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#CoverReveal: Beyond Repair by Chelsea Camaron (#Giveaway)

Check out the new cover for Chelsea Camaron's BEYOND REPAIR and then be sure to read the super sexy excerpt below!

Beyond Repair
Book 3 of the Daddy’s Girls Series
by Chelsea Camaron
Contemporary Romance
Released Aug 31, 2013
Rereleased with new cover and fully formatted September 27, 2013
Harrison and Tiffany have a long history of hooking up.  Harrison decides he wants more.  Tiffany, a spoiled Southern Belle is embarrassed by a working class Harrison.  After over two years apart Tiffany is missing his touch.  She heads to Charlotte to claim her man.
Harrison is finally settled in Charlotte.  He has a job he loves, his sister close by, great friends, and an awesome agreement going with Sophia.
Can Sophia ever want more from Harrison than just sex?  Has Harrison fallen in love or just lust with Sophia?
After all this time and hurt feelings, is he really meant to be with Tiffany?  Can Harrison manage to let his guard down and find his way back to Tiffany?  Will Tiffany be satisfied with a regular working class mechanic?  Or is their relationship in the past and beyond repair?

Excerpt #3 
She doesn’t speak she gets up, comes over and perches on my lap.  “Harrison, I make no promises for a future with you.  I can’t give you my heart, it’s already taken.  I can’t get it back and I don’t want to.  I can give you a little more than sex.  We can be friends, confidants, and partners.  I can’t give you my heart.  I care about you but I can’t promise a long term future.”
“What holds you back, Sophia?  I don’t understand.  You know I care about you, and you just said you care about me.  Why can’t we do more than fuck?  Why can’t we get serious?”  Anger now building inside me.
“Harrison, I don’t want to talk about it.  I want you to know exactly what I can give you.  I’m giving you more than I’ve given anyone in years.  Maybe one day, in time, when things are smoothed out, we can have it all.  No promises though.  Right now, this is what I can give.  Is it enough for you Harrison?”
Before I answer, she kisses me.  Her scent invades my nostrils, passion overtaking me.  It’s more than we had and a maybe for our future.  I will take it and go with it.  Life is short, no more regrets.  Breaking away from her kiss, I growl.
“Bedroom, now.”  I command.
We are both stripping as we make our way down the hall.  In the bedroom, Sophia lays on her bed, waiting for me.  
“For now, are you mine?”  I ask, wanting her to own my claim on her.
“Yes, Harrison, yours.”  She whispers.
I reach into the nightstand.  Pulling out the long, black, silk scarf, I begin to blindfold her.  Once secure that she can no longer see, I pull one arm up to the back of her head.  Bending her elbow, I secure her wrist behind her head with the end of the scarf using to blindfold her.  I follow suit with the second arm.  She’s now gloriously naked, with her hands tied behind her head, blindfold in place, and her other senses now heightened.  
Anticipation takes arousal to new places.  I stand over her, close enough she can sense me, and far enough away that she knows I won’t touch her.  She arches her back, pressing her breasts out.  Her firm, taut nipples are calling out for attention.  Wiggling her ass, her pussy is aching for the slightest of releases.  I stand back still waiting.  Her breathing quickens, desire, expectancy, eagerness, and keenness all taking over as I do nothing.  She knows I’m going to ravish her body, she doesn’t know the moment or the way.
Taking my middle finger behind my thumb, I sharply flick her erect nipple.  She cries out from the simple touch.  I retreat, leaving the room only momentarily to grab an ice cube from her freezer.  Coming back to find her still squirming, I smile.  I reach over with my now very cold fingers and firmly pinch her other nipple as I come down hard with my mouth on her other breast.  Fire and ice as my mouth devours her areola and puckers her nipple when I suck.  With my hand, I’m swirling the ice cube around her other breast.  She arches further, seeking more, whimpering with need.  
I move up now nipping at her collarbone.  I let my ice cube filled hand travel south, circling her belly button.  I dip a finger in, rotating around like I will soon be mimicking inside her pussy.  Her hips are coming up, seeking the same devotion shown to her breasts.
“Be still, Soph, its coming.  You’ve tortured me knowing I’ve wanted more; now take this as I choose to give it to you.”
