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Ours to Love by Shayla Black (Review/Giveaway)

Ours to Love
(Wicked Lovers #7)
by Shayla Black
ebook, 400 pages
Published May 7th 2013 by Berkley Heat
ISBN 9781101622582
Purchased by Reviewer
Between two brothers...

Xander Santiago spent years living it up as a billionaire playboy. Never given a chance to lead his family business in the boardroom, he became a Master in the bedroom instead. His older brother inherited the company and worked tirelessly to make it an empire. But while the cutthroat corporate espionage took its toll on Javier, nothing was as devastating as the seemingly senseless murder of his wife. It propelled him into a year of punishing rage and guilt...until Xander came to his rescue.

Comes an irresistible woman...

Eager to rejuvenate Javier’s life, Xander shanghais him to Louisiana where they meet the beautiful London McLane. After surviving a decade of tragedy and struggle, London is determined to make a fresh start—and these sexy billionaire brothers are more than willing to help. In every way. And London is stunned to find herself open to every heated suggestion...and desperately hoping that her love will heal them.

And inescapable danger...

But a killer with a hidden motive is watching, on a single-minded mission to destroy everything the Santiago brothers hold dear, especially London. And as fear and desire collide, every passionate beat of her heart could be her last.
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Crystal L's Thoughts:
Ours to Love is the seventh full length book in a sizzling series by Shayla Black. Every book in the series features a hero who is either a Dom, or has some serious alpha male tendencies. On that note, this book does not disappoint. It features two sexy brothers, Javier and Xander, who happen to be billionaires. 

Javier has let himself become an alcoholic in the rage, grief, and guilt of the death of a wife he never really loved. Xander, his younger brother, is trying desperately to pull Javier out of his downward spiral before he drinks himself to death, and crashes their family's company to nothing on his self destructive path. The only problem is, Javier doesn't want his playboy brother's help. He resents Xander for not helping him when he asked for it while his wife was still alive.

Enter our heroine. Young, sweet, virginal and totally naive London is 25 and has had a very rough road in life. She lived through a horrendous accident, only to have several years of physical therapy and serious medical issues still hanging over her head. She's also mortified by the idea that anyone would see the scars on her back. She's desperately trying to LIVE a life instead of continuing to be the delicate little doll that everyone she knows wants to treat her as. So what do you need when you're trying to push down the gas pedal and go 100 miles an hour down the highway of life? Why two smokin' hawt brothers of course.

There's more to this book than the love story. More than the fighting between two brothers who seriously need to pull their heads out of their hind enders. And definitely more than a girl who needs to start trusting that not everyone out in the world is jerk-tastic, and won't look away in revulsion if she bares the scars that show the world what she's survived. There is also a back story to Javier's wife's death, secret projects at their work being sold to their competitors, and an assassin. Lots to keep you turning the pages.

This was a good read. Not my favorite read in the serious, but it gave an interesting story line for a character who has made an appearance in plenty of other books, Xander. There were a couple of moments that had me sitting on the fence trying to decide on whether I wanted to immerse myself in the 'fantasy of two men loving and seducing the virgin', or would I rather give a small eye roll because I've never seen a woman have sex so many times the night she loses her V card. That will depend on you reader, and whether you want the smokin' fantasy, or want to lean towards realistic. Either way, read it to see how Xander finally falls. Definitely read this series from book one if you've never done so before. It's an amazing series and I totally lust - err - LOVE it. 3.5 Wine Glasses for Ours To Love!

Rating: 3.5 Wine Glasses

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  1. I haven't read this series, but after reading the description of this book, I am intrigued. I will definitely be checking this series out.

  2. I have not read this series but I have read other books by Shayla. I enjoyed them tremendously. I would recommend any books she writes as they have always been good.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. Delicious has been my favorite so far. I tend to suspend reality when I read romances, so the copious sex on day one doesn't bother me. It's when there's more than 2 guys and I start to try and figure out how they're configured because I'm pretty sure I couldn't be that flexible.

  4. I've read some of the series but not all and some other books by Shayla Black; no favorite though!

  5. I haven't read any of Shayla's books, but I've heard so much about them that I know I will have to start soon.


  7. I have read many of this series and am looking forward to reading the rest and getting caught up on this series :) Love this series!

  8. I've read a few books in the series, can't say which one of those I like the most though. Looking forward to reading this book!

  9. I've read one book and can't wait to read the rest, including this one!


  10. I have read the entire series and picking just one as my favorite is like picking a favorite child among the 3 that I have...IMPOSSIBLE!!! lol Fantastic series ;) Shayla Black is amazing! Thank you for the giveaway!

  11. I haven't read this series yet and can't wait to get started. I love all the excerpts I've read. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  12. Luc and Alyssa are my favorite couple from this series. I am looking forward to reading this installment because I want to see where the series is going. I like that the reader gets glimpses of prior characters. It's always fun to catch up with the crew! jepebATverizonDOTnet

  13. I've only read one book in this series, Belong To Me. I thought it was fantastic. I hope to start at the beginning of the series soon and continue with the new release. Thanks for the great review and giveaway.


  14. Delicious has been my favorite so far,but I am looking forward to reading this book.

  15. I have read all the books in the series- love them!

  16. I read "mine to hold" where xander made appearance. I thought he would make an interesting chararter for a book. and I was right. I really look forward to reading it.


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