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Review: The Better to Bite by Cynthia Eden - 4 Wine Glasses

16089058Title: The Better to Bite
Series: Howl Trilogy #1
Author: Cynthia Eden
Format: Kindle Edition, 300 pages
Published: November 4th 2012
Links: Goodreads | Amazon (FREE - limited time only!)
Source: Purchased by reviewer
Reviewer: Crystal
Rating: 4/5

Don’t go into the woods.
Sixteen-year-old Anna Lambert knows that the woods near her new home aren’t safe. She’s seen the wolves that stalk through that dark forest, but Anna doesn’t scare easily.
Anna is cursed–or gifted, depending on how you look at it–with the ability to find anyone or anything that is lost. So when folks start disappearing in the small town of Haven, Anna’s father, the sheriff, has to use her special skills as they begin to hunt for a killer.
But the killer isn’t exactly human. As Anna is pulled deeper into the secrets of Haven–a town that is truly cursed–she finds herself falling for two, equally mysterious boys. With the danger closing in, one of those boys may just turn out to be her savior. And the other? He could be a very big, very bad…beast.
Beware of beasts…and boys…with bite.


I'm not usually much of a YA reader but a. The Better to Bite was FREE and b. Cynthia Eden NEVER disappoints so I figured why not give this one a try? I'm glad that I did!

Anna Lambert and her father moved from the bustling streets of Chicago to the small town of Haven where her father takes the job of local sheriff. Anna might be different herself but there is definitely something off about Haven. When locals go missing, she must use her special talents to help find them in time. But will she be too late, or will the monster in the woods set it's sights on her instead?

Cynthia Eden pulls off a win with her YA debut in my book! Easily read in one sitting, the plot moved at a steady pace that kept me in suspense the entire time. I was questioning everybody and the twist was definitely a surprise. My only issue with the story is there was no clear cut love interest. There was a love triangle between Brent, Anna, and Rafe with Anna swaying towards one when in his presents and towards the other while in his. I wanted to see more of a connection between the characters then what I found. There are still plenty of secrets left to be revealed for Anna though and I'm eagerly anticipating the next book in this trilogy! 

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