCE to anyone who enjoys imaginative paranormal urban fantasy romances!

Suggested Reading Order: 
Knights of Stone: Mason (Book #1)
Knights of Stone: Lachlan (Book #2)
Knights of Stone: Bryce (Book #3)

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