Thursday, September 20, 2012

ARC Guest Review: Hold 'Em by Katie Porter - 4 Wine Glasses!

Hold 'Em (Vegas Top Guns, #3)Hold 'Em 
(Vegas Top Guns #3)
by Katie Porter
ebook, 320 pages
Expected publication: September 25th 2012 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN 1619210878 
Copy courtesy of author
A man with handcuffs. A woman with a paddle. Both fly F-16s. 
Daughter of a world-famous motocross champion, and head-on competitor with three brothers, Captain Leah "Princess" Girardi was born with a need for speed. No one tells her what to do, especially not men with chauvinistic "girls can't be fighter pilots" attitudes.
That's what ended her brief relationship with Captain Mike "Strap Happy" Templeton. Now, six years later, he’s been assigned to her squadron, and whoa damn, he’s filled out nicely. Plus he’s cultivated a Zen-like chill factor that pulls at her hormones.
Even after four tours, Mike's the new kid in the 64th Aggressor Squadron. That's not the only thing new. Since he last saw Leah, he's learned a few things about himself. A female who outranks him still makes his teeth grind, but in the bedroom he craves the rush of pain inflicted by an adoring, powerful woman.
Their reunion is an explosive revelation. Leah is the beautiful mistress he's been searching for, and she takes to her new role like a natural. But Leah's aware one thing hasn't changed. Loving him is still an all-or-nothing proposition. She's not sure her reckless streak is wide enough to risk her career--and her heart.
Warning: This book contains a hot stud on his knees, a woman wielding a paddle, and filthy-gorgeous femdom sex. Also: dangerous rock climbing, two amazing motorcycles and some bad tequila.
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Crystal L.’s Thoughts:

Katie Porter succeeds again in giving us a hot, hot, hot read. Instead of featuring a flyboy though, we read about our favorite fly girl Leah. Leah's had serious problems lately. She's been out of control with some serious drinking, bar fights, and behavior that could easily get her cute butt charged with conduct unbecoming. After a come-to-Jesus fight with her two best buds Ryan and Jon, she cleans up her act. Instead of devouring alcoholic drinks, she's pounding soda. That's the good news. The bad news is that because Ryan and Jon are busy with their two lovely ladies, she is bored, bored, bored! And a bored Leah is like a ticking time bomb.

Next thing Leah knows, a past lover shows up as the newest edition to the squadron. Captain Michael Templeton. What starts out as a friendly out on the strip between two former lovers ends up in Leah's discovery of Michael's secret. He's submissive, and he would very much like Leah to be in charge of tying him up, spanking his nicely toned ass, and riding him like a cowgirl on a mission.

After a couple of months their relationship ends up being Leah's dirty secret around work, when Michael would very much like it to be an open relationship with the potential of lasting for a very long time. And if that wasn't enough strain between the two lovers, an accident happens during their play that makes Leah's head spin and scares her in the wrong direction.

Although I've never read a book featuring a D/s relationship where the man is submissive (because I did not think it would be my cup of tea) I enjoyed this book. Leah may have problems, but she's a kickass chick. Michael is a giant teddy bear with some very tempting muscles to pet. The first book in this series is still my fav, but I'm looking forward to seeing book four! Four wine glass salute to Leah and Ryan. Enjoy you naughty readers!

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses

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