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FROM THE OUTBACK by Ann B. Harrison Interview & #Giveaway

From the moment Mick uttered the line "THAT'S a knife." Australian men became sexy. So why not read a romance starring one irresistible Aussie? Let's ask our guest today, Ann B. Harrison!

Lexi: Welcome Ann! From the Outback is your short novel with your hero, Mason. He is definitely our kind of man, a vineyard owner! Did you get to do any tasting...err, research for this book?

Ann: Hi Lexi, thank you so much for having me. I have to admit, I loved The Crocodile Hunter movies too!

Okay research - I adore my job, research included. Luckily the wine makers in this area are so happy to talk about their craft and gave me so much information I was in heaven. To say nothing of the lunches, wines tastings I had to endure to get that kind of info was just so...hard, but someone has to do it.

Lexi: Your Outback novels seem to follow the plot of a young woman moving into the area, a newbie up against the elements. You live in Australia, what do you think about the weather and it's impact to scratch out a home in the middle of nowhere?

Ann: Look, I won't lie to you. It's a very harsh country. We go from freezing our butts off to dripping like a tap in summer because it gets so hot, especially in the middle of the desert where I used to live. The main reason people tend to live close to the coast I suppose, they get the best of both worlds. But I do know that after moving here from New Zealand years ago where I could keep a horse and handful of sheep on a couple of acres to needing ten times that much land here, it took a bit to adjust to the harsh realities of Australian living. Now you couldn't get me to live anywhere else. 

Lexi: You seem to have a deep love for your home. When you start writing a new Outback novel do you try to portray a certain aspect of your home? Draw the reader in so we feel like we have visited there?

Ann: I do hope that comes across in my writing. I always visit the place I write about, small towns are everywhere and it gives me an excuse to hook up the camper and take DH exploring. I need to get a feel for the town and surrounding area to place myself in it enough to write about it.

Lexi: And last but not least...what is it about Australian men that gets women so worked up? In your humble opinion. :)

Ann: They are so damned hot! What more can I say? Seriously, they are hot, don't you think? They are all great underneath and ready to give out a helping hand where ever they can. Just like Mason in From the Outback. He will do anything to help Sami who is new to the district even if she is unwilling to be super nice to him. Most Aussie guys are like that, help a mate before anything else. Always ready to stand up for the underdog. Love my Aussie hero's.

Lexi: Nice answer Ann! Thanks for stopping by today! It was fun to hear about your Outback novels!

Ann: It was wonderful to talk to you Lexi. If your readers want to know any more about me they can find me using the links below.

Tempers and sparks fly off the page in Ann B. Harrison's latest Outback novel. FROM THE OUTBACK is set against a vivid backdrop of rolling hills in Australian wine country. Readers that have a sense of adventure and a passion for life and romance in a rural, county setting will love this book. 

Although desperate to get out of her dead end job, Sami is cynical when she hears of an inheritance from the grandfather she never knew. But once she and her young brother arrive in the beautiful valley, she discovers they are not wanted...especially by the sexy vineyard owner next door.
Will she persevere and make a home for them, or give in and take the easy money when the going gets tough?
Available now on Amazon! And to check out other books available by Ann visit:

Ann was kind enough to share a tasty excerpt with us today...just a taste to wet your whistle:

"Holy shit, that is a lot of wine." She looked at him, and slapped her hand over her mouth when another visitor coughed.
"It certainly is and I'm sure I can tempt you to try at least one glass before I take you on a personal tour. What do you fancy, red or white?" Mason put a hand on the small of her back and pushed her forward to the counter, casting a wink at the older gentleman who obviously disapproved of her language.
"Um, something that won't go straight to my head if you don't mind." She giggled and the sound went straight to his gut. "You know how much I know about wine."
"I suggest a glass of our Verdelho. Soft, fresh and crisp—all at the same time. Sound okay to you?" He picked up a glass and reached for one of the bottles sitting in a bucket full of ice.
"Sure, you're the wine guru, bust one out." She stood with her hands tucked around her waist as Mason poured the pale green gold liquid into a glass before handing it to her.
"Thanks." Their fingers touched and he watched the light shine in her eyes. This was a relationship that held promise in his mind, one he had every intention of coddling until Sami was prepared to admit there was chemistry between them. It was something he wouldn't have thought possible when they first met but now he had seen the fire and passion in her, he wanted to know more.

About Ann B. Harrison: 

Ann swears she was born with a book in her hands and has never put it down. A lifelong love of reading has finally culminated in achieving her dream of writing...and publication.
She lives in the beautiful Hunter Valley with her own handsome hero of many years. Ann has always loved the ups and downs of life in small communities and she shares this with readers in her rural romances.
Strong sexy heroines with a good dash of sass thrown in feature in her stories. Of course these women need an equally strong hero. Bring on the outback hero and watch the passion ignite.
When not writing Ann enjoys reading, gardening, walking her very large dog Hugo and fighting with her computer.
Connect with Ann on her Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Want to learn more about FROM THE OUTBACK? Check out this exclusive interview with Ann! 

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