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Lady Vivian Defies a Duke by Samantha Grace (Interview/Giveaway)

Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half (Beau Monde, #2)Lexi: Beau Monde. noun: fashionable society. Beau Monde. Book series: by Samantha Grace.
Talk about hot men on book covers! Samantha your covers for this series have a wonderful common theme, mouth watering men with open shirts. Genius idea whoever was in charge of that! What was your reaction when you saw the cover for Lady Vivian Defies a Duke?

Samantha: Lexi, the covers are amazing. Someone once said the cover gods are smiling on me. It’s actually a goddess and her name is Aleta Rafton, the fabulous cover illustrator. I love her work!
I always seem to get the email with my first view of the cover when I’m working my day job, and I can never wait until I get home to see it. It’s like waiting for Christmas morning to open a gift! But the view on my iPhone never does it justice. Once I could view it on my laptop, I was thrilled. The most important thing to me was that his eyes match Luke’s. I love those blue eyes. (And of course the model is handsome too.)

Lexi: Do you feel the cover captures Luke the way you wrote him? 

Samantha: I think it captures the essence of Luke when his guard is down, which is a rare view. Vivian senses there is more to him behind his easy smiles and she’s right. He has a lot of things weighing on him, but she helps to lighten his burden. She’s truly his other half.

Lexi: Did you have to fan yourself during any scenes?

Samantha: Hahaha… Maybe a few times, but it’s hard to type with a fan in my hand. (grin) I definitely had my pulse racing during the proofreading phase. That always seems like a good sign. 

Lexi: I love when a couple meets when arranged to marry others. It adds extra tension of how will they make this work?

Samantha: That makes for great tension in a story, and tension keeps me turning the pages. 

Lexi: Do you have a number set for this series? 

Samantha: There are 4 books in this particular series. In January 2014 I have a new series coming out called Rival Rogues, but the regency world is the same. Confusing, I know. The focus of the new series is on two friendly rivals competing for the same lady, but the lady is Luke’s younger sister, Gabby. We’ll get to see Luke and Vivian again along with some of the other couples from the Beau Monde Bachelors. 

Lexi: Will we get more open shirt goodness?

Samantha: I have no doubt there will be more open shirt goodness. LOL

Lexi: Fans of historical romances will rejoice and devour Lady Vivian Defies a Duke, me included. Thanks for stopping by today Samantha and visiting with us!

Samantha: It’s my pleasure and what a fun interview! I love talking about my characters. I’d also love to give away a copy of Lady Vivian Defies a Duke to one of your readers (US and Canada only) as a thank you for having me here today. 

Lady Vivian Defies a Duke (Beau Monde #4)Lady Vivian Defies a Duke (Beau Monde #4)
by Samantha Grace 
Lady Vivian Worth knows perfectly well how to behave like a lady. But observing proper manners when no one is around to impress is just plain silly. When Luke Forest, the newly named Duke of Foxhaven, arrives early to visit his bride-to-be, he catches Vivian acting most unladylike—in her chemise. Though amused by her unconventional ways, Luke hadn't planned on marrying such a sprightly and opinionated lady. He'll just have to find her another husband. But can he stand to see the vivacious woman in the arms of someone else?

Author Bio: 
Samantha Grace is the author of several Regency romance novels. Lady Vivian Defies a Duke is the final installment of her Beau Monde Bachelor series. Publisher’s Weekly describes her stories as “fresh and romantic” with subtle humor and charm. She writes what she enjoys reading: romantic comedies about family, friendship, and flawed characters who learn how to love deeply.Samantha is a part-time hospice social worker, moonlighting author, and full time wife and mom. She enjoys life in the Midwest with her husband, two witty kids, and a multitude of characters that spring from her imagination. 

To Connect with Samantha, you can find her at: 
Samantha Grace Author | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Lady Scribes

As Samantha mentioned above, her and Sourcebooks is graciously giving away one copy of Lady Vivian Defies a Duke to one reader! (US/CA only please.) To enter, just leave a question or comment for Samantha on this post and then fill out the rafflecopter below. Good luck!
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  1. This book sounds really interesting and I am looking forward to reading the series.

