Thursday, March 3, 2011

Series Review: The Maker’s Song by Adrian Phoenix

Books 1-4
By Adrian Phoenix

My Thoughts:

The Maker’s Song series is a gritty Urban Fantasy full of danger, love, betrayal, loss, government conspiracies, tense emotions and vampires, fallen angels and exceptional mortals. It takes place in the vibrant city of New Orleans and centers around two main characters, Dante and Heather.

Dante is the front man of Inferno, an industrial/goth rock band, the owner of Club Hell and a vampire. He is a dark, sexy and tormented character that has been manipulated and used since the day he was born, with a past that he can’t remember. Whenever he has flashes of it he gets incredibly painful migraines, nose bleeds and sometimes even seizures. Heather is his anchor and is what keeps him in the here and now, instead of falling into his past. Heather, an FBI agent until she went on the run, met the alluring Dante at Club Hell while tracking down a serial killer. Now, bonded to Dante and his lover, she is helping him discover his past and cope with it.

The series takes this couple on a heart pounding and breathless ride through the heart of New Orleans, to the chaos of Club Hell, a glittering casino riverboat packed with vampires and mortals and into the colorful skies of Gehenna, home of the Fallen.

The chemistry and heat between them is intense but they don’t get much time to enjoy it because they are constantly trying to stay ahead of the government who want to dissect Heather and study Dante, vampires that want to kill him and the Fallen who want to use him. Dante will do anything to keep Heather safe and Heather will do anything to protect Dante, even from himself. They are definitely a new favorite couple of mine.

The Maker’s Song has a raw and complex storyline, incredible world building and characters with multiple layers. Adrian Phoenix has developed Dante, the main character, into someone that feels real, with flaws, faults and little quirks. Heather is older then Dante, by about eight years, but she is his perfect match and he needs her stability to ground him. She sees Dante, the person underneath the gorgeous skin but she still gets struck every now and then by his beauty, another aspect of how Phoenix keeps it real. Dante describes Heather as “all heart and steel,” which is very true; she is a strong female character that you can easily relate with. There are also plenty of side characters that you will love as much as the main. This is a must read series for paranormal and urban fantasy fans. 

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses!

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