Friday, May 26, 2017

#Interview with Rachel Goodman of Intercepting the Chef

Lexi: Our guest today brings a very sexy combo; a mouth watering hero and exquisite cuisine. Interested aren’t you. Then help me welcome Rachel Goodman!

Rachel: Thank you so much for having me on Reading Between the Wines Book Club. I’m an avid reader and lover of wine myself (my second book SOUR GRAPES is all about romance and wine), so your blog is like heaven to me ☺

Lexi: After reading the blurb for INTERCEPTING THE CHEF I squealed out loud. I love romance in the kitchen. Food can change your mood and put that power with physical chemistry…yes! So tell us, did you do any recipe testing for research or to put you in the mood to write Logan and Gwen’s story?

Rachel: I tested the PBJ recipe that Gwen cooks near the end of the book for almost a month, and now it has become my go-to sandwich of choice. The twist in the recipe is that the nut butter is made with a mix of roasted cashews and peanuts. I also swapped out the typical jelly/jam for a pear and apple chutney and added maple-glazed bacon. Then I toasted the whole thing in a buttered skillet. So good.

Lexi: What is Logan’s favorite dish?

Rachel: Apart from a grilled cheese made on Wonder Bread? I’m kidding. Logan loves stick-to-your ribs comfort food, so anything from pot roast to fried chicken to apple pie. But his favorite has to be his mother’s lasagna—she’d make it for him before every big game.

Lexi: I can't stop imagining how awesome it would be to have a significant other who is a professional chef and enjoyed cooking or trying out new things at home. Do you think Gwen will ever get tired of cooking for Logan? 

Rachel: Gwen lives and breathes being a chef, so I don’t ever think she’ll get tired of cooking for anyone, let alone Logan. Though after long shifts and preparing complicated dishes at the restaurant, she probably prefers to keep things on the easy/simple side during the week. But on the weekends, all bets are off and breakfast in bed is on the menu.

Lexi: These two characters sound like so much fun. But I also hear that Gwen’s friend, Missy, is an awesome sidekick! With INTERCEPTING THE CHEF being book one in How to Score, will we get Missy’s story in book two?

Rachel: Isn’t Missy a hoot? I just adore her sass. She might be getting her own book later in the series. I'm currently drafting book 2 in the How to Score series, titled Rescuing the Receiver, which focuses on Gwen's twin brother and Blizzards wide receiver Chris Lalonde and a sweet-natured, loyal dog shelter owner named Hazel Grant.

Lexi: We are so excited for INTERCEPTING THE CHEF! Congratulations on the release and we will be looking for the next one!

Rachel: Thanks again for having me. Perhaps next time we can do this interview in person over a glass of wine ☺

31302859Intercepting the Chef 
(How to Score, #1)
by Rachel Goodman
ebook, 368 pages
Published May 1st 2017 by Pocket Star
ISBN 1501158929
Gwen Lalonde is a rising star in the eyes of the elite restaurateurs of the world. But when her celebrity chef boss and now ex-boyfriend fires her, she finds herself playing a different game. Forced to flee San Francisco and return home to Denver, Gwen lands a spot as the executive chef at Stonestreet’s, a new restaurant owned by NFL golden boy and Colorado Blizzards quarterback Logan Stonestreet. When Logan starts pursuing Gwen romantically, she pulls a classic duck and weave and avoids any advances by throwing herself into reestablishing her reputation in Denver.

But Logan Stonestreet is persistent—he didn’t become one of the best football players in the league by throwing in the towel at the first rejection. Something about Logan’s unwavering determination—and amazing body—keeps Gwen around, and soon there’s more that’s sizzling than just the steak on the grill. Things are getting more serious than either side cares to admit, and when Logan suffers a severe injury in the playoffs, they’re both forced to make game-time decisions. The perfect romance for football fans and foodies alike, Intercepting the Chef is a delicious read that’ll have you hooked until the very last play.

About the Author:
Rachel Goodman
Rachel is a mojito lover, cheese enthusiast, wanderluster, book junkie, romance writer, and an enginerd. She is a Colorado native displaced in Texas and an engineer and university professor. When she's not creating optimization models or traveling the world, eating her way through city after city, she is usually tucked in the corner of a coffee shop, dreaming up stories and typing away on the computer. She lives in suburbia Dallas with her husband and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Oliver Pancake and Rigby Peanut. FROM SCRATCH is her first novel.

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