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4 Wine Glass #Audio #Review of Saved By A SEAL by Cat Johnson

22612631Title: Saved by a SEAL
Series: Hot SEALs #2
Author: Cat Johnson
Narrator: Craig Jessen
Format: Unabridged Audiobook, 4 hours and 22 minutes
Published: October 29, 2014 by Cat Johnson
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Audible
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Contest win
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Zane Alexander was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but the rebellious bad boy traded it, along with his share of the family fortune, for a Navy SEAL trident and freedom from his controlling father.

Ten years later, Zane’s teammates are depending on him to secure the startup capital they need to open their security company and he’s gambling on his skills at covert operations to get it. For a million dollars he’ll fake interest in Missy Greenwood, the Senator’s daughter his father wants him to date in exchange for the investment.

But when Missy is kidnapped and Zane and his team are sent to Nigeria to rescue her and the others being held, bullets as well as sparks of attraction start to fly. There’s no more faking when the danger and the emotions both turn very real in this contemporary romantic suspense from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cat Johnson.

Linda's Thoughts:

This was Zane Alexander, the boy who had been a Casanova since he hit puberty.

Saved by a SEAL by Cat Johnson is another exciting, fast-paced installment in the author’s Hot SEALS series. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to playboy Zane's story. Even though this is the second book in the series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone, if that is your preference. The romantic relationship and the development of the danger plot are fully contained within this novel. That said, your enjoyment in the book would be increased if you have read the series in order, as the character development of Zane and his friends began in the first book.

Saved by a SEAL picks up where Night with a SEAL ended. In the first book, Zane Alexander had promised his close-knit group of friends that he would obtain the hefty financing needed to start their new security business from his rich father. As this story opens, Zane meets with his father - only to discover that his father is attaching terms-personal-to-Zane to the deal. The terms drive home why Zane rebelled as a youth. With no allowance for Zane’s feelings, Mr. Alexander wants Zane marry Missy Greenwood, who had a crush on Zane before he went into the military. She is five years younger than Zane and a senator's daughter. Zane shudders at the thought. Not wanting to let his friends down, Zane makes arrangements to meet up with Missy…

In the meantime, it’s been ten years since Zane left for the military. Missy has moved on. To the dismay of her family, she has volunteered to teach English in war-torn Nigeria. When Zane calls her, she is preparing to leave the country.

I really liked both Zane and Missy. They are drawn as realistic, upstanding characters who care about the world and its people. I shudder at the thought of growing up with Zane's father. Missy may be a society girl, but she’s down-to-earth. Will the team get the funding to finance their breakaway from the bureaucratic military? You need to read this installment to be in the know!

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from Saved by a SEAL:

Zane rolled his eyes, glad he had come alone. Hell of a negotiator John would be. He would have given the whole damn company away and they'd all have been working for his father, God help them. 
"So, how long?" John asked.
"I hope soon. With any luck he 'll have something for me to sign tomorrow. I'm going to hang here tonight, unless we get called in." It wouldn't kill him to sleep under his father's roof for one night, probably. That would also give time for the required show of good faith: the date with Missy. 
"So that will be it then, a signed contract and we're good to go?"
"That's it." A signed contract and Zane's bachelorhood, if his father had his way. 

"That reminds me. Make sure you drink a lot of water while you're there, or you'll dehydrate fast. And if you find yourself not peeing, or your urine is dark in color, you're not drinking enough."
The last thing in the world she'd ever wanted to discuss with Zane Alexander was the color of her pee.

Zane liked his love life simple: catch and release, and then move on. The problem was, Missy wasn't anything like his usual prey. 

She would love to think he was reluctant to leave her, but she realized he was waiting to make sure she got safely into the house before he drove away. Zane might be the most frustrating man on earth, a paradox she couldn't figure out, but he was the type of guy to make sure a woman was safe before he left her in the dark. Just as he was the type of man who'd chosen the best knife for her to carry to Nigeria. He was also the type to kiss a woman breathless and leave her alone and confused. With a sigh, she turned and made her way to the front door, digging for her key as she went. One sleepless night pondering Zane and this odd day definitely wouldn't be enough to figure out the mystery of the man. But, it would be a start...

Craig Jessen nails the narration of this series. His voice is clear. His performance is polished. His delivery is natural and well-paced. He differentiates between the characters, pausing at the appropriate times. His performance enhanced my enjoyment of the book. I am glad to see that he’s narrated the first five books in this series. Unfortunately, the rest aren’t available as audios – so I will have to switch to reading the books after that.

I became acquainted with Cat Johnson’s books at the Coastal Magic Convention last year. Since then, I’ve read two books in her Oklahoma Nights series, three books in her Midnight Cowboys series and listened to two of her Hot SEALs books. That doesn’t count the books I’ve picked up to read soon! Her books always hold my interest with well-plotted story lines. I love her sexy heroes whether they are cowboys or military. If you enjoy intriguing romances with spice, sizzle and dangerous thrills, I’d recommend that you pick up Saved by a SEAL! I already have SEALED at Midnight queued to listen to soon!

Suggested Reading Order: 
Night with a SEAL (Book #1)
Saved by a SEAL (Book #2)
SEALed at Midnight (Book #3)
Kissed by a SEAL (Book #4)
Protected by a SEAL (Book #5)
Loved by a SEAL (Book #6)
Tempted by a SEAL (Book #7)
Wed to a SEAL (Book #8)
Romanced by a SEAL (Book #9)
Rescued by a Hot SEAL (Book #10)
Betting on a Hot SEAL (Book #11)

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