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4 Wine Glass #Review for Dark Muse by Lisa Carlisle

28458102Title: DARK MUSE
Series: Chateau Seductions #2
Author: Lisa Carlisle
Format: Kindle, 156 Pages
Published: Lisa Carlisle (November 18, 2014)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

It takes time before Gina Meiro warms up to people and her shyness is often misunderstood. She hasn’t had to worry about meeting new people at a remote art colony until a new resident arrives—a rock guitarist more suited for a billboard. Her carefree days of painting at the medieval-styled castle on a remote New England island are shattered when she stumbles right into his welcome gathering.

After a falling out with his band, Dante Riani wants nothing more at Les Beaux Arts on DeRoche Island than solitude to work on new songs. When a shy young painter asks to paint him at sunset, he’s tempted by the opportunity to be alone with her.

Someone at the colony claims to know what Dante is and asks for his help. Dante fears his plans are coming undone, especially as grows more drawn to Gina. Her scent and vulnerability are too difficult to resist. But he must stay away from her—she would never understand his secret.

This is part two in the Chateau Seductions series, but can be read on its own. 

Linda's Thoughts:
“Does this make me your muse?” His voice was a low, luscious tone that rippled through her…
“In a way, I guess it does.” She took a step back, she needed air. Being around him, so close, made it too difficult to breathe.
“Maybe you’ll be mine.”

Dark Muse by Lisa Carlisle is the spicy story of shy painter Gina Meiro and rock star Dante Riani. The picturesque setting for their tale is the famed Les Beaux Arts located in a castle on out-of-the-way DeRoche Island. Dark Muse is the second installment in the author’s captivating and darkly sensual Chateau Seductions series. It could be read as a stand-alone, if that is your preference. There are interconnected characters, but the author fills in prior historical information as it’s needed. That said, I would still recommend starting this series from the beginning if you possibly can.

Les Beaux Arts is a secluded artists’ colony founded by the French sculptor Antoine Chevalier where artisans of all disciplines can devote themselves to developing their abilities and techniques without outside interferences. Dante is the well-known guitarist for the band, Stiff Lips, and an extremely good looking musician. After having a falling-out with his band mates, he has sought the seclusion of the island to find himself and perhaps write some music. Being a rock star, he is used to being in the public eye. Strangely, once there, he finds himself attracted to a skittish painter, Gina. Sadly, their relationship can only be temporary as he holds a dark secret deep within.

Gina is a very sweet girl who is on the island to paint. Both Antoine and the manger of the art colony, Cameron, have encouraged her to showcase her art, but Gina avoids the limelight with a passion. Then she meets Dante and instead of avoiding him, she finds she wants to be around him. Being around him starts to bring her out of her shell. She thinks he feels the same way about her, but then he pushes her away…

Gina and Dante had chemistry galore! I liked that we get to be there for their first entertaining meeting and then watch their flirty attraction take off. It’s a fast-paced tale and their relationship goes from sweet to very hot quickly! Dark Muse is not just a romantic tale. In addition to Gina’s and Dante’s love story, the island, itself, is not without danger.

I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with previous favorite characters, Antoine, Savannah and Cameron too! Antoine’s and Savannah’s story was told in Darkness Rising and Dark Velvet. Cameron was introduced in Darkness Rising, and his own HEA is coming up next in Dark Stranger.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from Dark Muse:

“You could inspire any man to do a number of things.”

“Can I see it yet?”
Gina shook her head with wide eyes. “Not until it’s done. I hate letting anyone see my work until it’s finished.
“Why?” A curious glint twinkled from his eyes.
“Uh, uh. I don’t know,” she stammered. “It’s not ready to be seen. Naked, I guess. Unfinished.”
“I let you hear a few chords of my music. Unfinished.” His voice dropped to a dangerously sexy tone. “Naked.”

“I like solitude.”
“Doesn’t seem to fit with the personality of a rock guitarist.”
“Let me tell you a secret.” He leaned forward. “My stage persona is not who I am at all.”
Gina realized she had completely stopped painting while listening, enraptured with what he had to say. “What are you then?”
He gave her a mischievous grin that reached his eyes. “Right now, I’m just a guy standing in front of a pretty girl who makes his pulse race.”

I love Lisa’s stories! I was first introduced to her via her Highland Gargoyles series and now I’m loving her Chateau Seductions. It’s a perfect blending of romance, sex and delightful banter. Her stories are always engaging and fun to read. She writes with beautifully vivid imagery and I don’t want to put them down! If you enjoy your paranormal urban fantasies with heat, I would encourage you to check out Lisa’s entire yummy Chateau Seductions series.

Suggested Reading Order: 
Darkness Rising (Book # 0.5)
Dark Velvet (Book #1)
Dark Muse (Book #2)
Dark Stranger (Book #3)
Dark Pursuit (Book # 4) – a holiday romance!

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