  2. Looks like a fun read and I look forward to reading it!

  3. Thank you, Angieia & May! I really appreciate you stopping by today. :)

    I'm headed to my day job, but I'm looking forward to stopping back by later to respond to comments. Have a great day, everyone!

  4. I loved this interview. I can't wait to read the book. It's definitely on my "to be read" list. Have an awesome weekend!

  5. I loved your first book & plan to read the others as well. The covers are one of the most important parts of the books for me and I saw a video once (I think via Shana Galen) on a photo shoot for romance novels. Very interesting. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  6. Congrats on the release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it to see more of Vivian and Luke.
    I love your book covers. Do you have any input in them? Thanks for the informative interview and the giveaway.

  7. Thank you, Sandra! I hope you have a great weekend too. :)

  8. Hi, Maria!
    Ooh, I'm so glad you loved my first book. That's always exciting and motivating to hear. :)

    I couldn't agree more on the importance of covers, and I find the process fascinating as well. I'd love to sit down with the graphic designer and watch them do their magic.

  9. Thank you, Joanne! My input on the covers has been minimal up to this point. We are asked to create a profile describing our characters' physical characteristics and clothing then share any ideas we have for setting or describe important scenes in the book.

    I once read an interview with my cover illustrator and her process involves actually reading the book, or at least the first parts if she doesn't have time for the whole book, so she gets an idea of the tone, etc. I put a lot of work into the first two profiles, but I fell in love with her work, so for the last two books, I gave her the basics and anxiously awaited her interpretation. The funny part is the hero's hair color wasn't right for book 2 & 3, but I liked her ideas better so I went in and changed the hair color to match the cover.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the same illustrator for the next series, but I do have more input into what goes on the cover. I can't wait to see it!

  10. Looks like a fun read and I look forward to reading it!

  11. I love love love arrange marriage stories, they can be so exciting and hot :D I actually have not read on in a while. Btw love the cover of the book, he is yummy

  12. Sounds like the Duke is in for a surprise. I love books like these.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  13. This book sounds like an amazing read. I like the arranged marriage, and the cover is so cool.


  14. I love this's yummy. Huge fan and I can't wait to read this one.

  15. Thank you, Lily!
    I've always loved the arranged marriage too. It's one of my favorites. :)

  16. Debby,
    The Duke is definitely in for a surprise, but it's a good one! :)

  17. Hi, Anita!
    I had so much fun writing this book and hopefully it comes through in the writing. I think Luke and Vivian are my favorite couple so far. :)

  18. Aw, thank you, Sheryl! Now I have a big grin on my face. :)

  19. I think Lady Vivian Defies a Duke sounds like a wonderful story. I love the description of Lady Vivian as a sprightly and opinionated lady, just my kind of gal. :D

  20. Lady Vivian Defies a Duke sounds like a great read!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Congrats to Samantha on the new release! I really enjoy her books :) Thanks for sharing!

  22. This book sounds great and there can never be too much open shirt goodness ;-)
    Congrats on the book release!

  23. Hi Samantha, I haven't yet read any of your books but this blurb has certainly intrigued me! I'll be looking for the earlier books in the series now :)

  24. Congrats on the newest release! I have to say I totally judge books by their covers and I really like the look of those ones :)

  25. Sounds like an awesome read. I haven't read anything by this author yet. The blurb from this book sounds great. Thanks :)
    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

  26. love the name of your new book! love your covers too! looking forward to reading your books. thank you for sharing. :)

    jukyjoauka at aol dot com

  27. Great cover. Congratulations on the release. thanks for the

  28. It could be that I'm tired but the interview made me think that maybe that the book should come with a fan. So that all of the readers can cool down while reading the hot scenes! jepebATverizonDOTnet


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