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Bookcation Event: Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy by Abigail Sharpe (Guest Post)

Welcome back to your BOOKCATION! Now I would like to introduce author Abigail Sharpe who I can definitely relate with on the vacation dilemma, being a Florida native myself! ☺

The humidity crept across the back yard, bringing with it the sultry heat of summer nights.  The lowering sun cast shadows through the tall hedges.  He came to the back door, his footfalls light on the steps outside, droplets of water still clinging to his hair after a dip in the lake.  On the summer wind came the beckoning cry, “Anybody want a pickle?”

Okay, so maybe the romances of my young summers were only in my head.  Every year we went to the same cottage on Lake Massapog in Sharon, MA, and stayed there for a couple of months while my parents commuted to Boston and my siblings and I went to camp.  Sometimes we got to pick wild blueberries that grew near our beach.  The pickle stuff was real, though – our neighbors were famous for their brand of homemade pickles.

My teen years were spent on a better beach on the Gulf of Mexico instead of the rocky waters of the lake.  By then I didn’t need my parents to make sure I didn’t drown, but I also rarely went into the water.  I spent the hours laying on a towel, hoping for a tan and not a burn, reading a book or checking out the hot lifeguards.  

The tan never happened, by the way.  Yay for pale skin.  Not.

Fast forward to college when every weekend would find me playing volleyball by yet another lake.  Until, that is, I had to get a job to pay for school, and weekends became the time to work more hours or catch up on studying.

I miss summer vacations.

Once we moved to Florida, my family never went anywhere, not really.  Summer romances came down to the boy visiting the beach with his parents for the day or the guy you met cruising the beach at night.  Nothing I could write a book about.  But I still miss my carefree youth and the lack of responsibility.All you needed was a car and the world in front of you.  

Now I need that paycheck and have to hoard my vacation hours, so summer time doesn’t mean as much as it used to.  Still, I try to take my kids somewhere to give them memories to last their lifetimes.  Disney, or Stone Mountain, GA, or even just to pick fresh strawberries or blueberries at u-pick farms.  And thankfully, they’re still young enough to want to be with Mom instead of looking for girls.  But it is too bad they can’t pick pickles.

Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy?In this fun and flirty digital original by debut Forever Yours author Abigail Sharpe, The Wild Wild West takes on The Bachelor in a whirl wind romance that just might have you saying “I do!” to WHO WANTS TO MARRY A COWBOY (Forever Yours; May 7, 2013; 9781455528790; $3.99).
There’s nothing florist Ainsley Fairfax won’t do to help her sister get the love of her life—even if it means taking her place on a bachelorette weekend at a Wyoming ranch so Cecelia can sail off with the man of her dreams. Ainsley is determined to spend the time keeping her head down and her heart safely tucked away—until an encounter with the ranch’s hunky owner gets her heart—and steamy desires—to bloom . . .
Riley Pommer doesn’t want to be lassoed into any relationship. But with the family ranch in dire straits, Riley knows his sisters’ crazy plan to turn the ranch into the setting for a dating competition—and using Riley as the bait—is the only thing standing between them and foreclosure. But the rules of the game change the instant Riley lays eyes on the spirited Ainsley. Now, as others try to stampede over their love, can Riley prove to Ainsley that true love is a prize worth fighting for?
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About Abigail Sharpe
Abigail has a degree in public relations and works as a technical writer. She's published articles in a local parenting magazine, published short stories online and is publishing a short story with Highland Press.  She is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America and president of the First Coast chapter.  Abigail is at work on her next novel, WHO WANTS TO MARRY A DOCTOR?

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