Friday, December 10, 2010

City of Bones Movie News

So you've heard that Cassandra Clare's first book in The Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones, is going to the big screen, yes? 

Well Cassandra posted last night on LiveJournal  that they have cast Lily Collins to play Clary. You might remember her from The Blind Side, great movie btw. 

I think she would make a great Clary, do you? 
I'm interested to see who they pick for Jace.

How do you feel about books being made into movies?
My opinion, I'm not a big t.v. or movie watcher but I don't mind & enjoy watching them when I get the chance. I usually like the books better then the movies and still have my own picture of how the characters look & act in my head, the movie doesn't ruin that for me. I understand it's just an adaptation and someone else's perspective of it. Now I will admit that sometimes I have to remind myself of that exact point, especially when watching True Blood. I sometimes find myself saying "No, no, no! That's not right at all!", especially with their hard-on for Bill. Blech, not a Bill fan. LoL

So a lot of YA books have been and are going to the big screen; Firelight by Sophie Jordan, Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr and I know there is a few more. Are there any you are looking forward to? 


  1. i think she will play a great clary... i really want to know who going to play simon and magnus... i can't wait until this movie comes out hopefully it's going to be better then the twilight movies... i heard that 'the host' by stephenie meyers is also going to become a movie.

  2. Ooo...Magnus, that will be interesting to see who plays him!


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