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5 Wine Glass #Review for Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

29895106Title: Breath of Fire
Series: Kingmaker Chronicles #2
Author: Amanda Bouchet
Format: Kindle, 448 Pages
Published: January 3, 2017 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

"Cat" Catalia Fisa has been running from her destiny since she could crawl. But now, her newfound loved ones are caught between the shadow of Cat's tortured past and the threat of her world-shattering future. So what's a girl to do when she knows it's her fate to be the harbinger of doom? Everything in her power.

Griffin knows Cat is destined to change the world-for the better. As the realms are descending into all-out war, Cat and Griffin must embrace their fate together. Gods willing, they will emerge side-by-side in the heart of their future kingdom...or not at all.

Linda's Thoughts:

“It’s time to be the person you were meant to be, Cat. You don’t just have to make decisions and stand by them now. You have to live with them.”

I am raising my hands in thunderous applause for Breath of Fire as Amanda Bouchet’s Kingmaker Chronicles trilogy continues its awesomeness-beyond-measure! It is truly a wild, action-packed read and it utterly blew me away. Magical creatures abound along with mythological gods and prophecies! My heart was in my throat most of the book.

Breath of Fire takes up right where A Promise of Fire ended with Cat in her villainous power-hungry mother’s sight as Cat is recovering from her near-death experience with a knife to the gut. As the story opens, there is trouble in paradise as long-held secrets are revealed and Griffin is blindsided. Cat runs, but she can’t run far because she is physically bound by the verbal pledge she made binding herself to him. That’s just the beginning. Hold on to your seats as we embark on an epic quest, visit with the oracle, become participants in the deadly Agon Games, fight epic battles and more. Of course, things don’t always go according to Plan A or Plan B. Is there a Plan C?

Catalia Andromeda Eileithyia Fisa “Cat” is coming more into her own. She’s learning to use her powers and to trust in others, most especially Griffin and the rest of the Beta Team and with her connection with the gods. But, she’s still holding dear more secrets – secrets predicting a dire future.

Griffin is awesome! He’s strong and has all the faith in the world in Cat even when she doesn’t. The two clash over his protectiveness and I have to give him credit. He’s really trying to do better.  I laugh at their names for each other; Your Growliness, Your Logicalness, Your Nakedness… This powerful alpha couple connects not only with hot sex but with such intense passion that they are still coming to terms with it.

Supporting characters are not ignored and they face plenty of challenges on their own. B-Teamer Kato plows on no matter what’s thrown at him. I will never forget his snake or what he had to do to please the goddess! Another B-Teamer Flynn and Princess Jocasta are grappling with their own attraction. Carver, B-Teamer and brother to Griffin, is fighting his own demons and my heart goes out to him.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from Breath of Fire:

I shortened my name to Cat for a reason – as in Cataclysm.

I make a show of smoothing down my hair – a lost cause at this point. “Ah, that. It’s getting to the stage where it deserved a name. The Knotted Nest? The Twisted Tresses?”
“What about the Terrible Tangle?”
I nod. “That has serious possibilities.”
“The Matted Mess?” he suggests.

He’s barely finished himself inside me when my release hits. My thighs tense. The breath stalls in my lungs, and then I kick back my head and let out the loudest, throatiest, and most breathless moan in the history of all history, going boneless in a blissful rush.
“Gods, I missed you,” Griffin rasps, holding me as I throb around him.
The high-impact tremors fade into sweet, lingering aftershocks. I look up at him with heavy-lidded eyes. My lips part, but no words come out. Even the drag of frosty air over my kiss-swollen lips is almost too sensual to bear.
Griffin quirks a dark eyebrow, looking smug. “That was easy.”
I grin, falling in love with him all over again. “Then do it again.”

Kato looks ill. “I… It… Me…” He stares at the massive snake. “Big.”
I squeeze his arm. “Don’t worry. You’ll speak in complete sentences again soon.”

Do yourself a huge favor and read this series in order. I can’t imagine jumping into Breath of Fire without having first read A Promise of Fire. You won’t be sorry. Each book is superb reading.

Breath of Fire is a great high fantasy with a swoony romance! Seriously, if you enjoy epic romantic fantasies with kickass heroines and Greek mythology overtones throughout, you really, really, really need to check out this series! I especially love that this author doesn’t leave readers dangling with cruel cliff-hangers. THANK YOU, AMANDA! Believe me, even without a cliffhanger, you will be excited for the next installment! I can’t wait for Heart of Fire, the conclusion of this trilogy which will release Fall 2017!

Suggested Reading Order: 
A Promise of Fire (Book 1)
Breath of Fire (Book 2)
Heart on Fire (Book 3, coming Fall 2017)

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