Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cynthia Racette's Uncharted Fate (Guest Post)

Good morning! I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend here in the States and a  Funday Monday elsewhere. ☺ Please give a warm welcome to author, Cynthia Racette, joining us today with her book - Uncharted Fate!

Why I Wrote About Unemployment

Unemployment is a sad fact of life today, but no one writes about it. In many cases, it's the elephant in the room. The reality is, unfortunately, a part of the lives of someone we know and love. No one is immune these days, it seems.

Nearly everyone has a loved one who is unemployed or underemployed, through no fault of his own. Cousin Katie lost her job when they cut one shift of the factory she works in. Uncle Bob is an older person who has been unemployed for nearly two years. There are very few jobs for persons who are older and competing with recent college grads. With many long term unemployed, unemployment runs out, food stamps are cut, and a family is left hanging, going into debt and farther and farther behind on a mortgage on a house that is under water.

Then there are the people like Anna, who are older Americans just entering the job force because of some family circumstance. Their husbands just lost their jobs and they need something coming in. A one income family finds it has to become a two income family when the oldest child enters college. Or Anna—a young widow with an ill-fitting college career that trained her for nothing that would earn her family money.

All of these situations are fraught with difficulties for a family: anxiety, hopelessness, depravation, depression, stress—and the list goes on, and on. The family dynamics in a household where one parent is out of work or working for a low wage that is not really a living wage is complex. These dynamics often lead members of a family to mental illness, problems with adolescents and teens like gangs and drugs and stealing. Those issues need to be explored.

It's a prevalent problem in America and problems are my business. How humans work, how relationships change and what happens when things go awry in some fashion.Literature about real life.

Uncharted Fate by Cynthia Racette
A young family's lives are destroyed when the man of the house, Mike, is killed by a crazed criminal on his way home from work. Left virtually penniless, the family flounders under a mortgage suddenly too large, a teenage daughter so traumatized she becomes involved in drugs and stealing, and a younger son who believes it is his fault God took his father. Anna is now the head of a one parent family and must look for a job, with no experience and an irrelevant degree. Out of her element, out of money and without her first love, Anna struggles to cope.Jeff Thomas is a divorced detective who brings in Anna's daughter Mallory when she's caught shoplifting and then finds himself entangled in the family's trouble. As times goes on, he realizes he's also falling in love with Anna. Can he take Mike's place in Anna's life and in that of her family? Before Jeff has hardly begun to try, a dangerous situation threatens to determine the fate of the woman he's come to love and Jeff is the one person who can save her.

My hubby and I moved to Buffalo, NY, to be with our daughters and grandchildren, so you can see that family is very important to us. We spend as much time with our wee grandchildren because we know what a short time they are little. I have written since I was a teen and was, at various times, a reporter, an editor, and an author. I joined RWA with my daughter Cassandra and we have each had great success since then.
In my spare time, we like to travel, especially to warmer climes in the middle of winter, swim in our pool here at home, read and watch hockey. We're big fans of the Buffalo Sabres. My hubby is a runner and I am a watcher—I watch him run. LOL I will read anything, including a cereal box but I draw the line at phone books.

Website www.cynthiaracette.com
Blog www.authorcynthiaracette.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CynthiaRacette
Twitter https://twitter.com/cindy_racette


  1. Thanks for letting me blog on your site. It's nice to have a place where you can explain stuff.

  2. This sounds like a very emotional and moving read. I love when an author creates a story with elements no one else wants to write about, elements that happen to the "everyday joe" like me. I relate to those stories more and feel more invested in the characters and the outcome of the story. Thanks for sharing with us today!

  3. I can definitely appreciate an author that will write about current issues. From the blurb, it sounds like it was well incorporated into a story about real people. Who doesn't love that?


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