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COMPROMISING WILLA by Diana Quincy (Guest Post/Giveaway)

I'd like to welcome author, Diana Quincy, joining us now with her historical romance, COMPROMISING WILLA!


1. Compromising Willa is the third book in my Accidental Peers series, but it is actually the first book I wrote and chronologically takes places before Seducing Charlotte and Tempting Bella, the first two books in the series. Readers can consider Compromising Willa to be a “prequel.” All of the books are loosely related but can definitely stand alone.

2. A coffee house figures prominently in Compromising Willa. While researching the book, I learned those historic establishments had a lot in common with today’s coffee houses. In his Dictionary of the English Language, published in 1755, Samuel Johnson described them as houses “of entertainment where coffee is sold, and the guests are supplied with newspapers.” Sound familiar? The coffee house tie-in is also why I am giving away a $20 Starbucks gift card.

3. The villain in Compromising Willa relieves himself at the dining room table where the men are gathered for after-supper port and a smoke. This unappetizing scenario is something that actually occurred in Regency England; chamber pots were kept in the dining room in case a gentleman needed to relieve himself. When I came upon this little factoid, I knew I wanted to use it in one of my books. The bad guy, August Manning, Earl of Bellingham, got the nod!

4. I originally wanted the hero and heroine to meet when he strikes a match out in the garden, alerting Willa to his presence. Sadly, matches had not yet been invented, so I had to rethink this scene.

5. Compromising Willa changed the way I drink tea. Since Willa is a master tea blender, I had to research tea preparation during that time period. Tea pots were pre-warmed with boiling water to keep the tea temperature at a nice hot level. Now, whenever I have tea, I start by adding boiling water to my mug to pre-warm it. I then spill out this water, slip a tea bag into the toasty mug and add new boiling water to brew my tea.

Compromising Willa 
(Accidental Peers #3)
by Diana QuincyLady Wilhelmina
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Stanhope is ruined and everyone knows it. Back in Town for the first season since her downfall, Willa plans to remain firmly on the shelf, assuming only fortune hunters will want her now. Instead she focuses on her unique tea blends, secretly supporting a coffee house which employs poor women and children. If her clandestine involvement in trade is discovered, she'll be ruined. Again.
No one is more shocked by Willa's lack of quality suitors than the newly minted Duke of Hartwell. Having just returned from India, the dark duke is instantly attracted to the mysterious wallflower. His pursuit is hampered by the ruthless Earl of Bellingham, who once jilted Willa and is now determined to reclaim her.
Caught between the clash of two powerful men, a furious Willa refuses to concede her independence to save her reputation. But will she compromise her heart?


Willa did not appear surprised to find herself sitting next to Hartwell at supper. Nor did she seem to mind.

“I find I have the best seat at the table,” he said as they took their places.

“Are you certain the air won’t be too brisk for you?”

He grinned. “Why Lady Wilhelmina, in your own Arctic way, I do believe you are flirting with me.”

“You are our guest,” she answered in smooth tones. “Pray don’t mistake polite discourse for something that it is not.”

“Ouch.” He touched his heart in dramatic fashion. Sitting next to her, he’d have no need of dessert. She was like a Gunter’s lemon ice—tangy, tart, and delectably frosty.

She curved those pillowed lips into a smile, a reluctant one, but he still counted that a victory. “Surely you are not so easily wounded, Your Grace.”

“Actually, as a second son, I have heard far worse. One is not as popular when he is not in line to inherit a dukedom, or at least a vast fortune. As fate would have it, I am now in possession of both.”

“Clearly modesty is not something you are in possession of.”

Hart gave a mischievous smile. “Usually a title and deep pockets are sufficient to attract the attention of a lovely creature such as yourself.” He sipped his wine. “Otherwise, I shall have to win you over with my equally deep reservoirs of charm and good looks.”

Her closed mouth wobbled with laughter until she managed to wrangle it into submission. “I should like to know when you decide to begin employing those qualities.”

Hart shot her a surprised look. She was teasing him again. Promising. He softened his tone. “Oh, believe me, my lady, I intend to make you well aware of my charms.”

Author Bio
Diana Quincy is an award-winning former television journalist who decided she’d rather make up stories where a happy ending is always guaranteed. Growing up as a foreign service brat, Diana visited many countries and is now settled in Virginia with her husband and two sons. When not bent over her laptop or trying to keep up with  laundry, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family and dreams of traveling much more than her current schedule (and budget) allows.

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  1. Love it, Diana! I'm glad the villain was your choice to relieve himself and not the hero!

    I'm going to start warming my cup, too! I do it with a travel mug but not my usual one.

  2. Love it, Diana! I'm glad the villain was your choice to relieve himself and not the hero!

    I'm going to start warming my cup, too! I do it with a travel mug but not my usual one.

  3. Hi Janet! Now I can't have a cup of tea or coffee without pre-warming the mug first.

  4. Hi Jodi! Thanks. I hope you have a chance to read it :)

  5. I have been called a coffee snob >.< the hubs and I get gevalia coffee shipped to the house on a regular basis. I love their flavored coffees, esp their pecan torte. I add creme brule coffee cream and I am set for the day!!


  6. I am not a coffee drinker but I love different teas.

  7. I hate to say it but I do not like coffee. If I did it would have to be some type of caramel. Otherwise hot cocoa is my favorite hot drink.

  8. I like a dark roast with milk added.

  9. I'm a Double Tall Non Fat Latte extra HOT!!!!!


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