With no further teasing, I take the ice cube and insert it in to the outer edge of her core.  She gasps, unprepared for the cold sensation.  I have not yet touched her clit or given any other attention to her needy pussy.  I circle the ice cube, gently in and out, not allowing her additional contact or friction.  Her body trembles in want.  I move down, stopping to suck on her belly button, giving her a taste of how my tongue is about to overwhelm her pussy.
I reach my destination, inhaling her musky scent of arousal.  I loudly suck in the remainder of the ice cube with my mouth, tasting cold water flavored by Sophia’s own juices.  Using my tongue I tease her pussy lips, blowing my warm breath on the cold skin of her opening.  I take her clit, sucking and licking.  I insert a finger into her core; she’s dripping, so I add another.  I keep a steady pace of finger fucking while licking up every bit of her that I can.  I feel her tightening around me, as she is on the edge, I withdraw my fingers.  I take the skin just in the fold of legs and pussy and pinch firmly.  Sophia cries out incoherently at the unexpected pain in her stimulated state.  Her orgasm begins and I keep my mouth in place, licking, sucking, and pushing her for more.  As she comes down, I move up her body, pressing my weight onto her as she is shaking in aftershocks.  
I kiss her hard so she can taste herself on my tongue.  Needing my own release, I flip her over, leaving her blindfolded, hands behind her head.  I push her knees up under her, pushing her ass up in the air, keeping her face buried into the bed.  I cover myself with a condom.
“You want my cock now, Soph?”  I ask.  She doesn’t answer just nods her head in agreement.  
“I asked you a question.  You gonna answer.”
“Yes, Harrison, yes, I want your cock, now.”  She cries out.
Without giving her any warning, I come down hard, smacking her ass.  She groans at the sharp pain.  I come down again in the same spot, creating a beautiful blush to her tanned skin.  Before she can think about my next move, I enter her from behind, hard, fast, and all the way.  Balls deep in Sophia, I pause to feel the responsiveness of her pussy gripping and milking my dick.  Once I’ve composed myself to hold back my release at the tightness of her core, I begin pumping into her at a furious pace.  The rough contact pushing Sophia’s head further down into the mattress, I continue the onslaught.  This is banging.  Fucking.Raw, rough, uncontained banging.  I reach down, releasing her arms and the blindfold.  I lock my fingers into her hair and tug her head back.  The sensation on pulling her hair sends Sophia over the edge.  Her knees give out at her orgasm, her body collapsing beneath me.  I pull out, turn her over.  Allowing her a moment to pull through her release, I massage her legs, kissing gently on her belly and breasts.  As the aftershocks subside, I rub the head of my penis over her sensitive clit, letting my piercings hit in a gentle massaging pattern.  I enter her as I wrap her legs around my waist.  I begin pumping in and out of her again, this time at a considerate pace.  Her pussy milking me, I feel the build of her climax coming so deep in my balls its pushing me to my edge.  As my own climax builds, I take my mouth and capture her nipple, sucking in.  We both reach oblivion together.  Spent, her legs fall off of me.  I get up and dispose of the condom.  By the time I’m back to her bed, Sophia is asleep on her side.  I get in, snuggling this beautiful woman to me.  My body satisfied in its release, I drift off to sleep.  

About the Author
Chelsea Camaron was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina.She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children but her heart is always Carolina day dreaming. Chelsea always wanted to be a writer, but like most of us, let fear of the unknown grab a hold of her dream; she realized that if she was going to tell her daughter to go for her dreams, that it was time to follow her own advice. Chelsea grew up turning wrenches alongside her father, and from that grew her love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles, which just so happened to inspired her ‘Daddy’s Girls’ series. Her love for reading has sparked a new love for writing and she currently has a few more projects in the works. When she is not spending her days writing you can find her playing with her kids, attending car shows, going on motorcycle rides on the back of her husband’s Harley, snuggling down with her new favorite book or watching any movie that Vin Diesel might happen to be in. She hates being serious and is still a big kid at heart. She is a small town country girl enjoying life and, Chelsea hopes that her readers remember not to take life too seriously and to embrace your inner five year old, because five year olds know how to enjoy the simple things in life and how to always have fun.
Twitter @chelseacamaron

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