Thursday, December 16, 2010

Interview with Shari: The Naughty Reader @ Naughty Reads

Happy Friday-eve everyone!
I found a naughty new book blog a while ago and wanted to share it with everyone. So I invited Shari, The Naughty Reader, from Naughty Reads over to do an interview and she graciously accepted. Yay!

Hi Shari & welcome! Can you introduce yourself please and tell us a little about Naughty Reads?
Hi I'm Shari a thirty six year old book lover.  I've always been a romance lover and have recently found that I also love romantic erotica or as my family calls it Shari Porn.

What made you decide to start a book blog?
My daughter started a book blog a little over a year ago and she was having so much fun and we were always talking about books that we had read and she finally convinced me to start my own.  Okay wait, back it up.  My daughter does not read erotica.  She reads YA books which I also love.  So I started my first blog My Neurotic Book Affair.  I found that I was reviewing YA books most of the time and I just didn't feel right reviewing erotica on the same blog that I was reviewing books for teens.  So Naughty Reads was born.

What are some of your favorite book blogs and have any been an inspiration in your book blogging?
Well obviously my daughter's blog was the first blog I ever followed and read daily Shut Up I'm Reading and even though I may be biased I think her blog is amazing.  I also really love Vixen Reviews, Parajunkee, Addicted to Romance, and of course this blog Reading Between The Wines.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve found in starting your own book blog?
The hardest thing for me is writing reviews.  I'm not a writer and I hate spoilers so sometimes I feel like my reviews are so short, especially when compared to other bloggers reviews.  I also have to be careful when visiting others blogs as I won't read a review for a book that I know I will be reviewing.  I don't want to be swayed by another bloggers thoughts.

Do you have any advice for new book bloggers out there?
Just have fun with blogging.  I try not to worry about how many followers I have or whether or not I've gotten comments on my posts.  I started both of my blogs for myself and will continue blogging as long as it makes me happy. 

What types of books do you like to read?
I like reading romance, erotica, YA, fantasy, paranormal, urban fantasy, and cozy mysteries.

Who is your favorite author or do you have a favorite series/book?
Definitely The Sookie Stackhouse books.  I love those!!!
The Hunger Games, The Iron Fey, Kelley Armstrong, Lora Leigh, Jackie Collins. 
I also must admit that I am newer to the erotica genre and don't have a favorite in that genre just yet. 

30 Seconds!
eBooks or Books? ebooks since i got my nook
Dog Ears or Bookmarks? bookmarks
Lender or Hoarder? hoarder
YA or Adult? adult (at least for this blog)
Hot or Flirty? hot
Contemporary or Historical? contemporary lately 
Suspenseful or Tearful? tearful
Vampire or Werewolf? tonight i would say vampire
Angels or Demons? angels
Coffee or Tea? coffee but i love tea too
Coke or Pepsi? definitely coke 
Right or Left? right
Day or Night? night
Light or Dark? light
Fast or Slow? slow

Thanks so much for stopping by Shari and sharing a little bit about yourself and your book blog with us.
Make sure to stop by Naughty Reads and check it out for yourself!  


  1. Bookmarks, hoarder, and not just coke, but definitely coke - I knew there was a reason your blogging style appealed to me so much, Shari! :)

  2. Never heard of Naughty Reads, heading over to check it out. Thanks Crystal & Shari. :)

  3. This was so much fun. Thanks for having me. Thanks to all of you that came on over to check out Naughty Reads as well. There will be a lot more happening over there after Christmas. The Naughty Reader


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